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Precisely what it says on the tin.
I'm in a mood to do some trades, so I'm updating this ^^ Sorry if the formatting is messed up, blah blah, eclipse, blah blah
(do the "notification" options for journals even exist anymore?)


> Humans, anthro/furry, mythical creatures ('taurs, mermaids, etc), ferals, certain robotic/mech characters (case-by-case basis)
> Original characters, fanart
> Couples ♡
> Complicated designs with multiple layers, patterns, armor, weapons/props, wings, etc.
> Suggestive themes, nudity (TOS compliant), some gore.

I like drawing "beautiful" women & men most, but I can do other things.


Bust, waist-up, thigh-up, fullbody, chibi


 I usually default to flatcolor or simple pattern BG for trades. More detailed scenes can be drawn but that would need to be discussed upfront and I will expect the same from you.
My usual turnaround time is between a week & one month. If some delay is expected on my end, I'll do my best to let you know ASAP.
I am generally patient but please only approach me if you are serious. I will expect you to upload your part first. I'll share WIP if asked, but I won't post fullsize & unmarked version until yours is completed - unfortunately, we all know why this rule had to be implemented.

If you're interested please comment below with the following info! ♥

Offering : (bust for bust, etc)
Examples : (gallery link or a few thumbnails of your art)
Character Reference : (as many as you need)
Additional Info : (any specific thing you need me to keep in mind? specific mood or theme? etc.)

It's not first-come first-serve, I'll pick a couple and then close until they're completed. Let's say... three slots, for now?


** added sample thumbnails.
faun wife by Seraeva pony by Seraeva moonflower by Seraeva [Original] I am Yours by Seraeva [Original] The Last Winter Night by Seraeva [Fanart] kiss by Seraeva

Sea dragon by Seraeva sharp gold by Seraeva woof by Seraeva Kemonomimimi by Seraeva [SecretSanta] Parsa by Seraeva

9/8 Update - changed some text. cleaned up old comments.

4/7 Update - Reopened, changed around sample thumbnails.
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BadArtistonDA's avatar

hi I like your style and I like to ask for a Art Trade

Offering: a chibi, Halfbody or a bust

Exemples: Chibis

request for
Chibi Request for


My OC Dragona
my new OC Lilienne


Offer for

Character Reference:

here are 3 from my OC you can choose one of them

My OC Rosedevil as Chibi
My OC Mariana finish. ^^
Miklyeoth's avatar

Hello, if you still make exchanges, I would be delighted to be able to exchange with you. We had already done an exchange a few years ago when I was starting computer drawing.

Offering : bust for bust

Examples : My human art :

Character Reference :

Additional Info : He is an elf whose forearms are covered with tree decorations and who has weeping willow branches in his hair.

Thank you so much for your time.

Seraeva's avatar

Oh, I think I remember you! I'm busy lately and neglected to update this journal (and I just saw your other messages - sorry! ) I'll make a status update when I'm prepared to take on more trades, but it'll probably be a few weeks. ^^ ;

Aliocornia's avatar

I was wanting to do an AT but here is my go at it h a h a :, D !! <3

Offering : a couple art trade <3 (bust or half body depending on what you would like <33)

Examples : I dont have any recent ones but I mean wOOo but here is what I have drawn recently <33

Polish 20210308 224557468
Misae And Artoria

Character Reference : Arjuna (FGO) this version->


Misae redsign

Additional Info : just note misae's flower to the side <3 thats it : D b

Seraeva's avatar

ahh hi hi

i thought i responded to this earlier but i... apparently did not OTL if you're still interested i'd love to trade! bust for bust is fine w me 8) it's nice to see you posting here again!

would these two be alright?

Aliocornia's avatar

AHH tyty !!'33 im tryna get alive slowly and improve on my art as well LOLOL I still wanna accept : D !! :heart: BUT OMG YOUR BABIES ARE SO CUTE I CANT WAIT TO DRAW THEM MY H E A R T

TT w TT :heart:

btw I updated it just today because I was on the grind on finishing her reference so this is more detailed !

Misae Full Clear Ref
LittleFluffyPhoenix's avatar

I would love to trade with you :3 Kind of getting back into the AT mood recently ^^

Offering : Chibi :3?

Examples :

Cookies and Stream
Smol Shrine Guardian
In Another World

Character Reference :

Teira's illustration

Additional Info : She has a gentle and calm disposition. She also likes to play with her powers so perhaps her creating a topaz heart might be a nice idea.

~Thank you for looking! >w< <333

Seraeva's avatar

Ooh nice design, I wouldn't mind trying my hand at drawing her ^^

How about my Clare ? She's a peppy busybody and really enjoys her sweets.

LittleFluffyPhoenix's avatar

waaa?? she so pretty!!! of course >o<

Niverdia's avatar

Offering : Waist up for waist up! By default I would go with shaded character and a deco bg, environment/scenery might happen if I feel inspired by the specific character >v<

Examples :

greetings from a diminished god
[Dainty] January prompt - Costume selfie
[Archanes] OPEN Guest Adopt 2

Character reference: char info:

Additional Info : either of the casual outfits is preferred. For scene/idea, I have a couple, if any grab your imagintation -1) her making some assertive remark at the viewer with a theatrical pose, 2) her out and about around town (no need for bg, can imply with a fancy frappe, or shopping bag(s), lol, orrrr 3) her casting some illustion magic - can be some deco sparkles, butterflies, flowers etc - she does that for amusement/stress relief when alone.

cataclysmicTilde's avatar

Offering : waist up for waist up! would also be willing to do a couple trade!

Examples :

Arcana Collection: The Sun
Night Lights
[AE] princesawyer

(bg will be simple/pattern for this trade)

Character Reference :

i hope it's okay if i list a few to pick from!


Long-ge & Miles

Necad & Cino

Single character:



Additional Info :

Long-ge and Miles are rivals in love so they have a rather fiery/intense relationship with each other

Necad and Cino are a softer, more tender pairing

Yue and Eirwen can be drawn however you like!

Thanks for considering!

Seraeva's avatar


I'd be happy to trade with you, your characters are all so cute! Think I'm leaning toward Yue.. i'm weak to cute kemonomimi boys.

I'd love to get art of any of these characters -- though I do have plenty of others if none of them suit your fancy. ^^ ;






cataclysmicTilde's avatar

thanks for accepting!! aaaa all of your characters are gorgeous, i think i'll draw Elias!

darkskyluna's avatar

Hi :3

I like to do an art trade with you!

Offering: Chibi


AT: Mun
CE Chibi Lala
AT: Chibi Aizen

Character reference:

Cure Love (Colored)

You can decide which form of her you would like to draw. :3

Additional info: none

Thanks for the opportunity and have a nice day!

Seraeva's avatar

hi hi, i'd be happy to give your girl a try ^^ i'll probably go w/the look on the right

i'd like to have either Clare , Bridgette , or Marise drawn~

darkskyluna's avatar

Okay~ :3

I choose Marise. Do you have anything in mind what she should be doing? Or should I surprise you? :3

Seraeva's avatar

aahh i can't think of anything off the top of my head, surprise me! 8)

Kyumichi's avatar

- Offering : bust for bust or halfbody for halfbody

- Examples :

AT - lulabones
Suzumi - 2nd version

- Character Reference :

- Additional Info : I generally do simple bg (as seen in the examples). I can draw both male and female, though I don't draw females as often as I would like. I would like to mention that I generally send a rough wip for approval before having a week/month to finish!

DasFireEbony's avatar

OMG I'd love to do an AT with you if these are still open ;w;

Offering : Halfbody for Halfbody (shaded)

Examples :

Mizu AT

Flower girl

[C] Barbamon

Character Reference :

Additional Info : Since you accept some gore, could she be bleeding by the eyes (with them covered by the eyeband), yet smiling?

Banya-Laplace-Studio's avatar

Wow! Is this really still open?

I'd love to trade if you want to ;\\\; I can start on monday in case!

Offering: halfbody or a couple image. Fullbody too, but I'm still practicing those!


Name's The Ruler
Higurashi Towa
Color Harmony

Additional Info: I ink the drawings using a mouse, so the lineart process is slower than the coloring. I'm not good in tiny details because of that ;w;

Character Reference:………

darkskyluna's avatar


I love your art and I hope, I can do an art trade with you. :3

Offering : Halfbody or fullbody

Examples :

Girl wears a cow dress
Cure Popcorn (Colored)
Chibiusa Persona 4 design (Colored)

Character Reference :

Cure Winter Redesign~

Additional info: none

I'm fine with drawing difficult designs or patterns. I also hope, it's okay that I can only draw traditional.

Thanks for the opportunity! 😁

Seraeva's avatar

Hi! I wouldn't mind trading ~ I'm stuck with my phone for a few days, mind if I get back to you properly later? Mobile da works weirdly for me :<

darkskyluna's avatar

Yes, of course! :)

I know, mobile da is somewhat odd. I don't like it, too. >_<

Seraeva's avatar

Ok, I'm back home now~ thank you for being patient! How about a halfbody trade? Either of these gals would be great :3

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