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Now, as you can see, i did one EXCLUSIVELY of Transformers. This is because I resisted the urge to put several Transformers on my previous meme, and at that point....i hadn't met Prowl yet. And Prowl has obviously crawling onto my electronically malfunctioning heart.


NOTE! PAY ATTENTION! The Transformers you see here are here SPECIFICALLY from the universe i posted a picture from. That is why some are on there twice.

10. Drift. He's pretty hot, using sowrds and all. It just bugs me that he because all "Japanese Samurai." Seriously, can't someone use a sword and NOT be Japanese?
9. IronHide from Bayverse. He's not the hottest looking 'bot in the world, but he has a winning personality in my book. He's adorable. And because of him....I want my own GMC Topkick. Which reminds me, anyone want to buy me his action figure?
8. BumbleBee from Bayverse. He only makes it one about IronHide because he was the first Transformer I REALLY fell in love with. I like guys that can't talk, and I love music, so a guy that can't talk and uses music to communicate is HAWT. Plus, I love Camaros.
7. Soundwave from G1. He was the REAL first Transformer I actually loved. When I was a little kid, that is. I always had a thing for bad guys and guys with masks. So sue me.
6. Optimus Prime from Bayverse. Optimus Prime is a strong, stoic leader that throws himself into mortal danger for everyone who needs it. But he really made it onto my list with his stupid conversations, like "He wants us to be quiet. Why can't you be quiet?" or "What is with you?" or, "Calm down, calm down." or my very, top favorite, "Oops. My bad." Come on Optimus. You're a leader. Shouldn't you always have something epic to say? And since you don't....I love you.
5. Shockwave from Bayverse. When he first showed up in the movie, my dad jumped because I squealed so loud. Come on. The bug purple dude with a giant rack has got NOTHING on this Cyclops Skeleton Shockwave. He's EPIC. (which reminds me. In the third movie, when the humans are all fighting the Decepticons, and they;re given the order to shoot out their optics, why the HELL did no one shoot the Decepticon that has only ONE EYE. DUMBASSES.)
4. Soundwave from Transformers Prime. He's all slim and sexy and silent and masked. Need I say more? Plus I read a FABULOUS fanfiction where they made him even more awesome...and paired him with Knockout.
3. Megatron from Transformers Animated. He totally kicks butt in this series (finally!) and doesn't make an utter fool of himself like he does in all the other series. (I'm looking at YOU, Transformers Armada.) Plus, when he get's that eyetwitch from Lugnut? PRIMUS I WANTED TO CUDDLE HIM. We all hate Lugnut. Megatron just hides it better.
2. Knockout from Transformers Prime. Because he's cocky and red and pretty and a sexy car. Plus, from now on, I will say "Buff this", instead of actually cussing.
1. Prowl from Transformers Animated. I have seen the light. And that light is a ninja Transformer. Seriously. And he loves nature, and can crack jokes....and plays TWISTER. I wanna play twister with him!....well, i want to do ALOT of things to him, but playing twister is one of the more clean ones. I also want to go camping with him, and ride him- OOPS. I mean that in a totally innocent way...... :iconf3plz:

AND BEFORE YOU TELL ME: I know what happens to Prowl. I just haven't SEEN it yet, so don't ruin it for me!

So yes. Enjoy all of the beautiful robots.
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Nahhh, Hide is first ^^
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His big nose threw me off for the longest time. Plus, I didn't see him as "available" what with him being taken and all...
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Taken? By who? And why am I laughing at that comment
SeppunZetsumi's avatar
By Lennox of course!
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Oooohhh... I c now
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is this what I think it is?
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Why no Starscream? Waaaah! 
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Because while I appreciate his legs in TFP his voice just....grates on me
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Sexy Soundwave :iconloveloveplz:
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Ninja Prowl is epic. I don't call him Animated Prowl, he's to epic for that.
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...very good point
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Can has blank meme?
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Oh my....Um, I just took the Hottest Animated Character's meme and pasted the Transformers logo over it....
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Oh, okay.
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Yeahhhhhhh sorryyyyyy
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Soundwave is so hot, he's on the list twice! Love your choices though.
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OOh yeah, Prowly! :iconpervieplz:
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