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Headshot painting before I focus on a piece for ADay-Artbook <3

PSDs, Step-by-step, brushes available on my patreon!

I've also made a patreon account today! This piece will be one of the rewards for the first month! 
Please support me by pledging to my patreon and you will get lots of good stuff from me! Thank you so much! <3 <3

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PennTheWriter's avatar
So gorgeous. I love her freckles! Are you magic? All your stuff is amazing!
SnufflesShadow's avatar
You are so frickin talented I can't even.
SupImLoryen's avatar
absolutely beautiful piece 
GBARGET's avatar
no comment ♥♥♥
gotech18's avatar
This is awesome
zuko-agni's avatar
THIS is so beautiful :heart: :heart:
Cinderemmie's avatar
your coloring skills are holy 
TheCozyAuthor's avatar
Gorgeous, gorgeous piece and beautiful girl. Great work
KarBearArt's avatar
i love this so much
C-A-Harland's avatar
oh my god, that hair! Amazing piece. Her eyes are really lovely too, and the freckles are a great touch
Ocramdraw's avatar
the hairwork looks awesome!!
Mrowgi's avatar
I love her curly hair! :heart:
Kaedegirl's avatar
she is gorgeous :) 
tepeeblanche's avatar
hello i love the way you're painting..the  LIVANA's hairs are..hummm so.... ok very well.  wish you some goods drawing days.
VNotebookPaper's avatar
I love her hair so much.
sunriseaboveyou's avatar
i really love to see artwork like these. keep up the amazing work!
Goddess0fChaos's avatar
Have I told you how much I love the way you draw eyes? Papyrus - date power 
Ururuty's avatar
WilliamGuevaraArt's avatar
larienne's avatar
This is wonderful Sera bby! You are amazing!
seralune's avatar
Oh so pretty! Her hair is amazing! :love:
digitalghoul's avatar
Oh my this is so incredible! The detail :heart:
Mirubefu's avatar
Freckles!! *3* loely freckles, i really adore the shape of her lips adn the light on the skin, looks so soft
Bestevaer's avatar
The hair is incredible. The attention to detail in the waves is mesmerizing. I really like the gentle shading that you imposed on the hair. The eye color is really interesting. It's so unique and draws the eyes splendidly. This is a beautifully intoxicating piece. Thank you for making it.
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