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WOW! I checked this after years of being off Deviant Art. Thanks to everyone who left comments and messages. You drive me to want to make more new stuff.

Just have been kind of depressed. =|
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I doubt I will be posting any more Deviant Art. It's been a hard battle trying to upload animated gif's to the site. Until the fix it I doubt I'll ever use it.

However I know lot of people loved my avatars. If your intrested in poking around a ftp image dump go for it.
I kinda lost intrested in this site after they said one of my pictures was copyrighted.

I finally logged back in to see what was going on around here. I might post more stuff sometime. I just hate the fact that it could be taken down by a magic "poof" by an admin. Thats kinda why I run my own site so people can't tell me what to do.

If you're interested it's
  • Reading: Your thoughts
  • Playing: with myself