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Bio Syndrome Cover Art

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A cover art commission i did for Bio Syndrome Tabletop Game

A zombie apocalypse world with few surviving heroes to play.
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This is the first piece of your art work I discovered on the Bio Syndrome Kick Starter. Now I am a huge fan of your work. I can not wait to see more.
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Thank you! Glad you like it. =) I will upload the other artworks in the coming days.
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I like the SWAT guy, he looks Asian, hehe... :) great job, bro!
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thanks! glad you like him =)
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great work bro
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dude awesome, :iconthumbsupplz:
any luck on making that tutorial video? you know this year is almost finished :)
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thanks man! i really want to but i dont know have video recording program to use, any suggestions? =)
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uha...camstudio is pretty good and it's free, but you can also go for bandicam.then there is an another one called Ezvid which popped recently it's also pretty good you can directly upload videos Youtube. choice is yours :iconthumbsupplz: as always, anxiously waiting :)
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thanks my friend! i will definitely use one of your suggested programs. =)
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Impressive if certainly foreboding :)

The dark colours and almost doom-heralding aura that seems to hang in there seems really thematic and certainly give the picture that sickly zombie feel.

I particularly like the way the medic seems to back slightly fearful away while her two friends stand there in full battle outfits and blaze away at the slowly approaching foes.

Quite impressive :)
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thanks my friend! i agree so much on all you said =)
the game rule set is free and being developed online. you can find rules, artwork and more information at [link]
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thanks! this will be a great game! =)
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i dont know the game but now i want to play it
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thanks! yes, you should try it =)
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I love the city in the dark background. XD
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thanks! glad you like it =)
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very nice scene, though the girl seems underdressed compared to the other two.
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thanks my friend! yes, she's just a civilian girl =)
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