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Starscream Vs. Megatron

Completed April 2016

Okay, am I the only one who wondered what the Decepticons would have looked like with Starscream in charge? Like "peak" Starscream. Not some campy, clumsy villain, but real a slimy, sinister Starscream. 

Well, here I've drawn Starscream holding a power filled energon cube that powered a fatal (?) backstabbing blast to Megatron. Because really now.... how ELSE would Starscream do the deed? 

This image was drawn to be sold as a print for the inaugural Cyber City Con here in my hometown of San Antonio.  Can't wait to return and think of more Transformers art to draw. Like what would it look like with Soundwave in charge? *gasp* :O

Tune in next time!
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so he finally did it after all these Years Starscream Finally did it ....He Won
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Like the grin on Starscream's face! :D (Big Grin) 
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Thank you! 
I borrowed a bit from the War for Cybertron / Fall of Cybertron games there. 
His G1 face was a little too "pretty."
I wanted something a little more sinister and after sketching it out... it just worked for me. 
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Well it work perfectly you're welcome!
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Even though Starscream is known for doing this a lot, I doubt he can ever take down Megatron by himself even with a power boost. If Starscream was smart, he would realize the best way to take Megatron down successfully is to use Optimus Prime more.
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...and that could totally work into the story if you wanted to write one.

After one of the Decepticons' failed attacks on Autobot base, licking their wounds, Megatron and the rest of his army return to their own base, where the battle absent Starscream sees his chance. An exhausted Megatron, with much of his energy depleted after a bout with Optimus Prime himself, casually insults then turns from Starscream.
And those are the last words he ever speaks before being struck from behind by his energon empowered first officer.

....or something. 

Oooooh, heck no. I feel you. This ain't no "wake up at 8am, eat breakfast, and start $#&% with Megatron" kind of Starscream. Like I said: "peak" Starscream.  :)
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That's how well it worked out for Starscream in the 86' movie. Prime clobbered Megatron real good, and then Starscream took the chance to throw Megatron out into space. 
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