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Exhale idea from Lara Jade

This idea is from [link] Larafairie

I had to do a stupid project for my "photoshop" class (No idea why I took that class) so I wanted to try out her idea.

It was harder than hell using my self as a model here, it took a while. Butttttt now that I see you can get a cool effect with fishtanksss, I'm going to try this out again, not using her complete idea (just the fact that I, along with 276543 other people will use a fishtank) so woot, look forward to that. I'm just going to try to find a good model to work with after this semester ends, so I can do lots of pictures during my winter semester.

Not fond of the crop I did, but it's due today and I can give a poo... lol. Basically, it's a really pooyfull class that's really basic with photoshop.. I got the main crap done so that's ok.
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thanks! I'm not toooo happy with it
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To tell you the truth, I like this one better than Lara Jade's. Good Job.
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Meh, I like lara jades better, because it's actually photography and not photoshoppy lol
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I agree, this one has more "feeling" into it.
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this is freaking amazing, i love it :D
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Yawn, boring! LOL JKJK
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It doesn't even look like a photograph, more like a painting - good job :)
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AWESOME! Your work just keeps getting better and better.
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Ehh, if you think so lol
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I remember this in class. Great work.
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Wow..this is beautiful. Great leaves me feeling cool and refreshed. :)
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