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Tarjin the Night Gaunt by Seraphinae Tarjin the Night Gaunt by Seraphinae
Here is the full body portrait of my new OC. So I've named him Tarjin, since it's a name I got from Disgaea 5. I think this is the most ambitious character design I've created so far. I can only go up from here. 

Name: Tarjin
Nickname: Doesn't have one nor cares to have one.
Monster: Night Gaunt; Incubus type; Demon type
Sex: Male

Age: Unknown
Height: 193cm (6'4")
Weight: Unknown 
Sexuality: He preys on women, but anyone will do in a pinch.

Tarjin was born a male night gaunt, to a large group of "sisters". He is a rarity in his own in-group, despite the fact that male night gaunts are rather common. Unlike his sisters, he doesn't pursue the life of marriage with a mortal or demon, but very much like his sisters, he will drop his victims into a group of monsters in heat if he detests them or deems them unworthy. The black film on his body is conducive with his mood; if he's happy, his slimy exterior is pleasant and warm, but if he's irritated, his slimy essence can be highly poisonous when touched or swallowed. It's very hard to read him, as his expression is mostly neutral, so anyone or anything around him practices caution with his demeanor. He is introverted and quiet, never speaking too loudly (his deep, throaty, sometimes scratchy voice is something he is self-conscious about) Also unlike females, Tarjin stalks his prey tirelessly, resulting in the bags under his eyes. He deems this "optimal hunting"; prey that are in the ideal environment and conditions for him to strike. Because of this type of hunting, his physique suffers; often scrawny and lean from days of starvation. Also because of this, his prey finds him horribly creepy and off-putting, and thanks to his slimy black film that coats his body, he is also seen as disgusting. That's why he feasts on his prey for as long as he has stalked them to make up for lost time. The large human-like hands on his wings represent his own, another trait that is unlike a female night gaunt, whose hands on their wings represent their husbands.

Fun Fact: One of sisters have told him, he would be an ideal mate if he just changed his personality and gained a bit of weight, but after hearing this, he locked himself away in a room for an entire week.   

Preview of what the skin on his chest looks like without the film.

Extra info - His tongue is also purple. When enraged, the sclera (whites of his eyes) turn black, and his irises turn blood red. 
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