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Hi, Deviants o/

So, those of you who had been following me know that I seldom post anything in here, and it's an euphemism. But things keep moving behind the scenes. I'm on the end of a 6 months contract that had me learn some web design/development stuff and, as you can see from my latest deviation, got me back to Illustrator. Which in turn had me wanting to do more recreational drawing back on CSP and P&P, without those goddamn vectors :p

So I think I'll post some cool things in the weeks to come. I may be a game designer first, because I don't think I'll ever achieve a professional skill in drawing/painting (while I'm pretty good at devising systems and knows what works and what doesn't) , but it will always be a prized skill of mine and I'll be damned if I ever make a game design document without some crude concept arts and story-boards, so I want to keep improving on that front, at my own slow pace, but nonetheless.

On the gaming side, I continue to participate in events (mostly game jams, either as participant or giving a hand with the orga) and build my network so I can finally find some work in a small studio, gain XP and level up a bit.

I wish you all (a bit late) a happy new year full of success, learning and fun!

You can still follow me on Instagram Sepulturagnarok where I post random photos of events, places and pen & paper doodles and on itch to see some game prototypes (alas, our Ludum Dare game had an hiccup during integration, so it won't be there except for a miracle, but I'm rather proud of my GMTK jam game) ;)
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Well, technically I still have a two months internship to do after I finish this one by the end of the week.

What does that mean?

1. I'm currently doing a little trailer for the association (Polokodi) and the game (Nodja) I was working on with four other interns, I'll probably post a YouTube link once it's done so those interested can have an idea of what my design documents were for and see some more that I won't put here because most of the art used in those is not mine (I just did a ton of composition and annotations and minor assets to explain how everything is supposed to work).

2. Next internship I'll be working with two guys from my promotion developing their first commercial indie game. I'll mostly be doing concept art, character design and animation tests, which is great because last time I did characters and animations I had a NDA keeping me from showing anything I've made, which was frustrating. This time I may have some cool things to show here so you can laugh at my clumsy art ;)

Stay tuned and thanks for all the support you've all gave me this far! :D
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Must draw. Must prototype. Must show much more to get internship.
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Still so much to do! D:
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That's it, I'm making a DevArt page.

With a bunch of sketches and doodles of mine that I kept over the years because they were somehow not too bad or had something that catched my attention.

Of course I wouldn't put these humble drawings to the public eye without a reason. I have to find a twelve weeks internship in the video games industry to complete my formation, so there must be a place to show employers what I can do. Which is, for the moment, quick sketching. But that's enough to convey ideas and concept. Moreso, I hope that I'll resume my progress in drawing so maybe in some month I'll be able to put things somewhere else than in the scrapbook :p

I hope visitors on this page will take pleasure in watching what little progress I make in the art department.

I'll be prototyping a lot in the gaming department too, so please check my page and feel free to give any feedback! ;)

See ya, space cowboys! o/
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