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Chapter One - Page 10

What, so its been i dunno, a few months since I uploaded a page?
Thats my fault i guess, given that well :| i get my new laptop for my 21st in october, i can't draw for nothign with the touchpad due to the design and a mouse? fffft, don't be silly!
So come christmas i get my tablet! *angelic chorus follows* and for awhile i was getting used to it, since recieving it, i did the first panel of this page, tehn did nothign to it :| did some art stuff for the group dreamscape i'm apart of, as well as stuff for friends, etc etc etc
And the other delay was when it was finished, my colourist has been....preoccupied, but due to the time difference i didn't find out for awhile, so simply due to that! there was further delay. Finding out tonight of course, that she was unable to colour for awhile, i took it upon myself to colour, and spent the past 2 hours(its now 5:49am here in the UK) to colour it and thats that.
It's not brilliant i know, and i know theres large gapness with those panels, i was new to manga studio when i started this, and i didn't really wanna have to redraw a whole comic, the later panels we're drawn after I had gotten used to using a tablet and manga studio's, so thar be the results!
Given you can plainly see, fate gets alot of screen time in this, you more or less should know her whole outfit now, and her clumsy nature <3
ENJOY D: :iconfffuuuplz:

For another point to throw out, i was throwing out a chapter title for this,
Box Lock was one
another i could throw out is, Unpaid Employee

Anywho, there you go
and yes i'm aware how deformed J-kun looks in the third panel :| i spent alot of time trying to get it write, just wasn't happening, i'll work on it abit more with the next page

p.s I'm pretty happy with fate atm, she looks cute and her face and body is all good, so given, i'm content, next is to work on J-kun a little and the shading in the future when i colour but yeah! good times :D

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:dummy: w00t~!
you got it finished~!!!!