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 Profile - Selena Sirus X Super Nova by Sephzero

                It had been a rough day for Selena Sirus. But she managed to get back to her apartment no worse for wear despite all that had transpired earlier.


    The commute was terrible, school work was demanding, and the fast food place got her order wrong. Some might consider it a perfect storm of bad luck, but Selena took it all with quiet reserve. While others might explode or vent some rage at it all, the young lady knew better then to let her emotion get the better of her.


    After all, if Selena allows her emotions to run amuck the consequences would be very bad. So she had to endure and not let herself lose control, this was the burden she bear now.


    It had happened earlier in the semester, the details were never clear to Selena. All she remembered was helping one of her professor with a project in investigate a strange device that had been brought to the university. She was not sure exactly what had transpired but it seemed that while she was exploring the interior the device had activated. And that was when things got weird.


    According to the professor and students who were helping, they managed to pull out it little worse for wear though it seemed her clothing had all been disintegrated by whatever happened. Yet while she recovered later in the hospital she found herself plagued by strange dreams. No more than dreams, it was like distant memories but that only scratched the surface of the strangeness.  


    In them she saw a strange alien world that was vastly different from earth filled with equally strange creatures. She saw herself, but as flashes of memories she saw someone else. Someone much different then who she was and far scarier. While she never was able to fully piece together what was going she discovered that sometime when her emotions get too unstable she finds that she becomes someone else.


    Closing her eyes, Selena shook her head to cast away the thoughts about it. Dwelling on it too much was no good either. She seemed to get stirred by this and Selena knew that thinking about it more could invite her out just as much as losing control of her emotions. It was best now to simply move on forward again.


    Walking through her room, she head straight to the shower in order to clean herself off. Stripping off her clothes, she turned on the shower and let the warm water shower down upon her body. Selena let out a welcome sigh letting the warmth ease the tension taking a brief moment of respite before she went on with the shower.


    After she finished the shower, Selena did not bother dressing instead simply wrapping a towel around her. Throwing herself onto the bed, she did not mind feeling the sheets against her body while lie there. Slowly her breathing steadied Selena tried to find her calm spot to push aside all the troubles of before. This was part all part of relaxation meditation practice she had picked up in hopes of better reigning in her emotions. She was not entirely certain on how effective they were but she tried in hopes of some measure of control it could lend her.


                Looking out at the window by her bed, she stared out at the night sky at the many stars that filled the space. Astronomy was something that always fascinated her and she longed to indulge it more with some stargazing, but not tonight. She took some time to gaze out at the stars from where she rest when something peculiar caught her attention in the night sky.


                It was not something anyone would normally be able to notice as easily. Selena was well versed in the region of the space she gazed at having looked at it from this vantage point many times before. So she knew instantly when something odd was afoot. A strange light filled a spot in the sky that she knew was empty from prior experience.


                Blinking a bit as she tried to make sense of what she saw. Selena slowly turned around and opened up the window to stare at the spot more intently. At first she wondered if simply there was some aerial vehicle or something that could be the reason. Like a weather balloon that happened to reflect the light off to give the same impression of illumination, but studying it more she could rule that out easily.


                For one thing while she gazed at it, she noticed the strange light seemed to almost becoming brighter and larger. This confused her and she started to feel a strange chill creep up her spine. Not because of how little she was covering herself but something in her was reacting somehow this. Selena did not like how this felt and started to turn to move away, but it was too late.


                Almost as if the strange light had noticed her reaction, it intensified greatly streaking down from the heavens into a brilliant shaft of light straight through the window into her room. Selena braced her arms at the sight of the flash, but when she opened up her eyes again she realized something more than a light show was occurring.


                First she no longer felt the surface of the sheets beneath her body anymore. Much to her surprise as her eyes adjust the brightness of the light she found herself floating suspended in the light over her bed. It was almost as if there was no gravity on her which was pretty bad since Selena had to struggle to keep her towel wrapped around her for the sake of modesty.


                Before she could gather her wit about this she suddenly found herself moving at an incredible pace. Carried by whatever strange force was levitating her, Selena went hurtling out of her room being carried through the shaft of light up into the sky. She could gasp in amazement as the sight of her city, and then continent and then planet all passed below her in a dizzy flash.


                Streaking into space with little more than a towel to cover her, Selena could scarcely believe the sights that were happening all around her. Though space was largely empty void the shaft of light seemed to stretch on for light years as it carried her across the span. She saw many celestial bodies pass her by as the terminal accelerated her to destination unknown.


                A part of Selena would be overjoyed and amazed at being able to see space from such a perspective, but she was in no state of mind to enjoy it. Instead Selena’s mind was wracked with fear and confusion about what was happening to her. To suddenly be yanked from her bed by a strange light and send streaking across space was too much for her to bear. While in calmer times she might have tried to harden her emotions, the abruptness of it all was too much for her.


                Further the strange energy that comprises this shaft of light seems to have an equally strange effect on her. She could feel it touch against her exposed skin and the sensation as it appeared to absorb into her body sent spasm of shock through the body. All together the combined state of her baffled mind and strange bodily reaction to the transport was more than enough to sent Selena pass her limit break.


                Through the raging turmoil going through her head, Selena’s face was clenched in pain and frustration before finally she let out an inhuman scream. This scream was quite alien to the young girl’s ear and only heralded the strange of the strange transformation that was commencing. Her eyes opened to revealing glowing orbs of blue energy in place of her eyes. The power within her had awakened and there was no stopping it.


                Tumbling through space carried within a strange shaft of light the form of Selena Sirus started to squirm and shift. Steadily it started to grow larger with limbs and body becoming increasingly bigger. The rather petite form covered in a mere towel was shifting away into something with more definite curves and figure then previously. A low moan escaped out of Selena’s lips as she found herself swept up with the change.


                Her hands wrapped around her torso clinging desperately to keep the towel cover from slipping off but that only service to accent the change even more. The once thin arms were progressively getting bigger and filling out. More than just getting curvier but stronger too as the definition of muscles too started to emerge forth.


                This change was equally showing itself across the rest of her form, the bottom of her towel steadily being lifted up by the growing form revealing the widening hip below. Any hope of modesty was lost leaving her region below clearly visible. Meanwhile her behind swelled up firm and large. But Selena was hardly able to care about any of it so caught up in the tumultuous rigor of the change.  


                Her ears briefly felt the tickle of hair brushing past before being engulfed it. The blonde hair steadily growing out and thicker from the former short crop Selena preferred to keep it at. It continued to grow passing the shoulder and spreading downward. But while it grew strange discoloration also started to manifest amidst the strands too. Initially just one or two but soon more of her hair lost their coloration with the blonde fading into a stark white. Soon enough she had massive mane of white hair that seemed to drift around her. Even stranger was the pointed ears that emerged from among the white hair distinctly different from how they were before.


                Moaning even larger as she felt the sensation of the change intensified, Selena could not brace herself for the powerful surges of energy that rocked her body. These surges seemed to only escalate the growth as her body took dramatic shifts in size and form. Muscles swelled further across her frame and her bosoms seemed to shake vigorously.  They swelled and pushed outward easily popping out above the towel top which was barely covering her powerful set of abs. The breasts continue to get even larger than she could hold in her hands.


                But as they strain outward the tip of nipples went through another change shifting into a darkening blue shade. This shifting spread out further from that point with her swelling form casting aside her normal beige skin tone for an alien blue that seemed to perfectly compliment her white hair. But that was not all with the glow from her eyes seemed to deepen before it seemed a streak of energy ran down each eyes almost like tears across her cheeks. But these lines of energy did not stop there as they continue downward painted her body with a strange line of energy that cross down across her limbs.


                Burdened by all of this Selena’s mind could not handle it anymore and she just simply shut herself up. Not wanting to struggle with this anymore her mind retreated back into the dark recess while something else rose up to the fore instead. Something far more aggressive then Selena, and while may had once been like her, bitter experience and turmoil reformed her into something else.


                She was no longer Selena Sirus. She was Super Nova an alien goddess who rose up to seize control of an entire planet before being banished by rebels back to Earth. Now she had emerged forth once again from her puny former self to unleash her desires upon the world once again.


                Before she could get her bearing though, her transport came to an abrupt end. The shaft of light destination landed her onto the surface of another planet. Her landing was hardly as smooth as her departure, but that did not bother Super Nova. This body was powerful to easily survive the impact even if the entire ground around was turned into a deep crater from her arrival.


                Slowly rising up as the dust around her settled Super Nova paid no mind to the far too small towel fluttering off her body. She had no need for modesty or restraint, this body was magnificent and she had no shame in awing all at its splendor.  Her pointed ears picked up strange chanting of a tongue unknown to her all around.


                Her vision finally cleared she found herself situated in what appears to be a massive arena surrounded by strange alien creatures. A twisted grin appeared across her face while the energy in her eyes and laced across her form burned intently. It seems these people wish to be entertained, then she will exposed to them the fully glory and terror of Super Nova.


Header image done by ViroVeteruscy
Character created by Inkblot123

 December Profile in Change is here. This time we see a concept created by Inkblot123 and given a spin by me. Selena was just a young lady who dreamed a lot about the stars. But an unexpected interstellar trip left her greatly changed that might have made her more alien then human sometimes.
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Faky3ah Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015
Great description as always seph ^^ 
Sephzero Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks, try to give a good foundation for the character concept. Then just some creative insight afterwards of the process.
Swampeople Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014
I now I asked you before but I have forgotten "please forgive me for asking again", is she good or evil!
Sephzero Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Super Nova is pretty much more in the evil camp.
Swampeople Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015
ChojinRyu750 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
A very intriguing character this innocent girl turned evil space goddess seems the people mentioned at the end are in for a world of pain.
Sephzero Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
It is a harsh and savage world as is usually befitting the genre.
ChojinRyu750 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Inkblot123 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
as i said on fa, very nice work man. i look forward to more of this take on super nova ^^
Sephzero Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Great you enjoy this particular iteration.
Inkblot123 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
indeed ^^
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