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Aelindria Calyx

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Name: Aelindria Calyx
Alignment: Dark Side – The Sith Order – The Empire
Race: Zabrak
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Height: 174 cm

Aelindria is a young female zabrak sith. She is slender of build but in fit thought not muscular shape with blood red skin and intricate black facial markings. She has relatively short slightly rigid and stubborn lustrous black hair that usually curves slightly outwards. Her head is crested by a single row of four sharp backwards pointing horn-spikes that run through the middle of her hair; an additional pair of up-and-backwards pointing spikes is located above her temples at either side. Her face is slim but not gaunt by any means. Her sharp almond-shaped eyes are a vibrant emerald green and she often has a devious expression on her face. When Aelindria really taps into her dark powers she begins to glow with dark side energy and her eyes becomes ablaze with the sinister vivid purple radiance of her powers.

Aelindria wears a suit of light armour that incorporates aspects of more traditional Sith combat robes. The armour is closefitting and entirely black and purple with a glossy sheen, covering the entirety of her body except her neck and head, it is also fairly practical and as such does not possess any protrusions or extensions such as spikes, cables or metallic plates.
Unlike many sith attires it does not have either a hood or a cloak or any other loose hanging cloth; the legs are covered individually rather than with the traditional sorcerer robes. The armour itself is light and elegant, and though it does provide adequate protection against mild and moderate attacks it is designed more to be nimble and agile than to protect against damage. It has a slightly naturally organic feel to it with flowing and curving lines and no obvious mechanical or blocky parts or shapes. The back of the hands and fingers of the armoured gloves are covered in small black scales and each finger ends in a small claw.

Aelindria carries a single-bladed lightsaber of silver and black that produces a bright red beam a little longer than usual. The lightsaber has a simple and unornamented but elegant design; unadorned by any buttons or protrusions beyond the activation key, which itself resembles nothing more than a small crystal rune. The hilt is straight and slim enough that Aelindria can easily close her fingers entirely around it. The grip is one-handed but long enough that she can wield it in both hands without any trouble. Being left-handed Aelindria carries her lightsaber at her right side when not wielding it in combat. Lastly when wielded she grips the hilt fairly down its length: at the bottom to the middle area, rather than up towards the head.

Aelindria is astonishingly prodigious and powerful with force lightning and supremely accomplished in the art of force draining to drain the life and/or force energy from her targets to invigorate herself and grow stronger. Aelindria has managed to learn the forbidden Force Walk technique to bind force ghosts to herself and tap into their power; she eventually learns to absorb their power without the need to bind them to herself.
Aelindria is also a highly proficient lightsaber duellist who favours speed and agility over power. Lastly she is skilled in many varied force techniques including healing, force cloak, mind manipulation, telekinesis and force deflect.

Though Aelindria is both evil and power-hungry as well as fully embraces the dark side she tampers it with tendencies usually more often associated with the light than the dark. She lives by the spirit of the sith code, if not the letter; rather than only hate and anger she draws power from all her passions, including her joy and devotion.
Unlike many of her fellow sith Aelindria is not devoid of compassion, mercy or loyalty. She is loyal to and protective of her friends and believes in helping and respecting her allies. Not only fairly humble for a sith she is also a rather rational individual that unlike many capricious sith will generally show mercy and spare captured enemies and forgive failed subordinates rather than simply kill them. Her devious and insidious nature is contrasted by her charismatic friendliness towards her fellow imperials, and often even healthy respect to her enemies. Lastly betrayal and backstabbing is the one part of the sith philosophy that she does not adhere to, and she will never betray an ally if she can avoid it, not even backstabbing her mentor as is usual for a sith. However while Aelindria does possess virtues rarely associated with her position she remains a Sith through and through. She thoroughly enjoys slaughtering her foes and those she feel deserves it, and while she always strives to strengthen the Empire one of the primary goals of doing so remains to crush the Republic. There are few things that satisfy her more than gaining dark power. A free-spirited individual who places much importance on being who she is Aelindria reserves a special enmity for the rigidity and self-deniability of the jedi code and its abhorrence of emotions and personal freedoms and there are few things she finds more enjoyable than fighting jedi and to either prove wrong, kill or even corrupt them where possible.


commissioned artwork of awesome Sith character i did for my friend :iconakernis:
character based on Star Wars: The Old Republic
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Great background and she looks very sexy.
DarthWill3's avatar
I love these light-sided Sith in the game.
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She sounds like someone my Sith characters would ally with(Sadise and Malissi). Their personalities are quite similar.

She would respect my Jedi Knight Jerrek though, since he does not deny emotions and is quite grey. His ultimate motivation though, is justice for the common people. Jerrek will outright kill slavers and exploitive business beings. If Aelindria doesn't respect him, she'd corrupt him based on her personality.

Wonder who would win in a duel? Jerrek uses a cross between Djem So/Shien(he's mastered both variants) and Makashi. I'd say it would be an even fight. Either could win, what do you thing?
Serathus's avatar
interesting. I wish we could see that one day.
JasonRyder's avatar
Me too, but I doubt we play on the same server.
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She looks awesome, love the suit. Good job!
StarWarsGirl22's avatar
she looks really cool...and bad ass *nods*
StarWarsGirl22's avatar
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i have no words to discribe this awsomeness
Serathus's avatar
thanks a lot! glad you like it =)
zadesumagu's avatar
the most badass sith ever
Colossu3s's avatar
Detailed I like
Serathus's avatar
thanks a lot! =)
DevilRayWilson's avatar
Dude great job with his and I like the Bio attached to the character
Akernis's avatar
Thank you, I am quite fond of her and the bio myself :)
Serathus's avatar
thanks! glad you like it! the bio credits to the character owner. =)
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