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Brea flip through the book on her lap as she sat back against the cushions of her family’s sofa as the grandfather clock slowly ticked the time away. Her eyes scan the content of the pages as she desperately hopes to find something that could help her “problems”. It had taken her the better part of the days to track this book down from the poor leads her brother had given her.

Her brother…

He was the source of all of her grief both now and in the past. If only he had not decided that going into archeological especially dangerous ones things would not have turned out like this. Or he could have at least had the simple courtesy of keeping his family out of it. He was always inconsiderate in that regard, bringing his problems onto others and dragging them into his mess.

Reaching the end of the book, Brea slam it shut in frustration. It was an utter waste of time. There was little relevance she hadn’t already known from other sources or experience. This was another dead-end and more time wasted away.

Tossing the book to her side, she lean back into the sofa digging her right hand into her messy tangle of black hair that adorn her head. She truly dreads all of this, but there is nothing she could do about it. As much as she hates to admit it her brother was the only informed person she knew about this and she had to wait on his initiative before she could conduct and work on her own.

“This is some divine joke at my expense,” Brea grumble closing her eye and trying to forget her problems even for just a moment. Just escape all of this insanity and foolishness her life had become.

She subconsciously slide one of her hand beneath her baggy wool sweater she had on and reach up to the space in the center of her chest. Her fingers touch the cold smooth surface of the gem that had implanted itself there since she foolishly toyed with it several months ago. She traces her finger silently around its surface feeling the silvery inlay that clutched at the gem where the skin and it met.

A scowl crosses her face as she resists the urge to try and just yank it free. The searing pain it evoked was something she had eventually accepted ensure that simple physical exertion wouldn’t solve her “problem”.

The chime of the grandfather clock startle Brea as she open her eyes and slid her hand back out. Looking to the clock she could see it was getting quite late. No more luxury of time to idle away with thoughts now that she was once again directionless. Pushing herself off the sofa, she stretch her arms a bit to ease away some of the stiffness from all the sitting. It will be coming soon and she might as well get things taken care of before then since brooding about it was not going to change things.

As Brea walk up the stairs, she passes by the mirror that her parents had placed there for ornamental purposes or something. She pauses for a bit to look at her reflection for a moment. A brown-eye girl with a messy tangle top of hairs looks back at her from the reflection. Brea had not considered herself vain about her appearance, one of the reasons for her general state of her hair, but she felt a tinge of sadness staring at herself there. Ironic her current “problem” was why she had these feelings.

Continuing up the stairs, she made it down the hallway to her room as she closes the door behind her with a slam. Not like there was anyone home to hear it beside her. While it was lonely, she was at least reassured that her “problem” wouldn’t cause anymore undue commotion.

Brea pulls her sweater over her head as she starts to disrobe. She didn’t know why, but taking a shower before “that” seems to be almost a daily ritual for her now when she had the convenience of time like this. Her face tense a bit as memories of those other times came to her. It can’t be helped now though, she couldn’t let the past tie her down now. Tossing her sweater on her bed, she pulls down her shorts before turning to look at herself at her mirrors.

Standing in nothing more then a training bra and panties, Brea slowly look up and down her lithe and thin frame. Her mother had often bugged her to eat more putting additional servings to eat, but it seems that her body never seemed to hold onto any fat. The training bra she wore was laughable as well, as it mostly there for modesty as well.

Eventually her eyes fell on the “Uzuri Heart” that was embedded in her flesh just in the center of her chest as her hand trace along its edge. It was a habit of her now to touch it like that. Brea did not know whether it was something she just developed from thinking about it so much or was it cause some other impulse instilled into her from it. The mysterious gem at the center of the inlay embed in her had led her to spend several wasteful days trying to identified. Even an embarrassing period when she had to shown several people a picture of it in hopes of identify it all for naught.

Turning away from the mirror, Brea sigh as she walk into her bathroom turning on the water for the showers letting the steam fill the room. She undid her bra and slid her panties down before she stepped into the hot streams of the shower let it cascade down her form. The sensation of the hot water on her skin ease the tension away from her as she let herself relax for this moment.

Brea finish washing herself, as she step out of the show and dry herself off with her tower. It would soon be time she’d figure. Reaching down, she pick up her bra putting it back and then sliding back into her panty. Exiting the bathroom, she pulls open her closet doors as she looks at the different outfits inside.

Clothing was a bit of a nuisance due to her “problem”, but she didn’t enjoy the idea of sitting about in the buffs either. Some parts of her wonder if maybe she enjoyed what happens, but Brea shove that thought aside. This was a curse; there was nothing enjoyable or pleasant about it. There was nothing even tantalizingly positive about it and she won’t miss it a bit once she finds away to rid herself of it.

She eventually settles on a simple white collar shirt and black short simple them on as she button up the front of the shirt conceal the Uzuri Heart beneath the cloth. Satisfy that everything fits, she flop back on her bed as she rest her right arm on her head as she wait.

There was no true consistency to it, which is why she dreaded it so much. Besides these episodic incidents, she had little warning the other times. Her powerlessness in the face of this fills her with resentment of how her life had been shanghaied like this. Brea was certain the only reasons for this was to tease her letting her after some anticipation of what was to come, but no true ability to stop it no matter what she tried.

“When will this all end?” Brea mutters absently as she turns her head to look to the window. The drapes were down preventing her from seeing what was outside, but she could tell it was nighttime already. In fact, she ha not bother to turn on the light in her room, but she was still able to see everything perfectly. A “gift” as it was from her “problem”, but one that usually only manifest when that time was upon her.

A premonitory chill travel across her spine causing her to bolt up as Brea felt the sensations that would herald her “problem” seizing itself upon her. Brea gasps as shuddering a bit, her hands clawing her shirt to her chest as reddish glow appear from beneath the clothing. She tug the collar of her shirt out a bit gazing down at the flickering glow growing in the gem before the sensation there begin to move toward her heart and spreading out across her body.

Sweat glisten her skin as she felt the heat of it reaching every part of her body leaving her to labor for air as her body react as it had before. Her body slowly, but steadily begins to expand filling her clothing as they start to stretch from the stress. The cuffs of her sleeves begin to pull away from her writes as her arms lengthen forth. Her legs lift up off the bed as her feet stretch forward as her thigh expand causing the seams of her shorts to tear a bit.

Brea grits her teeth as she try to keep her composure amidst her body’s metamorphosis turning her head to the mirror.  Her reflection show her struggling clothes as they try to contain her increasing form, but also other changes as well. The brown color of her eyes was gone instead replace by aqua blue iris. Already her hair was beginning to grow longer and more voluminous reaching down to her shoulder before hints of blue start to filter in between its length.

A loud rip caught her attention as one of her sleeves torn open from the shoulder cause of the growing arm showing the smooth muscle across her expose arm. She turns to her other arm and flexes it causing the sleeve there to also come apart. Looking down at her skin she could see the next part beginning as her white skins begin to slowly taking a light tan.

She close her eyes as her face change growing smooth shifting to match her growing frame as her lip grew lush and full. Strands of hair fell across her face as it grew into a grand mane down her back the strands of her turn a bright blue losing its black coloration. Her skin continues its change as well to a rich golden brown tone across her body.

Her lengthening fingers grab a fistful of her bed sheets as her nails begin to stretch and sharpen as well digging gashes into the sheet. Brea gasps as her widening thighs split open her shorts and her swelling butt pull her panties tight against her body. She tries not to enjoy the sensation, but a small moan escape her lip as felt it. Her gaze slowly turns down to her chest as the burning there begin to intensify even more.

Her breast swell before her eyes as they drew her shirt tight across them as the buttons struggle to contain them as more of her skins start to expose itself through the gaps. Arching her back was too much stress as the buttons went flying off as her breasts push forward held taunt by her straining bra as the scraps of her shirt slid off her body. The Uzuri Heart glisten forth as only her straining bra left to cover her ample bosoms as they jingle a bit. Brea gave a sigh of relief as the glow from the gem finally fades and she can feel herself regain control. Across her body strange symbols and markings begin to appear taking a golden hue against her tan skin.

Brea lay there on her bed, her head dip down obscuring her face beneath the masses of her blue locks as her breathing cause her chest to rise and fall. Lifting her head, she brush aside her long hair as she look at what had been wrought on her body. The whole process always seems so overwhelming no matter how many times she had gone through it. Though she hate to think about ever getting use to it as she ball her hand into a fist feeling the strength behind it.

She step off her bed brushing back her hair back as she examine herself in the mirror looking at the tall tanned lady before her with generous figure long blue hair and strange markings cover her entire form. This was the form of Uzuri; the being whom that awful object that was the source of her trouble. She remembers from what her brother comment about it before.

Uzuri was some sort of goddess of that odd ancient culture he was studying, apparently their culture would choose specific individuals of certain quality to be embed with these holy relics of their deity to become living gods. It was her misfortune that her brother ships the relic to their home and she took it out that it decides she was an appropriate candidate and attached itself. Since then it would activate changing her from skinny Brea to some sort of sexy goddess.

“The ancient people must have all been perverts to have something like this,” Brea remark as she look at her form with disgust in the mirror. Every time it happens, if she was luckily her clothes would still be able to preserve most of her modesty if rather tattered and unsalvageable. But fear of something worse has led her to always try to keep her style in a fashion that would leave her totally expose in case something happen.

Her skin still glisten with the sweat from the change as she studies the strange marking across the length; they were still a mystery to her. They don’t seem to be any kind of language or anything from what she figures. And the thought of trying to take pictures of all of them for study simply fill her with disgust. Brea wonders if perhaps these were some sign of the goddess, but that was little reassurance for her.

Brea had to accept the embarrassment of this condition until she can find a way to get that accursed jewel off of her. While she was not too sure what sort thing this goddess she now embodied did, but at the very least this body had some superhuman abilities. She couldn’t recall how many times the agility, strength, and speed this form bestows upon her had helped her escape attention. Though she still dislikes the situation it put her into in the first place too.

Stretching out her arms and legs, Brea contemplates perhaps taking a dip in the backyard pool to rinse off the sweat. The family residence was situated in a quiet neighborhood so she did not expect any real problem from it or fear of anyone freaking out at the sight of her. It had been a long day anyway. Even if she was going to be stuck in this form for awhile, she might as well relax and enjoy herself. Walking out of her room, she passes the mirror down the stairs and gaze at herself. Striking a smile at her reflection she continues to the backyard door. This night is for the goddess after all. So might as well have some fun.
Image lines drawn by :icondarkereve:

Back in my early date of TF story creating, earlier in the year that would produce the tale that would start the genesis of my Hydes, there was another character I created. A bit of an experiment in how to convey the notion of transformation through prose. This character and concept has largely remain quiet till now. Presenting now my initial early work short with an image header piece drawn by DarkerEve.
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KeithXZ Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2017
Really excellent story.  Great plot, great character development.

It has been 3-1/2 years since you wrote this, but I think you should return to it.  Pick it up and continue the story.

Yeah the grammar isn't perfect, but you could write it in Word 2016 and use its grammar tool.  (Over the years it has improved a lot.  Now it is really excellent.)  Or some other grammar tool.

What I'm saying is, don't let the grammar hold you back.  There are tools to help with that.

The plot and character development are the hard parts, and you're excellent with those.
Sephzero Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for enjoying the tale. Though the base version of this tale is far older, just been sitting in the hard drive before being shown.
HuntraG94 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
nice story
Sephzero Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank it is a really old one for me there.
HuntraG94 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
you're welcome^_^
MRWHITE81 Featured By Owner May 7, 2014
kasden95 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014
Faky3ah Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014
I like the concept, I hope to see detailed transformation sequences like the ones you made with hydes!! 
KnightSlayer115 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What's this? A Written piece after 3 years?!? Perposterous!

(Nice job!!)
Sephzero Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
 Jodi is upset that you discount her tale. :icononionnouplz:
KnightSlayer115 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Guess that means Shotty gets to say Hi to her face :iconalucardhellsingplz:
Sephzero Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Oh boy dear. :iconscaredplz:
KnightSlayer115 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*5 hours later*

T-T S-she took my Shotty :iconsobplz:
Sephzero Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
That's a mighty shame. :iconsmokeplz:
KnightSlayer115 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know T-T

(least i keep a spare :3)
AskEmberFlametongue Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hey Seph, 

Great story, but your grammar could use some work. If you like, I would happily spellcheck for you free of charge. 
Europa17 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
Good job!
frokamen Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014
looks fantastic
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