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Believe in your Heart (Poem)
Believe in your Heart
    by J.C. Solis
Be careful what you wish for
What now haunts your very mind
With no more vigor forwards
Towards paths that just unwind
Winding down into your heart
To where is housed your strength and power
That used to carry you on forwards
But has been cut by shade dark hours
The clouds now move outward
To which places no one knows
As thunderbolts and lightning
Strikes fear and as your heart slows
A Death Crawl is your action
As you desperately cling to Life
But your throat has been slit cut
As your hand still clings to the knife
You fall dowband you bleed
Having commited suicide
And through the diction of your actions
Heaven and Hell does open wide
You wake up from that Dream
Of ending it all so very quickly
That you were weak and found no hero
As you died so very sickly
But your heart still beats
Even if you lose hope
And the past can be changed
And your fate you can elope
The dead will always stay dead
For there is no God or Cure
:iconjcsolis01:JCSolis01 9 1
Framed Chapter 1 - Remastered
Corruption’s such an old song we can sing along in harmony. - Lin Manuel Miranda
       I live in the small town of Hamilton. My name is Hex, and I am a good 15 years old. This is the story of my life. Although I saved another’s life, it cost me my own. It seems I never will die. My sister is alive, and is living a normal life. My life is currently a disaster. Sure, it eventually worked out on it’s own, but the pain in the hard moments heavily outweighs the good moments. This is the story of my life.
       I live in a family of five. I have a brother, sister, and two awesome parents. Let's start this list from most to least annoying. My sister’s name is Mabel. She is absolutely spunky, bright, spontaneous, and it seems that she has no limit to how much energy she uses. However, considering she is 9, that is pretty common. My brother’s name is Maverick, and he is punster in our family. At a sturdy 17, he wants to go
:iconhexregon:Hexregon 6 0
Of Demons and Dragons III
Hiya there, reader. If you haven't read the previous two parts, make sure to do so (otherwise you won't understand a thing). Anyway, enjoy reading!
Aaaand btw, this chapter is dedicated to my friend Lea (because she always wanted to have her name in the dedication section of a book or chapter, so here goes)
Part 3:
The Trade
Thump... thud.... thump. Dean’s heart was pounding and hammering wildly inside his chest, but to him it felt like a distant and weak throb. Some odd feeling told him that he was hurt badly. Hell, maybe he was even bleeding out. For all he knew and felt, he could also be dying. Dean wheezed and his lungs filled with air, fresh air that smelled of trees and dirt.
A jolt traversed through his body, making his muscles ripple. Dean groaned and shuddered- his left hind leg was... numb. Most of his body was numb, but he could barely feel that his leg still existed. A low-pitched moan croaked out of his throat, sounding similar to a dying ho
:icontimmichangas:timmichangas 29 98
Another Dragon TF -part 1-
A cursor blinked on the monitor around 4am.  The room was completely dark, all except for the radiant, cold glow silhouetting a being, sitting in his chair.  A clacking of typing and backspaces filled the room, reflecting with a metallic verberation as they echo off the countless cans of various caffeine laden soft-drinks that covered just about all available space.  Meet Andy, or as he liked to go by his internet handle, "prophil".  He was a solitary sort, often preferred the company of himself but, in truth, he sought more from life.  Due to his social anxieties and reoccurring depressive states, he could never get along well with others for any period of time.  Honestly, he was decently mannered, and just desired to keep to himself.  It wasn't always his desire, it was more so forced upon him, as he was ostracized from countless social groups; either too creepy, or giving off a "bad vibe".  
Andy finishe
:iconsaph29:Saph29 114 61
Dragon Life 01: Where am I?
   I would like to say my memories of my mother and father are cherished ones, that I have fond memories of my home in a green peaceful country side or a hard working farm where we all at the end of the day loved one another. I'd like to, only because I know that's what you want to hear, you want to pretend, you want to believe there is always some that tragic element of being torn away from a caring, loving home, to endure the hardships of the so called "real world" only to have hope of one day returning to that simple utopia.
  No, the reality is that even as a small child I felt like my parents viewed me more as a burden than anything else until I could walk and talk and as my father put it, "be of some use". No sooner do I recall being able to talk and walk than I recall my mother having another baby, and I could not tell you half the names of my siblings and cousins that lived in that house; for so many of them; even those older than I, would pass away at such a reg
:iconrhuen1:Rhuen1 5 3
the lonely anthro dragoness: Part 1 extended
One day, there was a couple that loved each other very much. their love and happyness with each other was so strong, that nothing could change that, especially since the wife was pregnant with her unborn child. That child was me, and my name is Linda. On the day that my mother's water broke, she was rushed to the hospital. they were happy that I was finally being born into the world, at first. When I finally came out, the nurse that was delivering announced that I was a girl, and tried to give me to my parents, and I just stared at them, smiling. Until they screamed at me in horror, like I was some sort of monster. Thanks to this, I knew almost immediatly that I was born different. When i came out, I didn't have skin, but glistening golden scales, very sharp but really small claws and talons in place of fingernails and toenails, an enlongated muzzle with sharp fangs and teeth, pointed ears, horns on my head, a pair of wings on my back, small soft spikes sticking out and going down my s
:iconjoshb72:joshb72 29 96
Dragon's Soul: Prologue - Dream Drop
The cool breeze of the air conditioner brushed down on my face, the comfortable chair I was on had been reclined so that I would easily lie down and embrace the deep slumber. At least that was what I tried doing. The anxiousness would not leave my body calm enough to sleep. As I tried to move, however slightly, the straps on my shins and wrists would provoke an extreme sense of claustrophobia in my mind.
Opening my heavy eyelids I found myself in a sealed room made of marble, bulbs on the ceiling emitted light which were reflected by the white slabs on the floor, walls and even the ceiling making the room seem so bright it hurt the eyes giving headache to anyone who stared at it long enough.
Forcing my eyes to stay open I was able to find a window to my right and another chair right in front of me, because of the brightness I could only see the silhouette of the people wandering on the other side of the people wearing what seemed to be white coats. Turning back to the chair in front of
:icongushikenryuuji:GushikenRyuuji 7 4
Alchemy by Ennoea Alchemy :iconennoea:Ennoea 347 27
Prey to Be a Pet!
Prey to be a pet!
Warning for, blood, pain and suffering as well as suspension bridges. Not to be read by people who suffer a heart condition or peanut allergy. All the characters are all mine! No animals were hurt in the making of this. Except two ants and a fly, but they deserved it.
My name is David Paliabro, a skilled marksman born into a noble family, I lived within the castle walls as did most nobles. From a young age I was taught to fight with a blade... But even with an average height I don't have the weight or the strength to pose any threat in a battle. Thankfully to much relief, I showed some expert skills with a crossbow.
All seemed happy and well until the great armies from the south began to close in on us. The war had been going on for years as the invaders conquered everything in their way. Word had reached our castle of scouts spotting the southern king's personal army, heading directly toward us. The south's armies have been strong, but the southern king's army is the
:iconquietprofesional:QuietProFesional 182 129
Workspace for creative mind by Exileden Workspace for creative mind :iconexileden:Exileden 223 98
A Flame's Rune - Chapter One: Hunted {Dragon TF}
   Sand stuck to my feet as I made my way around the beach in San Francisco. The moist air by the sea had the perfect blend of water and seafood, raising my spirits.
   Laughter was heard all around me as I sat down on my beach towel, letting the warm breeze tussle my hair around a bit before laying down for some relaxation.
   I closed my eyes, leaving me in darkness, and opened my senses around me. Kids were playing in the sand with their parents, waves gently crashed into the beach, a soft melody played in the background. It was truly paradise, I wanted to lie there forever.
   I was quickly removed from my relaxing world to meet my girlfriends ecstatic gaze. I took off my earbuds, rubbed my eyes a bit, and asked,
   “What is it?”
   “Come on! We’ve landed already! Our group is starting to leave the plane!” Was all my girlfriend, Jenny, said. Then she h
:icontherealviserion:TheRealViserion 6 5
Warstruck: A Dragon TF Series: Chapter One-Farvin
  Hey There!
      If you are reading this, I commend you for reading/checking out my stories :) But First, let me introduce you to myself. My name is Jonas and I am currently 18 (shocker, right?) Although it MAY say that I'm new to Deviant Art, I am NOT new to writing! I currently have an active Wattpad account where I write about different topics and weave it into a tapestry that is fictional writing! Now before you start this story,  I want to tell you that it may be a little different from other Dragon TF stories, as there is a moral in this :) Now, enjoy the story, and keep reading and writing to you hearts desire!
                            - Jonas
--------------------------------------------II--------------------------------------------------         When you think about home, what do you picture? Most people picture a standard McMansion with furniture, a TV a
:icontherealviserion:TheRealViserion 5 4
Dreams Can Come True: Chapter 6
Chapter 6:
Crazy Mind
     “Hello, young one.” a voice whispered. “Who is there?” I screamed out into the black abyss. “I’m Amethyst, I am in your head.” “So, is this just my dream then?” “I was once a dragon, but I'm in your head because of a long story” “Can you…..indulge me on this story please?” “Sure, if it makes you happy, young one,” the voice continued,”Back long ago, around 1500 years ago, there was a war, and still continuing on to this day. Back at that time, I was an adult dragon, and once was the queen.” “Wait hold on, you were a queen? And how did you become just this, voice?” “If you wish to know then don’t interrupt me when I’m speaking, young one.” “Ok, i’m sorry.” “Now, before the war started it was just a peaceful land with all types
:iconspyrozedragon:SpyroZeDragon 3 9
Moonlight by AL0RIN Moonlight :iconal0rin:AL0RIN 203 32
Mercenaries: Chapter 1
Chapter 1: "An Unpleasant Recruitment"
Luke let out a sigh as he walked along the dirt road. He was traveling within the borders of the New Empire, which included many regions of varied climates. He was in the area of the empire that was made of thick forests, for all around him were trees, bushes, and thorny branches. If the road that he was traveling on wasn't a popular trade route, it would have most certainly been engulfed by the forest. He found that ironic. Nature was easy to tear down, but it will always survive. It will always outlast kingdoms and empires made of stone and marble. 
"There it is!" George Bruckle laughed as he dropped his pack onto the dirt road. He and Luke were on the top of a hill which allowed a view towards the wide valley below. In the center of the valley was a town that consisted of a few dozen wooden buildings which were surrounded by a palisade for protection. Luke could see the smoke from several chimneys as well as a few occupied watchtowers. "Wo
:iconcolaphan:colaphan 8 8
Mature content
The Fate of the Last Amarok :iconvorekamperkonkel:vorekamperkonkel 1 7




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