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Princess of Hearts ~ Kairi (KINGDOM HEARTS 3)

I know, she doesn't look like Kairi at all :iconcryforeverplz:
This is what I envisioned for the Kingdom Hearts 3 final battle of Kairi. The place is in Castle Oblivion that's why there are chains printed on the ground.. The keyblade was inspired by Young Xenahort's and P. Shricker's Keyblade.

To my lovelies, I'm sorry I haven't replied to you yet.. I'm currently busy because of work... :( but I'll keep in touch as much as I can.


EDIT: Made some additional changes for a better look ; v ;

Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS6, Intuos5
Time: 15 hrs+
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DreamHeart98's avatar
So beautiful, I love this and your art style is amazing! ^-^
Hiroki-Ajame's avatar
wow you inspire me!!>e<:sluglove: 
NinjaJaffaCake's avatar
She does look like Kairi. :3 And she looks absolutely beautiful! :D I do like the thought of this being her battle. 
FireLordCreeper's avatar
beauty can't be THAT strong *^* 
*looks away*

seriously though, great work 
sheilded-key's avatar
this design makes me think my girlfriend her favorite color is purple,

and even if it didn't i'd still love the design

also kingdom hearts is my favorite games
Virus-Tormentor's avatar
NormaLeeInsane's avatar
She looks wonderful. I love her outfit design. :love:
kairixxehanortxlover's avatar
this picture is so amazing...I hope something like this happens really in Kingdom Hearts 3, because, in my opinion, Kairi has so less screentime, and the only times where she actually was useful was in The World That Never Was, when Riku handed her a Keyblade. And even then she barely had screentime. I feel disappointed in the Kingdom Hearts series.
serafleur's avatar
Yes I hope so too. I don't get why Tetsuya doesn't want any of his games a female protag to engage in battle ; A ;
SennaBluefire's avatar
Oh my motherfucking god. This. is. so. freaking awesome. A fucking masterpiece.
planxtafroggie's avatar
Wow nice! ^^

And thanks for the llama. :)
UsagiYogurt's avatar
Wow. Kairi looks so mature.
serafleur's avatar
Thank you!! <3
Raynef's avatar
Good lord, those clothes , that dress, ///A/// that's so fantastic!
serafleur's avatar
Thank you very much dear ; v ;////
Raynef's avatar
Your welcome ~~! :iconlazeflirtplz:
ToxicRoyal's avatar
The crown and the dress are beautiful.
serafleur's avatar
Thank you very much! 
ToxicRoyal's avatar
You're welcome.  :)
Kaedegirl's avatar
I didn't know you were a KH fan, this pleases my heart to new levels :) thank you :) 
serafleur's avatar
Yes I'm a video gamer so I played almost all of the RPG games for the PS platform (not exaggerating though) :D
Kaedegirl's avatar
yaaaaay :D who would have known I'd meet another gamer??? :D I was into final fantasy until FFX. then only the XII was redeemable to me but I didn't like the others :/ Metal Gear Solid and fighting games are what I love the most: (hello soul calibur, tekken, street fighter) :heart:  my twin loves RPG and she was all over kingdom hearts back then :D XENMAS was her favourite character :p 
serafleur's avatar
I love final fantasy too! I played from FF8-FF13-3, Kingdom Hearts, Shadow Hearts... I didn't play FF1-FF7 though.. 
I also play hack and slash games like Dynasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi. Fighting games too! Soul Calibur, street fighter and capcom (but I play with my siblings)
I have a long list of my fave RPGs xD// If you want I can suggest your sister a very good RPG games :D
Kaedegirl's avatar
OH MY GOD!!! FF7 is a really good story but I have been told that FF6 is even better! so I really should try to get my hands on FF6!!!!!!

WE used to play Dynasty Warrior (the 5 is the best) and Sengoku Basara (it's such a cool game! you'd like the design of the characters I think) and Devil May cry is just.. I love Dante!!! :heart:

I would totally love the suggestion my dear, please, feel free to inbox me with them :D and thank you so much!
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