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I asked you to send me links of your artwork - now you get the feature! Enjoy the art, :+fav: and comment, and if you want to get your own feature scroll down to the requirements!

Since I didn't get many links this time took the freedom to feature some of my watchers. Please tell your friends and everyone else about this feature so that more people can get exposure!

The features (in the order I received them):

:thumb138957163: :thumb171626114:

:thumb137816831: Give Me Five by AshantiW

Colors of nature by MayaVogrin Magic in me by MayaVogrin
The night light by MayaVogrin

Blinding light by justlookin222 The Night Is Among Us V.2 by justlookin222
Funny Saying by justlookin222

Dreadswing by Krisi-Photography :thumb181604044:

SpiritWe all have a voice so let's hear it
We all Have the spirit so let's share it
No more bullying and crime
Let's all sing a rhyme
No more sadness and sorrow
let's hope for tomorrow
Let light shine from this darkened place
Let 's help each other and every race
Rise and spread your wings for spirit
the ninja in us allin this day
and in this hour
we fight for peace
and fight for love
as we reach for
the stars above
the death tolls while
we hold the scrolls
of life in the doors
we hold fate and strife
not for us but for all
when were not united
we fall in the depths
of despair I will pray
till the day we rise
from the ground
and dowse the fires of
hate and open your eyes
to the truth and the glory
in this little story we find that
there is everything in store
and theirs more and till the end
we will live we will exist
even when were alone
we search for a place to call home
and wander through the forest
of burning fire and shadow
our feelings in smoke and mirrors
all that they bear are scars of tears
and all there fears over the years
they heal and deal with the pain
that is mended and bended
in there hope for there comrade's
and friendship strong
on the outside and calm inside
and the fire within will help
your inner demons go away
and shed the light in
the shadows of the night
they pray on the souls

The sands of timeTime is all we have left
Time is a gift.
Sometimes we let it slip out of our hands.
Pick up the sands.
put them in a bottle
Save them for tomorrow.

miniature teapot and cookies by tinkypinky Wagashi box 1:12 miniature by tinkypinky
Cupcake earrings2 by tinkypinky

:thumb176749378: Lamborghini Murcielago LP670 by exeriox

:thumb145652933: :thumb118230634:

Worship by crilleb50 Some Old by crilleb50
Ostrich Trouble by crilleb50

I Float.We Float.One Day by DpressedSoul Mind Pattern by DpressedSoul
Dark Star by DpressedSoul

Empty by daisukekuroneko Kathodos by daisukekuroneko
Crimson by daisukekuroneko

Brawler Coloured by arabianpharoe I Stand Alone by arabianpharoe
Sketch by arabianpharoe

Jack's Anger by LT-Arts Take My Hand by LT-Arts
.Little Flowers. by LT-Arts

Happiness by jinhuang Meoto Iwa by jinhuang
Fontane di Roma I by jinhuang

Path of Escape by MarquessaPhotography Honesty by MarquessaPhotography
Mentor by MarquessaPhotography

Special Features:

:iconmeiltje: (suggested and chosen by :iconeasydreams:)

:iconjoannakossak: (suggested and chosen :icondpressedsoul:)

:iconlunox-baik: (suggested and chosen :icondpressedsoul:)
hornet by Lunox-baik

:iconreilune: (suggested and chosen :icondpressedsoul:)
As Chic As I Want To Be by Reilune

:iconnix0rs: (suggested and chosen by :iconmarquessaphotography:)
Sunny Sunday afternoon by nix0rs

:iconseppukuu: (suggested and chosen by my dearest deshi :icondaisukekuroneko: − she insisted I put it up… :p)
The Birds by seppukuu

:iconericoscarj: (suggested by :iconhikarishoujo:)
Random blond character by Ericoscarj

:iconkvnvk: (suggested and chosen by me)
the essence of longing by kvnvk

You want to get featured too? I'm planning on making this a monthly feature, so here is what you have to do:

You sent me links to two of your artworks you think define you best and I will choose one more deviation from your gallery. Type of artwork, category, etc. don't matter, just send me whatever you like.
You can also additionally feature people who you think deserve some love. :)

You got until November 30.

Feel free to advertise this feature in your journal or wherever else you like so that many people get the chance to have their art featured!
© 2010 - 2021 seppukuu
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Well, I don't know if a written story counts, but I'm hoping to get more people to see my writing, and I hope you'll at least take a look and consider my work. The story is called "The Rogue Legend" (the narrative has yet to explain where that title comes from, but an explanation is coming up, and I think it's catchy anyhow).
Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: [link]
seppukuu's avatar
yes, yes, everything is allowed! :) i want to expose everything and anything, and of course literature is appreciated too! :)

i'm glad i can feature someone who's as new to dA as yourself, i hope it will help you to get your story out to the people. :)
Mimn's avatar
du bist aber nett ;)

werd ich gleich mal mitmachen xD
seppukuu's avatar
yay! :D je mehr, desto besser! >_<
rossete139's avatar
amaysing ! grate feature :)
seppukuu's avatar
thank you! maybe you wanna participate in the next one? :) just send me two of your deviations and you're in! :D
Collernini's avatar
thisis really cool, and really good artwork as well

can i put in an entry here for the next feture or in a note?
seppukuu's avatar
it doesn't matter - put it wherever you want. :D
Hisietari's avatar
Thanks so much, what a wonderful collection! :heart:
Meiltje's avatar
Thank you for the feature! :) and thnx ~xMusicStar for suggesting it!
AshantiW's avatar
thanks a million for the feature! a lot of great work on here!:heart:
Haru01's avatar
thanks for the feature!
Reilune's avatar
Wow! Thanks so very much for adding me to the feature ^.^ I really really appreciate it ^.^ And there are a lot of really fantastical works here too!!! :heart:
exeriox's avatar
Thanks for the feature! :)
kvnvk's avatar
many thanks for including my work in your feature, much appreciated. :D
Lunox-baik's avatar
crilleb50's avatar
Great feature, thank you so much. Really a lot of wonderful pics in here. :)
nix0rs's avatar
Great feature indeed, lots of great artwork! Thank you very much for the feature!! :D
daisukekuroneko's avatar
thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sensei!!! *glomps you eternally*
deviantART muro drawingComment Drawing
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:XD: a smiling onigiri! omg, so cool!!! and the nosy... hilarious.

do itashimashite, deshi! :D i'm happy to be able to give back some love. ^^
daisukekuroneko's avatar
oh you just did sensei, you just did!=D
kvnvk's avatar
watch out for this one, her native american name translates as "glompstoomuch"... :psychotic: =P
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