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Princess Ariel [SpeedPaint Video]



SPEEDPAINT (Video Process) ► HERE 


Ariel fan art with her pink dress :love: I really love her outfit and her nails are pink too! I decided to add necklace for a nice touch. :)
Hope you guys like it! <3

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I love it!! You have talent in you. Keep making things like this! I will always be watching for more!!! This is beautiful!

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I've always liked Ariel's red hair. That's my favorite color. I just wish she could know that, but at least you will. I never heard of Disney cast members doing this, but maybe Ariel could send my family an invitation to Disney World and actually pay for us to go if it's allowed. If not, then at least it's a nice dream.

it's so beautiful!

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This is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could paint like you!

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My best photos here …..            

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Looks like Deby Ryan :O
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Hmmm...are those gems turquoise?
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this looks like real life
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OMG HER HAIR I am Love..Onion 
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:o (Eek) :o (Eek) :o (Eek) :o (Eek) :o (Eek) :o (Eek)  THIS IS AWESOME! i love it :O
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She is so beautiful her eyes so blue they sparkle, hair red and flowing, skin is so flawless
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She is beautiful! You made a great "translation" between the comic/movie-Ariel and a more "realistic-looking" Ariel
I like how it's not actually obvious whether this is her human or mermaid form (it's probably human, but the things hinting towards that can be explained away and the picture cuts off before the lower body that would say for sure) since the fact that she's accepting towards both is a big part of her character.
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This is outstanding!!! What program do you use?
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