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EDIT: Please help!
After i saw this link about giveaways i wrote to Deviantart through the help desk to ask about it and they sent this letter. I'm afraid i don't understand everything, cos english isn't my mother language but if i understood right i can't hold giveaways with prizes. If someone can translate it better can you tell me what is the situation now? Holding giveaways with prizes is allowed or not? =P I really would like to know...

realitysquared (DeviantArt)

Sep 18, 2:22 PM

Hello seralune,

Games of chance (such as raffles, lotteries and other random giveaways) and fraudulent activity are prohibited on DeviantArt.

Our principal concerns are to avoid the exploitation of members of deviantART, prevent unfair treatment of deviants who are solicited to participate and avoid the appearance of impropriety from offers which are open to abuse as well as the various, and varying, laws restricting or regulating the conduct of games of chance in differing parts of the world. We encourage gift giving.  We encourage trading points for art or art services. We encourage the solicitation of points as donations.  

Games of chance, however, solicit with a promise of potential reward and we have no adequate means to confirm that the “game” is conducted fairly or within the requirements of applicable law which is why they are not allowed.

Daniel Sowers
Copyright & Etiquette Administration Project Manager
Community Operations

My dear friends!!

IMPORTANT: One of my friends sent a link recently, about holding giveaways like this is forbidden on Deviantart so i have to close this one sooner. :( I'm really sorry but i didn't know about this earlier.
But i would feel myself very bad if i won't give the prizes i promised so i will use the to choose the winners among those who had already entered.
I will announce the winners soon!
And in the future i can't hold giveaways like this but i can give gifts to my friends here, so i will choose randomly from the lot of awesome friends i know here and give gifts for them.
:hug: :glomp:

It is time to hold a new giveaway with lots of prizes!! :happybonce: :happybonce:
The end of this will be on my birthday on 12th of october. I will be 30th years old and i'm a bit nervous about this number...I'm afraid i will be sad and depressed about it so i thought if i hold this giveaway it will help me to be happier on my birthday =P :D

There will be five prizes this time to!
Let's see the prizes:

               FIRST PLACE: 500 points + HANDMADE sterling silver PENDANT or RING from me: You can choose what kind of pendant or ring would you like and i will make it for you. :) (Smile) (within a price limit) Free shipping

               SECOND PLACE: 300 points + HANDMADE brass PENDANT (you can choose what kind of pendant would you like and i will make it for you) Free shipping

               THIRD PLACE: 100 points
               FOURTH PLACE: 100 points
               FIFTH PLACE: 100 points

1. You have to be my watcher: That means you have to be my ACTIVE WATCHER, comment and fav my jewelry works i WILL upload. (I will check it if you were active or not)

2. Than you have to fav this journal

3. And you have to write a journal about this giveaway and copy this journal there, together with the pics i show here. (Do not delete the journal you wrote until the end of the giveaway)

4. Write a comment here with the link of your journal, than i gave you a number.

5. Optional: If you follow my facebook page
i will give you a plus number (write it in your comment if you followed it)

I will give a number to each participant (extra numbers to the facebook followers) and than choose the winners randomly on 12th of October using this:

I wish good luck to everybody! :D (Big Grin)

Here is a pic from my previous giveaway first prize :iconmariicreations: asked me to make it for her:
Giveaway prize, handmade sterling silver pendant by seralune

Other examples from my works:
'Everlasting dreams' handmade sterling silver ring by seralune

'Dragon heart' handmade sterling silver pendant by seralune

'Land of hope', handmade sterling silver pendant by seralune

'Dragon soul', handmade sterling silver pendant by seralune

Testing with Dragon sword by seralune

So you can choose something like these, or if you have your own idea we can discuss that to! Hug

Here are some pics from the gemstones i have right now, you can choose among these if you won the giveaway:
New gemstone list 7 by seralune New gemstone list 6 by seralune New gemstone list 5 by seralune New gemstone list 4 by seralune New gemstone list 3 by seralune New gemstone list 2 by seralune
New gemstone list 1 by seralune

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I actually didn't know about that rule either since I see quite a few giveaways on this website 0_0