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I really wish that Kairi can engage in battle in Kingdom Hearts 3, like you can control her other than Sora/Riku. Tetsuya's so unfair :( 
Anyways, here's a painting of a matured Kairi. :heart:

I remember my last drawing of her (2013) in anime style and it's not even close to Kairi's face ; A ;
Princess of Hearts ~ Kairi (KINGDOM HEARTS 3) by serafleur

★ Adobe Photoshop CS6
★ 8 hours
★ Wacom Intuos 5

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Breathtaking. So stunning and beautiful

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this is the future, although i wonder if her hair gets lighter or darker when she gets older :///3

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Omg gorgeoussssss >w<
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Nice realistic drawing.
:O If Kairi will going to the StreetFighter world she will become my brother. 😉
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Awesome, can you do Namine?
This is awesome. Really. It. Is. Awesome.
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Wow. . . just. . . wow.
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Wait... Kairi's NOT going to be playable in Kingdom Hearts 3?
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So soft and sweet looking,, love it <3!!
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This is really beautiful! *-* 
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Wow! This is beyond gorgeous!! Love 
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Cool realism here! I love how you drew her. Your style is pretty.:) (Smile) Heart Nod 
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really beautiful!!!!
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Very excellent portrait of this character.  I very much approve.
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