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Dr. Wily and Gamma

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Remember that time in Mega Man 3 that we all thought Dr. Wily was gonna work with Dr. Light and work together to make a peaceful world? Yeah, that was a hot minute because *spoilers* evil ol' Wily stole the damn giant robot for himself and weaponized it with lasers and a fist full of spikes, because they were having a sale on them, I guess.

This was my first Mega Man. I (or my parents, can't remember) bought it at the Target on the southside of town. I cradled the heck out of the box on the way home, read the booklet from cover to cover, drew every Robot Master and dreamed of making my own video games one day.

Now that you have a full refresher of my formative years (question: did I ever really "form" up to become anything? Iunno.) please enjoy my tribute work. 
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Best Gamma redesign in the internet.