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TLOZ - Twilight Hero

I cannot tell you enough how much a little bit of Link is in all of us who play his games.
"Remember the time you have to..?"
"Yeah, and then Ganon appears and..."
"Oh, but when you finally get the Master Sword..."
We often speak like these events actually happened. Like they are recorded personal history. Its also a history shared with each Zelda gamer.
This drawing represents the time when I went through the Twilight, with Master Sword and shield in hand, braving the darkness to save the princess.
Don't you remember when that happened?

Here is my big seller from the Alamo City Comic Con.
I am so pleased with the way this one came out.
The inspiration came from Twilight Princess, as you can tell.
The twilight embers that are iconic to the game were made from a custom brush. The first time I'd ever done anything like that. I could be more proud of it, if it weren't for the fact that it was just a block. Oh well. Here's hoping this will lead to me making more brushes for myself. :)

Still using the my sketch > ink > watercolor > photoshop method. Its becoming arduous to do some days aand on certain projects, but I find I can render forms better by hand than by computer (even though a wacom is used, I don't "feel" the drawing). I wonder what would happen if I went straight from sketch and/or inks to photoshop? Hmmm.... Maybe next project.

Hope ya'll enjoy!
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