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Here is the next set of requests that I'll be working on. They'll be in flat colors.
  1. :iconammoniteling: OC Drake Quill with his father, Peter Quill, fading away.
  2. :iconwifflesnuffles: Danganronpa OC Juzo Kanagi with his bunny plush.
  3. :iconowlzey: OCs Spencer AND Greg (I couldn't decide on one!!!)
  4. :iconshawntheimmortal94: OC Shawn in a black, torn Gi, sans cross necklace fighting with Mikumo from "Kenichi the Strongest Disciple". 
  5. :iconphantasya-naos: of OC Phantasya-Naos 
  6. :iconjoshspeed7: of provided character on a red, bouncy Hop 55 ball toy. (Unknown Name)
  7. :iconiyogo: provided character (Unknown Name)
  8. :iconsupersupper111: Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in from Phoenix Wright Spirit of Justice, here her clothes accidentally get destroyed, revealing that she secretly wears a bra and granny panties with teddy faces and hearts printed on both of them. Saitama (OK Alt) [V1] 
  9. :iconfreshpenguin: Dahlia from Xenoblade 2 
  10. @sassysheppy (Instagram) OC Apollo
  11. :icongundamnate: My OC Seraphinae in a Bikini/Swimsuit
  12. @.dusk_form_lycanroc (Instagram) Jessica Rabbit
  13. @daemorthus.the.sith (Instagram) OC Mordus
  14. @txypical (Instagram) OC Gemsona, Black Opal
  15. @kipin55 (Instagram) selfie of himself with Kate Marsh from Life is Strange
  16. @.oreo_the_wolfie (Instagram) Black Husky OC
  17. :iconcommissioner1234: OC Miku; black archer outfit, yet stands at a busty E-Cup. Has a "tsundere" face.
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The waiting game continues~
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