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Cats make everything better
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Published: February 17, 2010
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A pic of the four main characters. JUST WHEN YOU WERE THINKING I WAS NEVER GOING TO DO IT! :evillaugh:

Goemon is lifting up a Scottish Fold, and trying to keep his composure- because like me, he dies of joy when a cat touches a paw to his face. :meow:

Ebisumaru is giving that fine fat Himalayan a good scratch. They both seem content with life... it's a symbiotic relationship. =)

Yae is holding a small cow cat, inspired by a kitty that I know in real life. I wish someone would take a photo of one of these spotted cats sitting on the back of a cow. I mean, really. It would look SO CUTE. o_o

Sasuke is deviously plotting to steal this Munchkin Manx (ya, really) away from its lucky owner. They're probably all just raiding Dynamites' secret cat stash. I would too! Lookit how cute and happy it is! I'm so embarrassing, I think I'm getting a cute high off my own drawing. :O

The background is just mildly tweaked Photoshop Elements 4 Stock. And on that subject, the whole thing was done in Elements. No matter where I went, there I was.
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I agree with Ebisumaru with the big cat, but what killed me is Sasuke with the Munchkin mix, since it's so cute!!
Seppukumaru's avatar
Hehe, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! :) Hmm... I don't remember if i've ever seen a real munchkin Manx before or not....
quetzalgirl's avatar
I haven't either, but I have seen a munchikin kitten talking too much on Youtube and it was so damn cute~
Seppukumaru's avatar
Resistance is futile! :evillaugh:
SonofaDJ617's avatar
SonofaDJ617Student Filmographer

I am allergic to cats, so they don't make EVERYTHING better!!!! lol but i'm not gonna let that get in the way of liking this picture! Great job!!
Seppukumaru's avatar
You have a point there (literally, in Phoenix's case!). Misery certainly doesn't equal better (last time I checked, anyway). Thanks for the complement! :D
varpunen-laulaa's avatar
Cats and Mystical Ninja. Greatest ever.
Seppukumaru's avatar
=) No doubt about it! :thumbsup:
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RandomSpyderProfessional General Artist
YAE HOLDING MY SPONTANICAT. It's like, my greatest fantasy come to life, two of my favorite people (yes, cats are people!) in one adorable place.
Happiness, happiness, happiness...
Seppukumaru's avatar
Cats are people! Love that. =)
Thanks for the nice comment, I'm really happy you liked it. :hug::heart:
macat95's avatar
dude scotish folds are my favorite cats in the whole world
Seppukumaru's avatar
They are freakin' cute. :heart: Got to see some at a cat show a year or two ago, the only time I've seen them in real life. =)
Dark-Gumpa's avatar
Sasuke's face is priceless!! It's like "NO ONE WILL EVER TOUCH MY CAT". He is so protective xD
Seppukumaru's avatar
But it's so cute, I wouldn't want to share it either! :rofl:
xRed5433x's avatar
This is really cute. :D I like it alot. Great job on this.
Seppukumaru's avatar
Thanks so much, Red! :woohoo:
LaSombraMasOscura's avatar
owww... I have a kitty...
Goemon looks priceless with the kitty!!
good pic! It's so cute :aww:
Seppukumaru's avatar
It's so good to see you again! :glomp:
I used to have one, but these days my only cat contact is when I visit my sister... What's yours like? :heart:
And thank you!!! :D
BlueHedgie's avatar

There's this cow cat that comes around my place... he has one blue eye and one green eye. I did like him but my attitude's a bit mixed about him now because he almost attacked my dog. -_-

This pic is ace though. Really sweet. :)
GAAAAAAAAAH, makes me wanna draw GoeGoe again. :iconexcitedplz:

(AND DUDE! I hadn't realized! Thanks for following me blog, thar! :XD:)
Seppukumaru's avatar
Cow cats!! :heart: I'd like to see a baby one, aside from the inherent cuteness, it would give me the rare opportunity to call a kitten a "calf". D'awwww...

You never really know how a feral will act, but I'm a feral fan too. It's a rare treat to see them where I live. Sorry that your dog had an unpleasant encounter with one of 'em. :(

Anyway, glad ya like it!
And speaking of teh blog, new layout is an improvement! :nod:
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