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Eilstraee [Commission]



Commission for Tommaso, Eilistraee from D&D :heart: 


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MrsDysis's avatar

This looks so beautiful!!!

sailorrob's avatar

this is beautiful. i might have to use this as inspiration for my Drow dancer in an upcoming D&D game

0gu's avatar
This looks great
DunkleMaterie's avatar

Eilistraee is the most edgy Drow Goddess possible.

Why? Because she is a good aligned deity! :D

DiversiveIntrigue's avatar

Got a player trying to pray to elestriee, this is gonna be a perfect depiction of her!

Best drow goddess ever

ParsnipFish's avatar

damn this is amazing, Eilstraee has to be one of my favourite d&d gods

connecteduniverse's avatar
FandomFoodie's avatar
She looks like Storm in her first appearance.  
Snerline's avatar
This is so gorgeous I have no words
Aysuna7's avatar
This is absolutely stunning!!!
Gryphonia's avatar
:wave::wave::wave::wave:Hello! :D :)
:aww: Nice picture! :clap::dance::wow:
:iconeufrosis:I like it!:blowkiss::iconpurpleheartplz:
Keep up the good work!
SinBaked's avatar
Your art is so beautiful!! You’ve got me inspired <3
twistedtalestoo's avatar
I know we're supposed to live in fear and / or loathing of the Drow and their evil ways, but Eilstraee's having very much another effect on me, I must say. All part of her plan to seduce the party and use that sword to end the threat we pose to her?  Could be. Do I care? Not so much. It's why I keep getting reincarnated as a level 1 adventurer ... seduced by the evil sword babe ... killed in scene 1 ... repeat. 
Mk2scorpion's avatar
No worries, Eilistraee's anything but evil. She's one of the kindest goddesses out there (if you want to know more about her, here's her wiki entry:… PS: don't mind the past tense, it's a policy of that wiki).
Rallyguy33's avatar
Wonderful work. Love the pose, the sense of motion and the colors. One of my new favorites form you!
Darkaire21's avatar
I've been exploring art, sharing it, and appreciating it for so many years, and out of tens of thousands of works, this is one of my favorites. I adore her expression and I never see enough black girls done by the artists that I keep up with, I love the way you draw them and hope that you'll be doing many more in the future. Wonderful job, really.
Devilblood13's avatar
OMG Beautiful art Beautiful girl
Goldfirewolf's avatar
Do you watch Dollightful by chance? This looks very much like one of her custom dolls, Nova.
MelodicChronic's avatar
Gorgeous anatomy. Nice work!
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