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MMPR Vs. Goldar by seraphimon83 MMPR Vs. Goldar by seraphimon83
I would have uploaded this one earlier, but I thought I already had! Eep! 

When I was reading about all the professional artists doing convention exclusives for the Alamo City Comic Con, I wanted in on the game. So I came up with this little number. It wasn't promoted by the ACCC in any way, but maybe I should next time! :D

So here you are! My little San Antonio exclusive print that debuted at this year's ACCC. I was originally gonna have Black Ranger featured. Then I heard that David Yost (Billy the original Blue Ranger) and Steve Cardenas (Rocky the second Red Ranger) would be there so I began to add them in. And ta-daaa! Zordon is featured too, directing the Black Ranger from the Command Center to San Antonio, where the Blue and Red Rangers are on site, defending the Alamo against the evil Goldar! 

I gotta tell you that I absolutely LOOOOOOOOVE the old Power Rangers. Yes, they are the Zyurangers in Japan, but take a look at what America has done with those old triple white diamond heroes over the years when they were on the air. And the movie? Further putting their own spin by adding a bit of armor to the costume? Love it! In the dwg I thought I'd add my little take on the armor. Still considering fleshing out the armor even further for the next drawings. We'll see then. :)

If ya'll wanna see something cool, head over to my artist page on FB to see who I gave one of these prints to:…

Go on! Its what all the cool people are doing! :D

Sketched on paper then scanned up, and finished in Photoshop. 
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Did u get my note
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very well done!
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