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By seraphxviii's the bicycle that was so frustrating to draw...not my best but alright...this was for my RISD application....
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May 27, 2003, 3:01:08 AM
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Great. The geometry is like my Bulls MTB. Great work with the shadow! 
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your lines are so nice and neat! did u get in?
Hello, is it okay if I could use it in a background for a YouTube Lyric Video :)

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Yea sure, just make sure to put my name in the credits and send me a link!
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This isn't your best!?
Im Jealous
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WOW :D Did you get in??
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I had to draw a bicycle for a Portfolio class in high school. I actually just finished and uploaded it today. She had us do it in case some of us were applying to RISD. I'm not (too expensive), but I still did it. It was so hard! Yours looks amazing. :]
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I'm planning on applying to RISD, and I really want to get in, and we're doing a bike project in my AP class right now. The only problem is that the bike has to be in negative space. Do you think this would still be acceptable to use if the detail is all in the background?
this bike is awsome
try to draw a speed bicycle :D
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Lol maybe in the future!!!
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Hmm... nobody notices, that there is front fork missing? :D
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THis is awesome Im applying for RISD now I did do my bike drawing yet, but I working on my two sided picture. Did you get accepted to RISD?
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I'm about to graduate from RISD actually, lol.
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thats cool how do u like RISD
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It's a good school, and I love the teachers in the Illustration department, but the school has gotten way too overcrowded.
This is really good i like it so much! I gotta do mine this summer i'm scared ha ha
Ah, the infamous RISD bicycle. I love the way you effortlessly sketched.
I'm actually preparing for my RISD home tests this summer for the 2010 admissions! Quite apprehensive.
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dang yeah! your bike drawing skills rule! how are your riding skills?
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Lol! They're alright, only average. :P
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!! I had a feeling this was for RISD. I drew nearly an identical drawing >.>;;; not that I'm trying to say anything (so weird! same position with the shadow and everything!)

I miss my drawing :c even though I got in I decided not to go :/ too much money :/
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Cool! Sorry to hear you didn't go, but where are you attending now?
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SAIC (school of the art institute of Chicago). I'm so glad I went. I feel like I've been learning about techniques for so long and haven't really focus on concepts and ideas at all (I'm a bit sick of all the life drawing and still lifes I had to do at the RISD pre-college program.
The only issue I have with SAIC is that sometimes it overdoes the "conceptual" thing. Canvas painted only white sort of thing :b
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