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Profile - Brea Garnet X Uzuri by Sephzero


                Brea could not hide her frustration. Her eyebrows twitched in annoyance at what was displayed on the monitor. No matter how she tried to look at it, there was no denying what was displayed.

                Grabbing her hair in frustration, Brea reared back and let out an anguish cry.

                The result made her feel extremely ambivalent. On one hand it was exactly what she was shooting for, but it also meant she had to do something completely unpleasant.

                Eyes drifted away from the screen to her chest. Beneath the fabric of her shirt, Brea could still feel the Heart of Uzuri embedded into her sternum.

                It was the source of all her troubles.

                Ever since she bonded with the Heart of Uzuri, Brea had become the mortal incarnation of the goddess. This came with a whole bunch of unpleasant responsibilities that Brea had to carry out despite wishing otherwise. Not to mention she also had to act as the physical vessel for Uzuri, which meant strutting around as a statuesque goddess was completely embarrassing. But it was all necessary in order to once again ignite the passion and worship of followers to Uzuri.

                Frankly Brea wished to have nothing to do with all this religious nonsense. Yet if she tried to ignore it, the Heart of Uzuri would activate forcing her to using the appearance of Uzuri to gather more to the flock. And Brea absolutely did not want to spend any more time as Uzuri then necessary. Never doing it again would be great, but she already knew that was not possible.

                Since Brea did not care too much for socializing to get the message across. She instead turned to the internet to garner a fan club of sort to Uzuri. Setting up an official place for adoration to Uzuri along with exclusive content was enough to help her grab the center of traffic around the goddess. Also some extremely daring presentation videos and pictures helped secure a lot interest.

                It was just a matter to tip the hearts and minds of the visitors into praising Uzuri. She even setup goals to be reached with promises of bountiful rewards from Uzuri if reached. This was just something to help encourage them to do the work of garnering new folks for her.

                But now they managed to reach one of those goals, which meant they were all expecting another appearance from Uzuri to commemorate this milestone. Glaring angrily back at the screen, Brea could not hide her annoyance at this.

                Biting the tip of her thumb, she wondered if there was any way to avoid it. Transforming into the scandalous body and forced to act like that pretentious goddess always made feel sick. But while she was thinking that, a strange glow from beneath the fabric of her shirt interrupted those thoughts.

                Silently mouthing off a curse, Brea realized what was happening. The Heart of Uzuri was activating which mean the transformation was about to start. She always wondered if this was Uzuri doing to cause the gem to activate like this. But that was no matter. Already the glowing was becoming bright enough to clearly see the shape of the gem from beneath the shirt.

                Already Brea could feel the energized gem starting spread the power outward into her body. The power of Uzuri was being channeled into her very fiber and soon her appearance would change to become that of the goddess. Blushing at the heady sensations these feeling stirred in her, Brea resolved herself not to enjoy. But despite what she though, her body was reacting quite positively to the energy flowing inside.

                She utter a gasp of exhilaration while rearing back as a surge of power made her skin feel extremely sensitive. It was like a brush of electricity across the entire surface of her body. This made her almost close her eyes from the sensation, but she struggled to keep them open. She would not let herself be overtaken so easily by Uzuri.

                Quickly her body reacted to the overflowing energy that was being emitted from the Heart of Uzuri. The earlier sensations were merely the overture to more physical and abundantly more bountiful changes that were taking place. Steadily her height started to increase initially by mere inches, but soon an entire foot and more. Each bated breath brought further changes to her figures which started to flush outward while she continue to grow taller.

                The messy black mop of hair was growing too.  Unruly locks lengthened down her shoulders, the strands gradually losing their black color. Instead brighter and bluish streaks were emerging while the hair too started to straighten itself out. Even while her body continued to grow taller, the hair started to reach closer to the floor.

                Brea now appeared quite different than before. Her once short stature had become exaggerated by her growing form which forced her to stretch out to avoid confining herself. Clothes which once hanged loose were now tightly hugging against the body while it continued to change. The once thin figure had now swelled into something quite shapely. This added emphasis caused the stitching on the clothes to fray and tear.

                But nowhere was this stress more evident than centered on her chest.  The collar of her shirt was being pulled open wider with her expanding shoulders. But the glowing gem still pressed tightly against the front of the shirt. But was quickly pressing further outward were her bosoms which practically were inflating. Biting her lips, while struggling to keep her hands apart from groping at the rising orbs, Brea cursed how big they were getting because of Uzuri.

                The shirt which one covered her entire torso now barely covered her expanding chest, leaving her abdomen clearly exposed. It was a welcome relief when it finally tore, allowing them to bounce freely open while growing even larger. Each of them clearly too big to hold in her while, the gleaming Heart of Uzuri glowed brilliantly nestled in the cleavage. Her upper torso was completely exposed, but Brea could not muster the will to try and preserve her modesty. Already her actions and expressions were being coerced into adhering to Uzuri who felt no shame at the exposure.

                Frustration and resentment left her face which remodeled itself into a more divine countenance. Eyes shifted color into a brilliant gold color. Lips swelled and pursed into a smile an eager smile. Her expression was now that of rapture of this transformation and reveling in the power and beauty that was emerging outward. Even if Brea still resented it all deep inside, she no longer had any outlet to express it.

                A biting sensation below brought her attention to the remaining garment that still clung furiously to her glorious and changing body. The shorts had become quite wedged around her broadening hip and bountiful rear. Already the button and zipper up front tore open to relieve some pressure, but it was not enough. Seams tore apart and finally the last portion of her clothing ripped away leaving her completely exposed.

                Now entirely in the nude, she could only bask in her glorified form. The once pale skin immediately started to darken given her a tan complexion. Beneath the skin, the muscles seem to surge and swell outwardly to accent her shapely figure. And finally strange golden markings appeared all across the body. Finally finished her form now revealed the completed appearance of Uzuri.

                A hearty laughter escaped her lips at the conclusion of this change. The afterglow of the transformation made her felt absolutely elated from the experience. Brea could not deny these feelings at all. But now as Uzuri, there was only a certain way to express it.  Turning back to the monitor, while she playfully toy with her hair, it was time she provided her followers a proper reward for their devotion. The bountiful generosity Uzuri will show will definitely provide ample encouragement for them all.

Image done by ViroVeteruscy

 The winner of May's Profile in Change, Brea Garnet. There are those who have little ambition in life, but winded up getting roped into something completely unbelievable. That happened to be the case with Brea who found herself forced to operate as the mortal avatar of an ancient glorified goddess. Unless she helps spread the faith, she runs the risk of having her body hijack to do the task. Though even when does do it, she still gets hijacked too. Life is difficult some times.

Character Profile -

Mature Content

Profile Brea Garnet X Uzuri by Sephzero
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extremespeeds Featured By Owner May 20, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
What is she the goddess of, again?
Sephzero Featured By Owner May 20, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Glory, whether in beauty, art, competition, or battle.
extremespeeds Featured By Owner May 21, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Ah, that's a nice idea
Seonidas Featured By Owner May 20, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Brea is one of my favorite characters <3 greaaat job seph!!!!!!!!!!!
Sephzero Featured By Owner May 20, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
She certainly hits your favorite there.
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