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Astraea [1st Ver.]


The unfinished first draft of Astraea, my OC. 
I saw this in my folder and thought of polishing it a bit, but I don't intend to render and just leave it as it is. :)

Here's the final version:

Astraea by serafleur

Other Artworks:

Razberry by serafleur  Lime by serafleur  Kairi by serafleur
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beautiful and dignified :)

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the colour is so smooth QuQ
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Oh my god I love the colors here!!! So bright and prettyyy ; v ; <3
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Her look seems a little sad...
serafleur's avatar
Yes she is.. 
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Wow her eyes and lips are wonderful! :la:
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To me.. this looks like you did it in gouache or acrylic paint or something! But nice work by the way :)
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Thank you soo much! :heart::heart:
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Yikes! You replied a biiittt late, lol. No worries. Almost forgot why you suddenly replied to me, then I remembered the work you posted that I commented on. Lol, you're welcome by the way.
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she is so gorgeous! I think I like this hair colour a lot! but I love the update version  better :) (Smile)  she's even more gorgeous :) (Smile)
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Thank you so much darling!! :heart::heart: Yes so many people loved her better though! <3
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you are very welcome my dear :) :heart:
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She looks so good ;;;v;;; I love the lips and the eyes is so stunning :iconcryforeverplz:
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Thank you Rayrayyyyyyyyyyy :heart::heart:
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Instant favorite of the final version when I saw it; beautiful character. This draft is "Wow!" though. Such a calming color scheme. This is the type of art that sends me to a magical world. 

Now curious how many drafts of other works that are equally admirable. Thank you for sharing and continue to inspire! 
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Thank you so much for your kind and motivating words!!! :heart: And so sorry for the late reply! :iconcryforeverplz:
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Ohh I love it!! Those eyes :love:
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Thank youuu!! :love:
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