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Kagami [Redraw]





After reading my description in my 2012 old version of this artwork Kagami: Fire by serafleur:

[quote] I'm doing portraits for my OCs (while practicing for a realism style). I plan to complete them but there are 8 protagonists so I think I can't accomplish them quickly.
Next time I want to paint in Photoshop because the brushes there make the painting look much more realistic and I do hope I'll improve by then (I need mooore practice ;______; )

Now that I reached the semi realistic style that I wanted to achieve, it really feels good. I don't know that I will be able to but because of motivation, practice and to those people that supported me throughout these years,
I was able to get to where I am now. I know that I still have a lot to learn and I admit I still am struggling but with what I did with this Redraw thingy will motivate me to press forward and hope that I will be able to reach my goals someday!

This is my original character Kagami from my story Entwined Fate (which I want to publish as soon).
I wanted to see how much I improved from the last 4 years and since I haven't drawn Kagami for a long time, I chose this old artwork.
I used Paint Tool SAI in 2012 and Photoshop in 2016. 😊

2016 version done within 5 hours, I forgot the time I spent in 2012 😅

I've also made a patreon account! This piece will be one of the rewards for the month of February! 
Please support me by pledging to my patreon and you will get lots of good stuff from me! Thank you so much! <3 <3

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Wow! This proves that practice makes perfect!

LenaCobral's avatar

Wow! Maybe if I practiced every day I could see such improvement in four years. I just need to find the motivation and the time.

Both are beautifully done and talented works of art! I do like the newer one more though. I love your gallery!
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Thats a big difference, i hope you keep doing well
keekee1711's avatar
Love it!!! Waiting for this to happen for me lol
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Meu Jesus! Heart  
I even can't do the draw of left, how glory if i would do the one on right.  Amazing job!!Love  
llamasandsquids's avatar
These are very pretty good job
ThatArtBuff's avatar
The remade version looks much better, congratulations.
May1988's avatar
Whoa well done :thumbsup: , keep it up F2U Icon: Froggo 
Kamivicious's avatar
A+ fantastic work as always *u* HUGE improvement
brickelle's avatar
You've really found your own style, and it is gorgeous! I hope I can improve that much in the next four years! Thank you for sharing!
cisumelissart's avatar
Woah, you've improved so much. One day I hope I can draw as well as you. ^^
TomatoLacoon's avatar
Amazing progress *^*
MentalWonderland's avatar
You have evolved into a one of a kind artist. Your effort and dedication is really displayed here.
InHayle's avatar
Thanks for sharing this!
GraceTelesz's avatar
Woaa magoir difference, also a beautiful difference!! : )
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HaruhiS1's avatar
wooow .....2012 is ...amazing and 2016 is ...just breath taking .. I think I've fainted. 
roastedpeanut's avatar
AMAZING! Your style is breath taking. I hope I can be like you one day :) Ps...You just earned another watcher!
f***ing WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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