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Blood Master Vaxir

:fuzzydemon: Please like my FACEBOOK PAGE [link] i will upload updates and work in progress artworks there. :fuzzydemon:

This is the 2nd commission i did for :iconkatrica: with her wicked, badass character - the Blood Master Vaxir "The Wrathful" i really enjoyed doing this piece and this is one of my favorite. =)

view Vaxir's info here [link]

the 1st picture of Vaxir i painted:
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difficult to believe that it is a woman. you have some trully warped taste. all these "behemoths" - holy molly biting flesh
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thanks! credit to the owner of Vaxir. =)
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Is that Armageddon from World of Warcraft (the big sword)? If so, awesome! Also I recognise the other sword from Icecrown Citadel :o
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mother of looks like nulgath alittle 0.0
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nulgath aka milton pool is a awesome animator designer drawer and has his own video game he works with tv shows as there animators also [link] that is milton pools character nulgath an archfiend and general of the underworld [link] that is his work and his game is [link] what made me say that is the floating swords since that is nulgaths primary weapon you rule keep being a bad ass at drawing
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that's awesome! thanks =)
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can i suggest a art idea mine is mother hatlot shes badass
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Wicked awesome blood sword for destruction
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thanks! i agree =)
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It kind of feels like Vaxir and Ian Vaner would be allies against the forces of good. The sin of Wrath and the sin of Gluttony together!
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yes, i very much agree =) it would be a total badass duo =)
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I have to say this one even looks better than the other one for some wow.
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thanks! glad you like it =)
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So it seems, I am not the only one who can control the blood of the fallen. You just earned a fav.

Is is me or do I see the face of a tarkatan?
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awesome! sorry, but im not really sure. maybe the owner of the character knows =)
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That is a damn fine piece of artwork! Very well done there!
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thanks a lot! glad you like it! =)
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Impressive, that is just about the only word I can find that do this justice.
The level of details and effects are staggering and remarkable.
I need to seperate it in sections to not lose my head :)

Background: the buttom is clearly rock but I am not sure whether the top is the cavern side or open sky with dark clouds, but nevertheless it is very dramatic to behold and really serves as a suitably striking effect that however do not rop focus from the character herself.

Enviromental Effects: The blood really looks realistic and appropriately diabolical. the effect it has really add something sinister and dangerously imposing and greatly enhances the air of Vaxir's already formidably appereance. The way to it seems to drip upwards gives an unnervingly unnatural feel.

Character: And of course there is Vexir herself. She looks incredible, not exactly my style but I can't help but be awed at how impressive you have made her look, and the gorgeous level of detail you have painted. I especially like the glowing rune-like symbols and eyes. Her helmet (I presume it is a helmet and not actually her face?) and her claws greatly add to that peerlessly fearsome appereance that is so readily apparent.

Overall an astounding piece of work :)
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thanks again my friend! your comments gives me inpirations. i really appreciate the time you put on it and reading them motivates me on my work. =)
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Happy to help :)
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