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Deus Ex, in the style of a movie poster.

Oh gosh, finally finished. I loved the game so hard. My goal when drawing this picture is to make the characters look very much like their game selves, so I worked the hardest on the faces. Another challenge was maintaining the composition and not making it look too busy or look like someone puked a rainbow.

Close-ups: [link]
Making of: [link]

20 hours, photoshop, deus ex extended trailer theme looping in my head
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This is awesome!! :D
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Wow! Amazing, really! :)
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20 Hours of great and successful endeavour!
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I was looking for a fan art like this! I LOVE it!
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MAGNIFICENT!! LOVE the Icarus design, with the wings and the various characters!!
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Damn! Fantastic concept!
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That's so great ! Nice setting and lovely colors. It's must have been difficult to know where to put everyone, but you did it ! :D
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So awesome, was so sad when Malik died
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You know you can save her right
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Any chance you played any of the originals? the first one mainly? There aint much art for those which is sad because its better (not the second) although this one is awesome. Nice job on the pic, I love the how the collage looks like wings
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I really want to give it a chance, but the graphics really haven't aged well and I don't feel like looking at a bunch of concrete textured papercraft for thirty hours. Logically, artists are drawn to things with good visual design, so it would make sense that there is more art for a visually gorgeous game then a game with superior writing and development, but poorer visual design. I have gathered quite a bit of secondhand information on the original, though, and find it charming, but I will probably not draw something for it. On the other hand, I do commissions.

Thanks for the compliment, by the way.
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haha, "the graphics haven't aged well" is the FIRST thing I tell people about Deus Ex 1. :D
(next thing I tell them is the controls weren't too great either)

However, the writing and story is AMAZING! It's just a shame the technical obstacles (eye-hating graphics and unintuitive controls) get between some players and such a GREAT game!
[it could really stand for a re-release, if only juuuust for the visual side of things]
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You actually have a very good argument, your very right in the fact that the graphics haven't aged well at all and though visuals don't affect my game play experience I can see how it'd inhibit others with playing and definitely I can see it's affecting ones art
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I hadn't noticed on the image itself right away... but when i looked at the thumbnail as i got back to the browser i could see that the composition and placement of characters made it seem like wings sprouting out of Jensen's back, which is a very cool and well-thought out detail. Nice going, this piece is amazing!
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This is absolutely perfect!
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Year 2027 x3
Passed half of the game, still fresh memories)) So sorry for Adam, lost his girl, he almost died, but still torn between the views of "implants is good or bad." I love these games, when all iraesh experiencing what is happening on the screen, each in its own =3
Good design, well suited to the mood of the game.
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Ooooh Yieeesssss... I can't describe how much I love this - it's not entirely in the theme of the other wallpapers and promotional pictures that've been released, which are fairly stylistic, perhaps even a bit minimalistic - instead, you've taken the route that I personally associate with 70s or 80s epic sci-fi or somesuch (my associations might be a bit off - since it also reminds me a bit of manga covers) making it seem really... how should I put it? Epic and grandiose, but with an underlayer of terror. Just looking at this cover makes me think of dark, eschatologistic artwork (the "halo" and wings also cements it as something religious - or perhaps pseudo/counter-religious, with the running theme of Icarus and man encroaching on nature/god's territory) - as if the world was teetering on the edge of armageddon. The dark, polluted clouds over the dystopian city, the woman facing away into the white oblivion, the cold, emotionless expressions of the capitalist magnates, etc.

Different? Yes - but so, so cool. :D Excellent.
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It is supposed to be reminiscent of the Blade Runner movie poster [link] which I feel Deus Ex draws a great deal of it's inspiration from, such as the double-layered city and the fact that the future is always in night - and what better than the most iconic sci-fi film of our time?
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I want this, full size and in my loft/office/nerd-lair :(
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