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Deviation Actions

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:bulletblack: Only high quality black & white (and grayscale) and sepia images will be accepted. High quality means that it should display some artistic refinement and follow the fundamentals of proportion/perspective/etc. Many artists have many different styles, which is the awesome thing about the DA community, but overall the work must be polished and of good quality regardless of style.
:bulletblack: Works may have a pop of color along with them as long as it is minimal and the overall work is black & white or sepia.
:bulletblack: Members may submit 3 deviations per folder per week. Please submit to the appropriate folder. Photography submissions are limited to 1 deviation per week.
:bulletblack: No nudity or sexual content. Anything of this nature will be declined.

Folder Descriptions

:bulletblack: Featured - these works will be chosen at the discretion of the moderator periodically.
:bulletblack: Traditional - works of any traditional medium (pencil, pen, marker, paint). May include refined, high-quality fan art.
:bulletblack: Digital - any works that are primarily digital, including vectors. No fractal art, please. May include refined, high-quality fan art.
:bulletblack: Photography - 'nuff said.
:bulletblack: Refined Sketches and Lineart - sketch works that are clean and detailed, as well as detailed line art.
:bulletblack: Artisan Works and Misc. - any works that are artisan works (jewelry, pyrography, etc.), as well as mixed-media, paper cutting, street art, culinary arts, etc. that still fit with the group theme.

Reasons Works May be Declined

:bulletred: Nudity or sexual content
:bulletred: It is an unfinished work or doesn't adhere to group quality standards.
:bulletred: Submitted to the wrong folder
:bulletred: Artwork is accepted at the discretion of the moderators. If your work has been turned down, please don't take offense. If you truly feel as though your work should have been accepted, politely ask if you can have the reason you were denied and an answer will be provided.

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