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YCH and Commissions


Commissions are Closed for the Forseeable Future

All YCHS are free to use as Bases, Inspiration, References, both for personal AND if you have another artist you'd like to commission, they can use my YCH bases for free as well!



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Heya~ I'm streaming for a while this morning. Working on the next update for Skyblade! Which is a long time coming haha~

Dialogue will be turned off so you won't get spoiled if you want to get a peek at it or just hang and give me company ^^
Finished Streaming. It was my last day of vacation before work starts again tomorrow so i'm redesigning my OCs's hair and outfits for the rp group :iconguardian-of-animus: (Which has it's second opening going on now!)
Here's what I drew: 
New app for Malcolm (awaiting approval for outfit and his haircut lol)
[Guardians of Animus] Malcolm Profile 2 by SeraphicMayin
Mal and Li's swimwear for the summer event
summer smash Malcolm by SeraphicMayin

summer smash William by SeraphicMayin
Alrighty so I started working on Adopts before the poll switched who was the frontrunner so here's the themes in the order that I'll make the sets of 5: 
Fantasy Creatures, RPG Classes, Japanese-Inspired Fashion, then Pokemon Trainers \o/
So one of my clients disappeared? Like their account is gone, so 1 new slot has opened up in my YCH and Commissions list! \o/ hooray

Commissions and YCH Terms of Service

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 1, 2018, 7:32 AM

Sera's Note: Making this Journal as a reference for myself and clients in case anyone wants to read my rules and art process in detail. 

This TOS is severly outdated!! PLS just comment below if you have questions or want to request a commission.
Commission listings:
Portrait Commissions
[CLOSED]Portrait Commissions Listing by SeraphicMayin


If you have any questions or concerns, please send me a Private Note or comment here. 
Commission Requests should be sent by Notes Only.

Please read carefully. :) (Smile) I've made this process to maximize efficiency and it allows me to make your commission come to life as quickly as I can.

My Terms of Service is Liable to Change without prior notice.
Ignorance of my TOS is not grounds for breaking my rules.
Basic Terms
+*+ I will work on Active Commissions once they're paid for (see below for Payment details). However, I will offer Preliminary thumbnail sketches before payment if you prefer.

+*+ To get on the Waiting List:  I should have enough information and image references to make a preliminary sketch. 

+*+ Once I'm ready to begin your commission, you have 24 hours to pay and in that time no one after you on the waiting list can be bumped ahead if they happen to pay before you. After the 24 hour grace period expires, however, I will move to the next person on the Waiting List.

+*+ Before Payment, I need to know: 
    A/ If you're paying with Points or Paypal, and 
    B/ If you want to pay half now and half upon completion (good for larger, more expensive works) or Pay in full, up front (better for cheaper commissions).

+*+ I will have a Custom box on the bottom of my profile for progress indications on each. 

How to Order
+*+Notes Only

+*+ Please Fill out this form for each Commission Piece: 
  1/ Commission Type (Sketch, Linework, Cel-Shaded, Advanced Coloring, or Painting)
  2/ Commission Sub-type (Chibi, Semi-Chibi {Where applicable}, Portrait, Half-Body, or Full-Body)
  3/ Number of Characters in the Page.
  4/ Do you want a detailed Background? If Yes, please describe or give me visual References.
  5/ Basically give me whatever is needed for me to create the artwork. Visual References are required, whether they're images of the Character or OC or Piece-work images (Separate references of eyes, hair, clothes, etc). Also, Character personalities are encouraged so I can draw them better. If you have a scenario in mind please add that here, if not, don't worry, I work well with artistic freedom. We'll find a way to make the perfect commission for you. :) (Smile)
  6/ Important: Please tell me what you calculate the total price to be based on the infographic above. (This is because sometimes if the character is simple, I can give a discount, or if the character is very complex, I may have to add a "Details" Charge, but more often than not it's exactly what you would expect it to be from my listed prices. I'm willing to bargain and I won't bite, so let's talk if need be.)
+*+ This form is the fastest way to get on the Top of the Waiting List. Remember I only move people to the waiting list AFTER I have all the information I need to start.

The Process and How You Can Be Involved 
+*+ TL;DR : I will send a Note and Work In Progress image for every phase I complete. You may request a WIP at any time.

+*+ Phase 1: 2 - 3 Preliminary Thumbnail Sketches to hash out composition and character Poses.

+*+ Phase 2: Refined Sketch (I will allow up to 2 major Changes [Where 50% or more of the sketch is changed] in this phase) [If this is a Sketch, it'll be monochromatically colored and finished; If this is a Painting, Skip to Phase 4]

+*+ Phase 3: Lineart (No major drawing changes past this point)

+*+ Phase 4: Flat Colors and Underpainting to understand Lighting (I allow up to 2 Major Color Scheme and 2 Major Lighting/Ambiance changes before finalization)

+*+ Phase 5: Rendering (I'm pretty much on autopilot at this point since the major work is done and now the drawing just has to be rendered)

+*+ Phase 6: Final Special Effects, Lighting and Filters (Once this step is done, the Piece should be complete :) (Smile) )

+*+ If for any reason I don't complete your commission to your satisfaction, even after any major or minor edits,  I will refund your payment. This is my Quality guarantee. 

Final Important Thoughts

  I Will draw:
    + Any Characters (OCs and Characters from Anime/Film/TV Shows, with one major exception, listed below)
    + Humanoids   
    + Yaoi/Yuri/Hetero Couples
    + Romance 
    + Animals 
    + Action/battle scenes/poses, 
    + Moderate Violence and Gore
    + Partial/Tasteful Nudity/Fanservice

  I Will Not Draw:
    + Anything From or Related to Disney-owned content. 
    + Anything Hateful (Racism, Sexism, Anti-InsertControversyHere, etc)
    + Full nudity
    + Extreme violence 
    + Explicit Sex or Similar
    + Anything that will not fit my Art style. You'll know if your request doesn't fit. Good rule of thumb: If it doesn't follow proper Humanoid anatomy, I probably won't be comfortable drawing it.

+*+ I reserve the right to decline Commission requests without Explanation.

+*+ Regardless of who the Characters drawn belong to, the unique piece of work is still copyrighted to me as the artist.

+*+ All commissions (especially fanart) is for Home/Personal use ONLY. I will not work on Commercial Commissions. 

+*+ You agree to these rules when you commission me. 


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