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Zero vs Bullymongs

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Hey there y'all out in deviantARTland. I present to you my submission into the WeLoveFine contest going on right now. Winner gets a trip to Gearbox. Could be a great opportunity to show them my art. 

Just so happens that he's my main and very first character I chose in BL2. I decided on Zero because he's such an interesting character in both appearance and attitude.  He speaks in haiku. He can go stealth. And my favorite thing about him: he has some LED display on his helmet that flashes emoticons. Who is your "main" in Borderlands?

Would you guys mind swinging by the WeLoveFine website and voting for me?
*Here's a link through my Facebook Art…
*And here's the link to go straight to the contest…
Either way will get you there.

When you vote, I think you'lll find my Zero on the second page (last time I checked). Click the box on the right of Zero to vote: #1 for "meh" to #5 for "Mr. Torgue approves this $#&%!!!" 

Thank you to everyone who votes for me. Hug 
You guys rock! :spidey: 
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“They’re coming out of the wall sphincters!!”

”Sorry. I say that when I get nervous.”