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Virgo - The Star Signs

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Any Virgos here? 🌸 
"Virgos ♍️ are often tender but also very careful.
Virgo is an Earth sign, which prefers conservative and organized things, and those dependent on them.
People born under the Virgo sign have very organized life, and even if they are very messy, their goals and dreams are put on strictly defined points in their mind."

Because Virgo is an Earth sign, I used earth tone colors and flowers on her head. I made her hair looked soft and not messy to symbolize Virgo's tenderness and being organized.

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Beautiful! Love the flowers! The jewel sits wonderfully on her pretty face.

ArdynRodolphIzunia05's avatar

Very beautiful! Love your work!

another110's avatar

Thanks for the image! I'm a Virgo myself.

BlackMage--Lulu's avatar

Found this particular piece after seeing it on a colouring app. I wanted to give you the heads up about it and also give my appreciation of your art directly.

Z3r0--Art's avatar
 This is so beautiful I’m sorry someone on Instagram is trying to steal this…
Ipun's avatar
This is so beautiful ♥ I love it ! I'm a virgo~
SweetBunXO's avatar

So sometimes when i look at art a piece will be so beautiful I get tears in my eyes. It's not too common but can happen.... and it just happened when I saw this piece! Completely moving and gorgeous. <3

wdnest's avatar
Lovely work on this pic plus other star signs I have seen you do. Congrats on your talent.I'm Virgo myself. Nice to see the pink flowers and jewel.

In My Shoes by wdnest  
genaugolden's avatar
Omg It's beautiful!!
LadyLirriea's avatar
RaKou2002's avatar
My sister is a virgo and I'm a capricorn. I noticed that my sign fits with me well, while my sister is the complete opposite of what her sign is saying.... She is not organized and doesn't know what to do and has to always ask me for help.

Btw this is gorgeous and I love the colors you used!
Darkaire21's avatar
This is the most attractive portrait that I've ever seen on the internet.
vivienne100000's avatar
This girl looks amazing. You are so talented. I'm getting jealous. :D
raspberrylife's avatar
I feel goosebumps this beautiful...
einfinityend's avatar
Chopelina's avatar
Virgo's for the win! Love the painting btw. Your work is always stunning!
fxfreya214's avatar
Noodles314159's avatar
This is beautiful, oh my god, the amount of detail-I am shook
Surdy78's avatar
Wonderful lady :D
OlgaBod's avatar
Amazing! Such detail ..
WolfusArt's avatar
Stunning and beautiful.
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