How to wear jewels correctly!

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My dear friends!

A long time ago i was working in a jewelry shop for a short time. There we used to tell the costumers how to wear jewels correctly. So i thought i share these rules with you. If you follow these rules your jewels can stay pretty for a long time:

1. Never sleep with jewels, cos they can be dangerous or they can break!

2. Never wear jewels when you are washing up dishes, or cleaning something or when you are taking a bath, cos the cleaning products and chemicals have bad effect on them. (Especially on shells and pearls)

3. Be careful to protect the jewels from physical damages! (Be careful not to drop down, or don't give them to children!)

Please consider that if you don't follow these rules, i do not take responsibility for the damages!!

Thank you for your attention!!

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Thank you for the information.