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Kagami (Character Design)

I resigned from my work and decided to help out our family business. I've tried my best to finish this as soon as possible and it's so hard to find time to draw now :(
Anyways, I made my coloring style to be smoother and precise but still have to remain a bit painterly look. I practiced shading and lighting too. I'm very happy with the result :love:


Age: 18
Nationality: Japanese
Position: Princess

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red (originally white)
Typical Hairstyle: Long and curly
Height: 5”4
Weight: Average

Favorite Color: Red, Pink
Likes: Fireflies, Festivals Fireworks, Red Roses
Food: Pasta, Sushi, Sweets
Music: Classical
Habits: Singing, Dancing, Reading Books

Dislikes: Crawling Insects, Dark, Getting hungry

Traits: Sweet, Cheerful, Thoughtful, Moody, Stubborn

Element: Fire
Weapon of Choice: Ringblades (she's holding a ringblade with sword on this image)

BTW the pink symbol refers to my username "serafleur" meaning "the burning flower" :love:
I'm going to do my Ethereal Artbook piece next :heart:


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I like it a lot!! (*/--*)/
Clothes design are very clever! When I try to wear my characters it's always so hard! I can't get good ideas xD 
Could I ask... What do you meand when you say "painterly look"? ;.;
I understand her, I hate crawling insects ;^;