Feature yourself! Vol. 1

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I asked you to send me links of your artwork - now you get the feature! Enjoy the art, :+fav: and comment, and if you want to get your own feature scroll down to the requirements!

The features (in the order I received them):

Time spare nothing by visualprox Upstairs by visualprox
Dress code by visualprox

Expect the unexpected colored by daisukekuroneko Orestias Lake by daisukekuroneko
Mouth by daisukekuroneko


Yorusaki Commission by Ichigo by HikariShoujo :thumb156799524:
Mermaid Melody By Ichigo by HikariShoujo

Chibi Gothic Lolita by xXNightRose14Xx :thumb169837757:
Gothic Lolita Egg Back by xXNightRose14Xx

:thumb168619188: :thumb165182907:

:thumb174586356: :thumb174584152:

:thumb180582344: :thumb178158471:

Woman by Alina-Malvina I'll drink ur blood by Alina-Malvina
DeadlySins Ltd. by Alina-Malvina

Oceanic Beauty: Eliara by someauzziechick Retro Star. by someauzziechick
Inky Tree by someauzziechick

Look Me In the Eyes by ASVOD Elephas Minimus by ASVOD
A PunYou say "təˈmätō"
I say "təˈmātō",
You say "ˈapriˌkät"
I say "āpriˌkät",
You say "sharon fruit"
I say "fu**-you. It's a fuyu persimmon."

Sunflower03 by Sandgroan Colors by Sandgroan
Sunflower04 by Sandgroan

Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll by Jestersdream Old Friend of mine by Jestersdream
dontseeDontHearDontSpeak by Jestersdream

70. 67 Percent - OTOGORO by Sorianumera 36. Precious Treasure by Sorianumera
Die Norden by Sorianumera

:thumb180135050: :thumb171647665:


Kokosbaellchen v2 by BloodType0 fragmented by BloodType0
a cruel game by BloodType0

f l a m e s by Bleeding-Souls f a d e   a w a y by Bleeding-Souls
panoramia by Bleeding-Souls

Special Features:

:iconjasoncasteel: (suggested and chosen by :icondaisukekuroneko:)
Spartan by JasonCasteel

:icongothicraine1712: (suggested by :iconhikarishoujo:)
Inner Beauty by GothicRaine1712

:iconaleksandracupcake: (suggested and chosen by :iconimaginationwander:)
Pink Chickens by aleksandracupcake

:iconmarcbrunet: (suggested and chosen by :iconimaginationwander:)
Impossible LOV3 ver.3 by MarcBrunet

:iconpolinachernova: (suggested by :iconalina-malvina:)
dreamflash by PolinaChernova

:iconro-mashka: (suggested by :iconalina-malvina:)
Descent point by Ro-mashka

:iconlonstermonster: (suggested and chosen by :iconsorianumera:)
29. Happiness by Lonstermonster

You want to get featured too? I'm planning on making this a monthly feature, so here is what you have to do:

You sent me links to two of your artworks you think define you best and I will choose one more deviation from your gallery. Type of artwork, category, etc. don't matter, just send me whatever you like.
You can also additionally feature people who you think deserve some love. :)

You got until October 31st.

Feel free to advertise this feature in your journal or wherever else you like so that many people get the chance to have their art featured!
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There you go
link 1 [link]
link2 [link]
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justlookin222's avatar
Where do u want the links at on here,on your page or in a note.
seppukuu's avatar
that doesn't matter at all, wherever you wanna send them. ;) i'll get them either way. :giggle:
justlookin222's avatar
ok I will send them soon
Alina-Malvina's avatar
ooooh, thank you very much for featuring:thanks::hug:
can I participate again?:D
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seppukuu's avatar
hm, maybe on a later date, right now i'D rather feature artist who haven't been featured yet... ;)

and you're very welcome! :)
Alina-Malvina's avatar
:D I'm just kidding..thanks for everything;)
seppukuu's avatar
you know, i changed my mind - you can be featured as often as you want! :) maybe you wanna send me two links again for my next feature? :D
Alina-Malvina's avatar
Hi :wave:
wow :wow: what did influence on you? :D sorry, kidding:D I'm very happy that you want to feature my photos and it's a big pleasure for me...thank you :hug:
Yes, I'd like to submit these two photos..now they are equal to my mood..happiness vs melancholy..today is like this:)
thank you again..here are my links:)
seppukuu's avatar
well, i realized i was featuring others a second time too, and then i remembered i had turned down your request and felt bad about it... :XD: i'm very sorry i didn't make up my mind earlier.

btw, how did this seven deadly sins-contest go? cause i voted for you - has it ended yet?
Alina-Malvina's avatar
ooooh, no problem:) thanks for your offer to show my photos:hug:

thanks for voting I really appreciate it :nod: I won the second place :woohoo: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh :dance::dance: I'm soooooo happy...damn :D:D:D
seppukuu's avatar
congrats! :D i'm glad you were among the first three, i really like your photo! ^^
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XxMoonlight-DreamsxX's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature :tighthug:
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you're welcome! :)
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Thanks for the feature :icongimmeheartplz:
seppukuu's avatar
you're welcome! :)
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seppukuu's avatar
uhm, Не за что. XD (i'm sorry, i don't speak russian, but this is what google told me to be "you're welcome"... :p)
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=) все верно
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Thank thank thank thank thank thank ttthhhaaannnkkk yyyyoooouuuu soooooooo muchhhh!!!!! ^-^ :tighthug: :hug:
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haha, you're very welcome! :D
i love your work.from princessphoebe1
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