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Kaori Miyazono



Has anyone watched Your Lie in April? 💖 I heard it's a tearjerker, my heart is too weak for that kind of genre tho 😭
Commission for Erica Lindbeck, the voice actress of Kaori Miyazono from Your Lie in April ♥️
Since I don't play violin I just made her pose feminine and youthful in this piece, I'll be mindful about correct instrument pose next time! 

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beautiful, she looks russian,

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I had seen this on google when I was looking for more realistic references for her character so that my hair stylist could cut it right for my cosplay. After finding this, I had looked everywhere for the artist as Google did not link back to your page. I happened to be looking for reference again when I ran across it on the website and I’m so happy I finally found you so I can finally say how beautiful I thought this was. 

You captured her exquisitely and the color usage is phenomenal! I love the way the hair flows, it gives her that free spirited feel! :D 
The way the cherry blossoms flourish around her is almost mesmerizing in a way. It truly is one of those pieces that captivates the show, it’s symbolism and character exceedingly well and has certainly earned a space in my favorites.
Anae-Haruki-Pitch's avatar
It looks beautiful, and I'm sorry but it really kinda annoys me that the bridge is missing and the pose isn't right. Again I'm sorry for complaining about this but I play the violin and when you do you have to be particular in the way you hold it, otherwise you sound awful and inexperience. Sorry again. But this is a gorgeous piece!
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Very beautiful
Hiori666's avatar
I knew that this is Kaori right away ♥. The atmosphere is amazing! :') ^^
TimTaller's avatar
Hi, I made a small animated GIF based on your awesome work.

Kaori Miyazono - Animated Version by TimTaller

Hope you like it
r0b0cc0's avatar
I like it but i think she forgot how to hold the bow
LeMizukiHibiki's avatar
I thought the same thing haha. It's beautiful nonetheless.
SahdowArtistEiji's avatar
damn this google translate XD
SahdowArtistEiji's avatar
Dude, tell me, have you ever wondered how to hold the violin correctly? I graduated from the music school with a violin. P.S. the next time before you draw a person with a musical instrument, find out how to properly hold it ...

I feel like the bow hold is a bit sketchy, but the main thing wrong is the missing bridge. It's still beautiful though!

TheLoneB-312's avatar
Actually that mannerism holding the instrument is fine. The only thing remotely close to being wrong may be the hand and the missing bridge, however, if she is playing notes down in that region; it would suffice fine regarding the hand issue. The thing about Kaori is her character was never meant to be 100% accurate with the way the violin was played according to the writer of the series. 

They wanted something full of Spirit and life. They studied a violin player just for her scenes, however, he claims that it lacked the spark he needed for Kaori and they added a little more of what the artist here captured. So is it 100% accurate to the professional player, no but it is accurate to her character and how she performs and that’s enough. Not attacking you so I hope this doesn’t make you upset; I just wanted to make a few pointers as to why the artist probably drew her this way.&nbsp. I do understand the bridge agitation, however.

Art is not about capturing the world, anyone can do that; its about capturing how you perceive it and making something beautiful in exchange. With that, there will always be inaccuracies and with those comes the reason we all enjoy the subject. 
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Ahhhhhh!!! it is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meiren808's avatar
T^T *currently still very sad and salty over Your Lie in April*
CrimsonWarden's avatar
Thank you for showcasing this wonderful render of a character I still cry about every time I remember her.
Awesome piece and wonderful style.
X0X-Luna-X0X's avatar
Omg I love this anime and you portrayed her so perfectly in your own way!!! 
Aenwynn's avatar
What a beautiful piece of art! love it!
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Let's hear the music! :D
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Anyone else noticing that the bridge is missing from the violin (kind of important) and the way she's holding the violin and the bow is atrocious? 
SolyWack's avatar
I noticed the bow, but the bridge!! It's an incredible piece, but my eyes can't help but notice it now.
Royal-Stella's avatar
Yeah it's kind of one of those things you can't unsee. It's really too bad.
Plaztik-Enemy's avatar
Agree, the painting is awesome but the violin proportions and parts are terrible, and the way she holds the bow... is she a fiddler?
Royal-Stella's avatar
Yeah the way she's holding it is so cringeworthy, especially since she's an incredible classical violinist. It's such a beautiful piece and it's a pity that she ruined it by not properly referencing :(
Mashi0's avatar
This anime made me cry my eyes out :"c This is such a beautiful illustration though! <3 <3
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