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Heart of Fire - Chapter Eighteen: Firestones
The thick odor of dead fish gave way to the scent of salt and seafoam, and Syra nearly forgot about Fin when the breeze from the city's port hit her full force. She stretched her arms wide, catching the warm air in her flared fingers. Her chest filled with the sea mist and her back muscles ached to spread her wings and hover above the breaking waves.
“Alright, that's enough sight-seeing,” Aidan turned away from the boardwalk to continue down the street, “Weldon's shop should be down this way.”
Fish and tourism, that's what drew the crowds to Dairos. The temperate waters offered a bounty of seafood, and the city-on-stilts buzzed with music and people from all over. Even now, Syra could see a ship unloading passengers from across the sea to revel in its warm beaches, eclectic food, and the lighthouse that stood proudly on the neighboring island.
The map led them down a channel lined with boutiques of food and fashion—all of the fanciful kind—and away f
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Heart of Fire Ch 17: Rising Mountain, Setting Sun
“Syra! Syra!” Aidan called to the unconscious body Namir had laid in front of him.
“What happened?” Cassius went to touch her face, but drew back from the charred flesh that looked up at him.
“An explosion. Namir managed to catch her, but...” Aidan cringed at sight below him. At the red, melted skin that spread across her face. At the bubbling blisters slick with blood. He fought to push them away, but image after image of his brother came flooding back. And they brought the pain and nausea with them.
“Aidan?” Surprised concern came from Cassius as he watched tears flood the usually stoic prince's eyes.
“I'm sorry,” as whimper barely escaped Aidan's lips, “I'm sorry I couldn't...couldn't help...couldn't protect you. I tried...but—”
He choked back a sob, and the twins stared in astonishment.
“Why isn't she healing?!” Aidan spat, making them jump.
“I-I don't know,” said Petra, “may
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Heart of Fire - Chapter Sixteen: Heart of the Sky
“I do hope you will excuse my poor manners earlier,” Dürgah said when they had reached the chief’s hut. “We keep strict borders and don’t often have any visitors, so to see you there like little rima caught snout-first in the berry basket…well, it was a bit startling.”
“It's quite alright,” Aidan said from his seat at the short, wide table that squatted in the hut's center room. “I'm sure we looked rather suspicious.”
“I certainly wasn't expecting a dragon in any case,” Dürgah chuckled, his orange eyes glinting over at Syra.
“I thought Valen told you we were coming,” she said, her cheeks a tad warm from embarrassment.
“He said to expect visitors, but failed to say what kind.”
The chief's hut was by far the largest on the island, and housed multiple families in its winding halls. As Razira had said, every wall held a painting or carving of the previous inhabitants, and Syra co
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Heart of Fire - Chapter Fifteen: Thick Skinned
“We mean no harm!” Aidan called from the raft as they drifted towards the bow of branches.
Perched atop them, a patrol of Kiithran glared down at the human intruders. They huffed and scratched at the bark, their feathered manes bristling out like cocks ready to fight.
“This is Kiithran territory, human!” called the largest one, his headdress marking him as the patrol's leader. He stepped out from the foliage with his head bent low, showing off his long horns framed by the disk of black-and-gold feathers around his head, “State your business, then leave.”
“Please,” said Cassius, raising his hands, “our friend is sick and needs to be looked at.”
“Then take them to a human healer. We do not tend to your kind.”
Cassius looked to Aidan with concern, “He's serious.”
“We were just on our way to Morai to see Dürgah when she fell ill,” Aidan replied. “He should be expecting us.”
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Heart of Fire - Chapter Fourteen: Misty River
The ride to Misty Hollow felt longer than it should have. The mero's agile hooves made their descent to the small mining town quick work, but the silence between them screamed unspoken words and made the hours drag on. Petra made a point to stay as far away from Aidan as possible, going as far as to skid down a steep ledge head first if it meant she could stay yards away. Cassius kept to himself, eyes on the trail and lost in his own thoughts.
From her position behind Aidan, Syra could see roofs poke out from the hills and treetops, and she prayed the rest of the journey wouldn't be this awful. Aidan's words had echoed in her head the entire way down and her mind replayed the entire last decade to her on repeat.
She had known of his disdain for dragons—the whole city hated them—but did not know how deep that well ran. Or maybe she did, but just didn't want to believe that he could hate her so much. Maybe I didn't know him as well as I thought I did, she thought. S
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Heart of Fire - Chapter Thirteen: Cured
The ceiling glittered like stars when they returned to the lab, and the siblings were a symphony of angry stomachs.
“Did you find anything?” Aidan asked as they entered.
“Yes,” Syra said, setting her things down, “It turns out we only need one thing.”
“Great! What?”
“A bug.”
“What kind of bug?”
“This kind.” She pulled out a scroll with a sketch of a flying insect.
“That’s the Marsh Fly,” said Lanis. “They give you a nasty fever if you get bit, so we try to stay away from them.”
“Can you get one?” Syra asked.
“They’re normal only out in the summer, but breeding season’s coming up so you might be able to find a few.”
“Good,” she said, rolling up the scroll, “Apparently, while they can give you a fever, their bite can also cure certain other illnesses without the use of mana. On
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Heart of Fire - Chapter Twelve: Bookwyrm
"All of Caelus’ notes are on these shelves," Sulaer said, waving to a bookcase brimming with old books and older scrolls. Some laid sideways, still open, while others had free pages poking out of them. "I tried to organize them, but they just never seem to stay put. You can blame Ristau for that."
Syra pulled one with roughened edges from a shelf and leafed through it. Her jaw tensed, overwhelmed by the mass of messy script and sketches smiling up at her.
"I know it looks daunting," Sulaer said. "Believe me, I've spent decades pouring over these things and I'm still puzzled by some of his spelling."
"And you expect me to find something you haven't?"
Sulaer grinned and took the book from her hands, sliding it back in its place, "I expect Valen's apprentice to give it her best shot."
"You know him?" Syra knew her mentor had a reputation, but was surprised by its reach.
"All the Kesh Raza know him. But he was also a study partner of mine back in Sylvani."
"You went there, too?" Syra
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Heart of Fire - Chapter Eleven: As Above, So Below
Morning sunlight beamed through the ice sheet, waking the company.
“How late is it?” asked Petra, rising.
“Not awful late, I assume,” said Cassius, peering through the ice, “the sun’s barely up.”
Aidan stood and stretched, nearly hitting his head on the low ceiling, “Let’s get going, then. We don’t need to get caught in another one of those storms.”
He looked over to Syra, who was the last to rouse. “After you,” he said, motioning to the ice sheet.
She rose on stiff muscles and squeezed through them to the entrance, pressing her hands against to the ice. Again she channeled mana, but this time it was hot and searing. The ice steamed and thinned, leaking trickles of water down its face. She had managed to melt a hole the size of her head before she stopped for breath.
“What’s wrong?” asked Cassius, “Are you still drained, even after the Fae pool?”
She shook her head and laughed at
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Heart of Fire - Chapter Ten: A Queen's Riddle
It took two days to reach the border of Kor Lahru. As there were no roads that lead to the fairy fields, the party trekked through bush and briar, with each hill seeming taller than the last.
The twins' endurance grew stronger after each bout of rest, and Aidan found himself a few steps from lagging behind. With the sun in their favor, Leon kept a quick pace, always some feet ahead. When they came to a river that cut up into the mountains, they rejoiced at sight of the expanse of meadows peppered with stands of trees and blankets of flower. By the time they waded into the fields, shadows crept from their holes under the trees and into the waving grass.
They stopped a moment, taking in the breadth of field and sky that welcomed them.
“Welcome to Kor Lahru,” said Leon. He hovered a head above them, silent, gaze lost in the sprawling blades of green and gold. Like a child, now grown, seeing their old home after years of absence: longing to return, yet fearful of not belonging.
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Heart of Fire - Chapter Nine: The Witch's Mirror
The morning came too early for Aidan and Petra, and while Aidan took his foggy head in stride, Petra glared at him from her seat on the cart.
“I hate you,” Petra grumbled to Aidan who, despite his fatigue, still led them onwards toward Edgewood.
“I told you to get some sleep,” Aidan said, wishing he had taken his own advice.
“Still hate you. I hate this town for being so far away, I hate this cart for making my rump sore, and I hate the sun for coming up when I just wanted to sleep.”
“Is she always this grumpy?” Aidan whispered to Cassius.
“Ooh, yes,” Cassius laughed.
“Just be thankful there was food to pacify her,” Syra said, bounding up to Cassius, “Otherwise, you might have lost your head.”
“I heard that!”
“At least you got a new toy, right?” said Cassius.
Petra scowled back at him, but hugged the twin blades lying in her lap.
The trip had gone smoother than expected. Ros had
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Heart of Fire - Chapter Eight: Landelle
Ages seemed to pass as the Black Thorn members searched and raided the once comforting dwelling. No one stirred or had any temptation to speak. They simply sat, and waited. Waited for the men to search the bedrooms, both floors, and the attic. Waited for some to steal food and valuables while the others searched the stables. Waited for the shock and pain to leave as they did after their fruitless tirade.
“It’s probably safe now,” Aidan said, unhanding Syra and scooting to the trap door. “We should leave before word gets out.”
Cassius nodded and helped him to pry the door open from under the layer of belongings, and then to pull Syra and Petra out and onto their feet.
Syra nearly lost that footing at the full sight of the limp bodies tossed onto the floor. She couldn’t help it, she didn’t care to. The tears came and she stumbled over to Radstrom, and then to Tilly, her voice but a whimper.
“We did this…” she said, her hands sca
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HoF - Ch 7: The Black Thorn and the Moon Lily
“What?” Syra asked confused by the woman’s sudden serious tone, “No, it’s okay. We don’t mind helping.”
“No, you need to leave, now!”
“Syra, she’s right,” Cassius spoke hushed, his attention elsewhere like he was trying to place a scent, “I don’t have a good feeling about this. It’s like we’re being watched.”
“Go! Before they—”
“Before they what?” said a voice from the nearby stand of trees.
“Damnit,” the woman cursed to herself, “Before you try to attack these poor children!” She stood to face the squad of armed men slinking from the bramble like snickering foxes.
“So it was a trap,” Syra chastised herself.
“I tried to warn you,” the lady said.
“That makes two of you.”
One-by-one they filed out into the open. And, one-by-one, Syra spotted each donning a single bronze coin
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Dream World sprite-like Poke Ball vectors by DecaTilde Dream World sprite-like Poke Ball vectors :icondecatilde:DecaTilde 53 22 TS - Sera by Sweet-Amai TS - Sera :iconsweet-amai:Sweet-Amai 1 2 Luceon by Kipine Luceon :iconkipine:Kipine 1,548 111 Eriador by Dave-Derbis Eriador :icondave-derbis:Dave-Derbis 397 38 ...plitvicka jezera IV... by roblfc1892 ...plitvicka jezera IV... :iconroblfc1892:roblfc1892 354 40 Unknown Germany pt. CLXXXXXIII by TheChosenPesssimist Unknown Germany pt. CLXXXXXIII :iconthechosenpesssimist:TheChosenPesssimist 714 80 Ecuador | Pululahua by slecocqphotography Ecuador | Pululahua :iconslecocqphotography:slecocqphotography 998 183 Vaporeon by bluekomadori Vaporeon :iconbluekomadori:bluekomadori 7,894 190
Colored sketch Commission CLOSED
*Leg/Waist up*

Price: ???
*Full body*

Price: ???
More samples here

So if you are interested just fill up this form and send me a note
Style: (leg up or fullbody)
Character Name:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Skin color:
Reference pictures:
Desired pose: (optional)
Short description of the character: (optional)
:iconichan-desu:ichan-desu 72 49
River Majesty by jjpeabody River Majesty :iconjjpeabody:jjpeabody 580 25 SPEEDPAINT - Ascenders by ANTIFAN-REAL SPEEDPAINT - Ascenders :iconantifan-real:ANTIFAN-REAL 1,704 194 landscape_sketch 1 by Dyfus landscape_sketch 1 :icondyfus:Dyfus 85 16 Tree Root Canopy by ANTIFAN-REAL Tree Root Canopy :iconantifan-real:ANTIFAN-REAL 3,378 258 Shore rocks concept by agnidevi Shore rocks concept :iconagnidevi:agnidevi 2,032 62 Mist forest by agnidevi Mist forest :iconagnidevi:agnidevi 2,224 129 The Sentinel by memod The Sentinel :iconmemod:memod 1,724 411



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Opening Commissions (finally)! Slots OPEN

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 11, 2016, 11:42 AM

Being a farmhand is great; you get to grow your own food and play with fluffy chickens. But it also comes with, hardships. To help remedy this (and pay those godaweful bills), I have decided to open some commission slots. Due to it being peak growing season, I am limiting my characters/piece to 1 for time constraints. So, check out the info below and send me a note if you would like a slot.

Available Styles

My Little Bean Ponies

My Little Bean Pony by SeraCross

Price: $10
- Your own ponysona drawn in my chubby "bean style"
- Colored BG is available upon request FoC, otherwise it will be a transparent PNG
- Add name & cutie mark to BG +$5

Head Shot/Halfbody

Sera Alola halfbody by SeraCross
Sera E4 Halfbody by SeraCross

Price: $25 (Head)/$35 (Halfbody)
- 1 character; +$5 for small animal/Pokemon
- Cell-shaded w/ no or transparent BG
- Simple BG (gradient, Pokeball, Versus Screen, etc) +$5

Will Do
- Pokemon Trainers (much love)
- Male & Female (better at female)
- Light anthro (ears/tails)
- Simple Pokemon (may charge extra for large/complicated pokes; love my Garchomp, but he's a bitch to draw)

Will NOT Do
(I simply suck at these)
- Mecha/weapons
- Furry
- Bulky
- Crazy complicated designs
- Characters w/out references
- Be rushed

How to Order

Note me with the required information:

Style: (Bean Pony, Headshot or Halfbody)
Character Name:
Hair Color(s):
Eye Color:
BG Design: (No BG or Simple BG; describe)
Reference Images:
*Include Character name/cutie mark in BG: (Y/N)
*Body color:

*Bean Ponies Only


Bean Ponies


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