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Left Behind

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Published: November 1, 2005
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Illustrator CS. The result of being emo, procrastinating, and thinking too hard on the bus. I hope you guys like it, as usual... Critiques and Comments (and favs) are very welcome. I'd like to know your take/understanding of what's happening in this image, since it seems like everyone has a different opinion.

When you told her to change, she left more than her old self behind.
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Rebecca-VineheartStudent Traditional Artist
It is soo amazing!
i love it:)
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aww it's brilliant.
i like it so much:D!
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I <333 it!

It's so simple and elegant.

I love the colors, they're "happy" but not overbearing. The whole feeling that I get from this is a quiet calmness. It's like there's an absence of feeling. Whatever anger, frustration, despair that was there before has been let go of. It's like after a break up, you finally let go of all the anger and hatred and can finally be at peace with yourself again. That's my POV.

Keep up the good work. I love your style.
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tahoProfessional Digital Artist
I've felt like this. I love the blunt and slightly segmental formation of the sunset.
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I love this character and your execution. The colors work really well, and the minimalistic approach adds to the charm. <3
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Wow, THAT'S WHAT I'M DOING IN LIFE RIGHT NOW! <3 !! Great piece. It has a great positive feel to it, with the colors and the birds. With that old heart and self stuff bottled up and left behind...really great work with symbols. With the sun ahead, the future definitely looks brighter.
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kamrankafiProfessional Interface Designer
so cool ...beautiful
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bnaan Interface Designer
verey nice : )
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kennedy1026Hobbyist Photographer
I think that she's leaving behind her love for one person, not her ability to love. she's just moving on to a brighter future.
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:ohmygod: this is very2 cute!
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that's RLY pretty. :)
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Now that has to be really emo.
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kdgalesProfessional Traditional Artist
It's so bright, it feels sorta.. mock happy.

I'd like to think she's changing for the better, but this.. it makes me feel like leaving her old self is leaving her real self. Leaving the heart of what she was. And that you shouldn't *have* to change if they really love you, so in changing for the person, she's not the one they're really in love with. Walking into the sunrise is bright. The 'old self' seems to be dark. Like he asked her to stop being so dark and emotional and just be happy for once, and she tries to be for him. But trying to be happy is *acting* happy and that's not real. And that leaving her old self, and leaving the darkness behind, she's losing what makes her her.

This makes me sad, but it's so so beautiful, and.. sorta ironic with the colorscheme. +fav.
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Aura-AloraHobbyist Digital Artist
This pic is so simple, and that what makes it so amazing :D
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It's all love, all of it. She's changing for the better, I hope, and is heading towards a new horizon and left her heart, and her old self behind. Her heart being her compassion and feelings towards others and her old self which is everything that defined her, or used to. That's what I extracted from it. It's so wonderful and I wish I could master the pen tool like you do. ;D
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SugarSpunSister Digital Artist
Incredibly cute, I love this with all my heart.
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suk0shi-hamuHobbyist Photographer
Oh, amazing concept and great work. <3
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wow you are really good with Illustrator, I love it too....anywho..its a sad pic but I love it!! :)
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really cute and lovely yet makes people think about it more indepth , really amazing ^^..
when first saw it kinda saw as maybe sometimes we have to leave some things of ourselves to find a better way or just a positive change (raw thought xD;; but then again in that road some things might be uncomfortable but in the end might lead to something we want?) ..thats what thought XD but the piece is very inspiring :3 :hug:
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kyupiHobbyist Digital Artist
:heart: good thing to think about tho is that the sunset or a sunrise?
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grace :heart:
hm, i see it as she's leaving her old self behind.. maybe thats because that's what i've been wanting to do lately, haha :XD: anyways, it's really cute as always :XD:
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So many thoughts come to my mind when looking at this.
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