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Chapter One Page Eight

By Seranatis
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And he finally remembers!!

So then, this...was coloured by me this time because :icondanishangel: has been pretty busy, and it was either wait another week for the upload or get it more or less on time but i colour it.
To be honest, thats how it is, i'm sorry its poorly coloured, i suck i know >< but this'll only happen when i've gotta make it easier for Danish as she has her own life after all.
Enjoy :D

*edit* fixed some colouring mistakes i made with J-kuns forehead in chapter 4, fates face and neck were different colours and there was no shading to emphasise she's looking upwards so yeah o_O
all fixed :D

Oh on a side note, i kinda failed on the last panel with drawing those eyes, however I'm really pleased with how the rest of the panels came out, especially the fourth panel, its faptastic!
So yeah ^w^
And as always, you can find it on the comics website ^^

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panel 5: best expression
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Not sure why lol o.o
I kinda failed with it a little bit ^^;
Mind you >.> I haven't had chance to start on the next page due to this stuff i've been having to do =w=
So sorry its gonna be slow for the next page >.<
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it's k
I keep saying I'm going to make pages for my comic
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Lol, it wouldn't be such a problem but its hard with this touchpad to do much of anything atm :/ plus this placement I'm on has been eating up my time that i only have the weekend free to do anything atm >.<
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I hate when stuff takes all of your time
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I know the feeling, plus i can't get to this touchpad still =w= i tried starting last night and well :/ i got the head done and that was it lol, took me 20 minutes, when it normally takes me 5 T^T
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you must be out of practice
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Nahhh its like, the buttons for the left and right click are part of the touchpad :/ so you try to click and hold down a button to draw and its fine but soon as it ake my finger off, the brush spaz's cause it thinks i'm moving the touchpad and crap :/ thus i have to undo what i just did and thats why it can take forever ><
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he looks very manly now~ >:3
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Well pink is manly 8D
I mean....Fuschia >.> XD
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