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'Neo Queen Serenity' handmade crown



Commission for :iconathenia45:
Thank you so much for your commission, i hope you will like it! :hug:

Sailor Moon Emoticon: Neo Queen Serenity YAY! I finished my big project i was working on recently! And i'm so happy how it turned out! :happybounce: This is the first crown i made this far and i totally love it :D Inspired by the crown of Neo Queen Serenity. :happybounce:

I made this crown for :iconathenia45:, this will be her wedding tiara :happybounce:

I wanted to take it to a proffessional photography, but the photographer had to resign it. I still have some hope to take the pics tomorrow, wish me luck please Sad Cutecookies Mascot

100% handmade and designed by me. My works are unique, artistic pieces. I don't use lost wax casting, all of my works are sawed, filed and soldered piece by piece.

Material: gold plated brass
Stone: zircon

La la la la YOU CAN WON A HANDMADE JEWELRY IN MY GIVEAWAY! :happybounce: :iconlaplz:
My birthday giveaway! POINTS and HANDMADE JEWELRY!My dear friends!!
It is time to hold a new giveaway with lots of prizes!! :happybonce: :happybonce:
The end of this will be on my birthday on 12th of october. I will be 30th years old and i'm a bit nervous about this number...I'm afraid i will be sad and depressed about it so i thought if i hold this giveaway it will help me to be happier on my birthday =P :D
There will be five prizes this time to!
Let's see the prizes:
               FIRST PLACE: 500 points + HANDMADE sterling silver PENDANT or RING from me: You can choose what kind of pendant or ring would you like and i will make it for you. :) (Smile) (within a price limit) Free shipping
               SECOND PLACE: 300 points + HANDMADE brass PENDANT (you can choose what kind of pendant would you like and i will make it for you) Free shipping

How to wear jewels correctly!My dear friends!
A long time ago i was working in a jewelry shop for a short time. There we used to tell the costumers how to wear jewels correctly. So i thought i share these rules with you. If you follow these rules your jewels can stay pretty for a long time:
1. Never sleep with jewels, cos they can be dangerous or they can break!
2. Never wear jewels when you are washing up dishes, or cleaning something or when you are taking a bath, cos the cleaning products and chemicals have bad effect on them. (Especially on shells and pearls)
3. Be careful to protect the jewels from physical damages! (Be careful not to drop down, or don't give them to children!)
Please consider that if you don't follow these rules, i do not take responsibility for the damages!!
Thank you for your attention!!

Heart I take commissions! You can check out the informations here:
INFORMATIONS and Commission list!INFORMATIONS about my commissions:
1. If you like my works and would like to order something we can discuss about your notion. I can make almost any of my previous works i made before, maybe with some changes (different stone). Or if you have your own idea we can discuss that to.
Usually i draw some designs first and send it to you, than you can choose which one would you like.
I can make jewels with flowers, animals, fantasy creatures...almost everything what i'm able to draw a pic about it. :)
2. My prices:
The prices depends on the weight of the silver i will use for it and how much hour i will work on the jewels.
Usually my works cost 40-60 $ + 6 $ shipping fees.
My locket pendants cost about 100-120 $ + shipping fees
3. Shipping:
I ship my works with hungarian postal service with tracking number.
I ship the jewels in a pretty gift box, with some gifts ( these can be: silver jewelry cloth, leather strip, plush keychain, small notes etc.)
The shipping time in european countries usua


My etsy shop:
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That is lovely work