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15 most annoying years

Aw, come on. Sephiroth - Shego, it makes kinda sense. Both awesome, both epic and both look great even in creepy spandex suits.
Anyway he's obviously still displeased with the whole Disney-cosplay-thingy.

★ sketches by me
★ clean-up & colors by ~Neverendingrain
★ splatter brush → this way

I wasn’t happy with this pic since I had to draw it with my wrong hand and the sketch turned out very simple. But the lovely ~Neverendingrain got the ability to turn every piece of crap into something I can like. All thanks to her and her fabulous coloring. Thanks so much, ma’am. Emoji02 by Emoji-icon

~Complete Series~
10 most annoying years - From Zero To Hero
11 most annoying years - Under The Sea
12 most annoying years - Arabian Nights
13 most annoying years - Out There
14 most annoying years - Here Comes No Smolder
15 most annoying years - Call Me, Beep Me
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hey sie hat ja blaue haare!!!

aber das bild ist soooo der hammer
musste gleich wieder lachen, die zwei sind einfach DER knueller XD
SepsAngel's avatar
Hat sie doch immer. XDDD
Nur hier mal bissl angepasster ans Outfit. ^//^
Lauren-Tyler's avatar
That's just so cute, the way Sephiroth is nonchalantly choking her!
SepsAngel's avatar
Good ol' classic cartoon violence. I kinda miss it nowadays. 

Thanks for your fav, sir. *-*
E200Paragon's avatar

There are plenty of Disney movies out there, which sparks the question, will the series continue?

SepsAngel's avatar
I'm honestly not sure at the moment.
Guess I'll decide around september next year. ^^;
E200Paragon's avatar

Because for starters, you still have Tron, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Tarzan, and Alice in Wonderland.

And that's just the Disney movies I know of with just Humans in them, not counting Disney/Pixar movies or Disney movies with non-human characters.

(Maybe you could go for laughs by having Cloud as Cinderella) :lol:

SepsAngel's avatar
I'll take that as a compliment. ;3
Thanatos-Zero's avatar
Not bad. Not bad my lady, as always.
I wonder though if you are interrested to display Sephy as Professor Shu Shirakawa. Totally the charismatic superbrain, the tendence to troll his opponents and Mazaki, a harem (+ a sadomasoistic stalker) which follows him.
Anyways, if you want to see the Lord of the Dark Prison in action, here for you.

In the Granzon…

In the Neo Granzon…

By the way, did you know that the Degeneracy Cannon (Final Attack of the Neo Granzon)can annihilate a entire universe?
SepsAngel's avatar
Nice vids, sir. ^^ Though I gotta admit I've never heared of it before. So I guess none of these games were ever released in europe, were they? 0_o?
Thanatos-Zero's avatar
Yes SA. Super Robot Wars was always a extremely difficult subject to deal with (dozens of different mecha anime). If you want to bring the games over to US, you would have to deal with many license holders, who would like to get a piece of the cake as well. In the end it was decided that it was not worth, so the only games which were released in US were the two Original Generation games for the GBA. However after Namco Bandai bought Banpresto, the remakes for the PS2 never came out of Japan, including with the sequel for the PS3 "2nd Super Robot Wars OG".

It is really a shame. I would have bought them. I have the two released games in my possession though.

Here more info:……
SepsAngel's avatar
Aw, I know how you feel. >_< Got the same prob with a few games I'd love to buy here.
Though SRW seems to be a big/popular franchise in japan. Interesting that they still decided, it's not worth to buy (more) western licenses. :confused:
Thanatos-Zero's avatar
Ehm... the problem lies with ones who bought the licenses from the japanese in the first place. Banpresto has no problem in japan itself for to aquire the licenses, but outside with so many different laws it becomes a expensive bureaucratic nightmare.
Case in point, Harmony Gold with the Macross franchise.
chaosinuyasha's avatar
I'm not a fan of Shego but this makes me wish for a follow up pic of a solo pin-up of this sexy "Shego-roth" hehe
SepsAngel's avatar
Sephiroth pin-up? Sounds like something I could live with. :giggle:
chaosinuyasha's avatar
hehe -resumes fondling 'Shego-roth'-
bogidream's avatar
:rofl: Nice. I want to see Sephy in Kim Possible's outfit after this :iconimhappyplz:
SepsAngel's avatar
My personal fav cosplay would be Rufus Shinra as Rufus, the naked mole-rat. :iconhurrhurrplz:
bogidream's avatar
LOL Good idea, too XD
Moogle007's avatar
OMG,Sephiroth is ''Shigorized'',thats so funny,kupo:iconyesvictoryplz:
SepsAngel's avatar
Glad you enjoy. :D
Moogle007's avatar
Yeah!I'm totally enjoying it!kupo:icondignitylaughplz:
(btw,hilarious icon x3)
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