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Relm Arrowny

Okay, tell me y'all remember her... 
I always dug this little lady. In fact, I aged her a few years. 
An artist in a Final Fantasy game? Hell yeah...
...except they also threw a half human/half esper girl, a karate master, a treasure hunter, a yeti, and a wild boy, and a steampunk Tony Stark, and a moogle in the same game. It was hard to get through everybody and level them up. Strago and Relm were usually the last to get there. But I still love them. Each and every one of them. 

Aw! And her backstory with Strago and Shadow. Google that. All the theories. 

I really hope they do a Remake of this game someday. 

Who was your favorite FF6 character and Esper? 
Mine is always gonna be Terra and big daddy Bahamut. 
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