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Duergar Cleric of Abbathor

By Seraph777
Duergar, dark dwarf commission. 
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© 2014 - 2021 Seraph777
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This guy is awesome!  Seraph77, would it be ok for me to use his image for my character sheet?
Fantastic work!
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great ork, duergars scare the shit out of me!
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Damn! That is a really nice concept, mate. A Duegar from all races, a cleric! Pretty interesting. His clothes torned up and his expression, fantastic! :3 
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A really interesting concept - it's interesting because it's unique, much different from what you see. This guy seems to be really deadly! :D
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Thanks for commenting, they were a great group of characters, really enjoyed painting them and thinking of how I'd like Duergar to look as visually there isn't a lot on them.
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Just how long did all that chainmail take you? 
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It wasn't too bad, I used a mail brush to lay down the basic pattern and then went over it bit by bit.
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Ahh ok - well it looks great!
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Great design!: Seem much more realistic than those dwarves with hammer or axes so big that are imposible to wield, and armors that would impede normal movement.
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fantastic, love these
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