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INFORMATIONS about my commissions:
If you like my works and would like to order something we can discuss about your notion. I can make almost any of my previous works i made before, maybe with some changes (different stone). Or if you have your own idea we can discuss that to.
Usually i draw some designs first and send it to you, than you can choose which one would you like.

I can make jewels with flowers, animals, fantasy creatures...almost everything what i'm able to draw a pic about it. :)

1. My prices:
The prices depends on the weight of the silver i will use for it and how much hour i will work on the jewels.
Usually my works cost 75 $ - 150 $ + shipping fees.
My locket pendants cost about 250 $ + shipping fees
Brass crowns and circlets cost about 150-250 $ +shipping fees

Before i start the work on the jewel i will ask 10-15 $ non-refundable deposit, and when I'm ready i will ask the rest of the price!


'Toothless', handmade sterling silver pendant by seralune

'Gotta catch 'em all', sterling silver pendants by seralune

'Princess Serenity' handmade crown by seralune

2. Shipping:
I ship my works with hungarian postal service with tracking number.
I ship the jewels in a pretty gift box, with some gifts ( these can be: silver jewelry cloth, leather strip, plush keychain, small notes etc.)
The shipping time in european countries usually 8-14 working days.
To the USA or other places it usually takes 14-35 working days. But sometimes it can happen the shipping takes more time, it can be over a month to, but it happen quite rarely.

A pénzmosás megelőzéséről és megakadályozásáról szóló 2017. évi LIII. törvényben megfogalmazottak értelmében kötelező az ügyfél azonosítása a jogszabályban meghatározott esetekben, így különösen szerződéses kapcsolat létrejöttekor, illetve a 3,6 millió Ft összeghatárt elérő, vagy meghaladó készpénzes ügyletekben. A 300 ezer Ft-os készpénzes ügyletnél is szükséges (szűkebb körű) adatok rögzítése.

 Regarded to the regulations of the Hungarian law nr. LIII. from the year 2017. it is obligatory to identify the customer in definied cases, especially when long time constrat is signed or the price of the customer’s transaction reaches 3,6 million HUF. Some personal data also has to be recorded when the price of the transaction reaches 300 000 HUF.


1. Commission for :icondarkarcangel5: (dragon pendant)
2. Commission for Monica (Night fury-Light fury necklace, etsy)
3. Commission for Jessica (Ultraxion pendant with amethyst, facebook)
4. Commission for Cilla (Ultraxion with moonstone, facebook)
5. Commission for :iconsephirothxtifaheart: (labradorite pendant)
6. Commission for Sarah (brooches, facebook)
7. Commission for Jordan (dragon necklace, facebook)
8. Commission for desireehawk (knight pendant, etsy)
9. Commission for Reza (etsy)
10. Commission for MeiMay (Eevee pendant, etsy)
11. Commission for Kirec (FFVIII pendant, facebook)
12. Commission for Karl (Shaymin ring, etsy)
13. Commission for Michelle (Nightmare before Christmas pendant, facebook, 03.09)
14. Commission for :iconbrsmat0: (Ancient Magus Bride pendant)
15. Commission for Johnny (white mage pendant, facebook)

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Just curious, do you do replicas?