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[OPEN|YCH 179] Time for Ourselves

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Update: There are unlimited slots per Art style. I might change the poses/shot angles to suit your characters.


This is a "Your Character Here" Base. 

Paypal or Points only! (Prices include the fee taken by Paypal or Deviantart)

Price Reference Journal: 

YCH Price Reference JournalThis is a reference guide for my YCHs. First part is Prices, Second Part is Example Art.

Art Style Examples:
Detailed sketch: [YCH 178] PRETTY
Monochrome Sketch: [YCH 177] Rainy Kisses
Colored Sketch: [YCH 171] Don't come this waaaaay
Comic Style Lines: [YCH 168] Comic Style Lineart
Plain Lineart: [YCH 87] Onsen
Screentoned Comic: 

This YCH is counted as 5 panels due to having 2 full-ish body drawings in the first panel.



Please Read the Rules:

Comment in this journal [YCHs OPEN || SLOTS AVAILABLE: 5] to order a slot! 

+ Unless otherwise stated, the YCH can have any humanoid character[s] (male/female, human/Kenomimi), so long as it doesn't belong to Disney. Don't worry if the base doesn't necessarily fit the character. It's easy to adjust body type and height. I'll even change the expressions of the characters if you like.

+ I will require a visual reference for the character, and if you win the colorized tier then make sure the ref either has all the colors necessary or provide a color palette. If you don't have a full rendered reference for your character, I can work with piecework references, so long as they're all visual images. I will not work from a written description alone.

+ As a special Commission, the finished picture and process WIPs will be given to the winner and may be placed in my galleries (deviantart,tumblr,twitter,instagram,etc). The finished image is for personal not commercial use. 

+The YCHs are special Commissions so they follow my Commission terms of service:

+Feel free to use the page/poses as references or inspiration; if you use my sketch as a base for something you make, you are allowed, just please credit me. Thank you:) (Smile)

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Is this still available? If not why does this say it is still open? It's very misleading