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Final Fantasy VII Tribute! by LenLenbell
Sephiroth by TanakaHime
Sketch Commissions by itaXita
Extra-SD-Project FFVII-Remake by oOFlorianeOo
MCM 10/18 FF VII sephiroth by akuma74
Photo Opp! (#2) by Arekkusuartista
Sephiroth - 4 by Silent-L-Photography
Sephiroth - 3 by Silent-L-Photography
Figures + Crafts
Hakama, Hapi, Haori by yashodoa
''PAK - Sephiroth FFVII AC'' III by LadyAyakoTami
Cloud vs Sephiroth Final Fantasy VII Custom Figure by Davidokaiser
BJD: Sephiroth + Vincent by timeless3wings
Salty by DarkShimi
Sephimog by Boudathecat
Sephiroth by BDashStriz
Finally, the Seventh Fantasy is in a Nintendo! by SuperEpicSmash
FF7: Cloud and Sephiroth Comic by Hero-of-Awesome
True Kingdom Hearts 3 by Typthis
Inktober 25- He Threw Materia At Me by not-fun
Inktober 31- Im Going To Stab Her by not-fun

Mature Content

Summer [ Vincent x Sephiroth ] by timeless3wings

Mature Content

Sephiroth and Aeris +Mako Seduction+ by xSapphirus

Mature Content

Binding Preperation +FFVII+ by xSapphirus

Mature Content

[MMD] NSFW (bad boy) by MMDKasumi2140
Sephiroth/Cecil by CecilMateus
Treasure [ Sephiroth + Vincent ] by timeless3wings

Mature Content

Sephiroth/Cloud by kradeelav

Mature Content

Beefcake 25: Serpiroth X Cloud by ArtistOtaku91
Web Interface
Cutting off Sephiroth's hair. by EndBringerNickolas
That meme again by Gerwell
Sephiroth Wallpaper by WillVapor
Despair - Sephiroth Signature by CookiesFTA
Traditional Art
Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth by LinoaHeartilly
Sephiroth Final Fantasy Remake, portrait by art0art0art
Sephiroth, Final Fantasy 7 Remake by art0art0art
Sketch FF7remake (Sephiroth) by Archange-st-Michael
PROJECT M - Episode 8: Split Minds by ureshiiiiii
PROJECT M - Episode 6: Sephiroth Breaks by ureshiiiiii
PROJECT M - Episode 5: Trek to Nibelheim Reactor by ureshiiiiii
Female Sephiroth - Final Fantasy VII - V1 by seviesphere
[MMD] Under the Blossoms by Misakiiiiiiii
Union. by bloodyrose2017
WIP - Mission VII Contest entry by sephiroth-juan
CG and Gaming
Death Battle Claim #14: Sol Badguy VS Sephiroth by MinatoEmosato
Remnants and Other
:.:Brothers Human Days:.: by shadethecb
Digital Media and Mixed arts.
Request - Lucky Dodge by R-M-Fernandez
Contest II Sumbissions
Sephymaid in the Mako Sea by LadyJuxtaposition
Beyond - Chapter 6 - End (Complete) by SerinuCeli
Sephiroth anatomy ratio practice by sephiroth-juan
Art Contest III
Sephiroth custom outfit - Contest Entry by sephiroth-juan
Mission IV - Light
Mission IV - Dark
Thy God has risen / alternate Safer-Sephiroth by PhantomSephiroth
+Mission V+ Otherworld
Wanna Taste my Sword by mayonakakisu
Mission VII - Enlightenment

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Welcome Sephiroth fans from all around the world! We're proud to share original art of our beloved traitor, whether you prefer him as a Hero, a Villain, winged or not winged, in his Safer or Bizarro forms, or in all kinds of unique variations, we work as a team to gather his greatness in the arts! As artists we love to share inspiring pictures of him that will leave any fan of his speechless! O.O

Our objective here is to share originality! Don't be afraid to draw Sephiroth yourself, it's true that some artists are better than others but the beauty of it is in the struggle to succeed! Have fun and find more about yourself in listening to your favorite music and putting the lines together to project your own creativity into whatever means you like, photography, cosplay, or just on a good-old piece of paper. We are here to share among fans in a friendly environment, to give constructive criticism and compliment each other's work!

With this in mind, if you'd like to become a part of the Council, simply click the 'Request to Join' button from the options at the top of this homepage. You will be receiving great deviations from time to time. The Council has remained active for the past year and there will be plenty of creativity to go around and share.

Thank you!

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Brought to you by Sephiroth. In the name of all that is badass, Sephiroth! :D
Hi guys! :wave:

Thank you all for your patience, I know that I am a day late but here we are once again, pushing our very limits in what we consider to be a worthy form of art by means of participating in the making or judging of said amazing works of creativity.

Without you -- the members -- this contest would not be taking place, and as always I am grateful and honored to aid in such a cause, perhaps in the future I would like to give back even more (which is hard), but without further ado, I am proud to present to you all the fruits of our labors! :D

Greatness, it comes from within. Never allow anyone else to take it away from you and build your legacy!

I'd like to point out that there was a common thread that became apparent to me from the very first entry, as a believer in telekinesis (by first-hand experience), I hope we all get out from the universe as we have put in.

Ok, ok, lol sorry ^^; here are the entries:

:damphyr: - Entries

:damphyr: - Instructions to Vote!

Firstly, you must be a member of our group, it's easy to join and we appreciate your enlisting with us!
Secondly, you must submit your vote by means of a personal note to our group HERE, this is to ensure there is NO cheating and that the decision is unanimous.
And, finally you may submit up to two votes if you'd like, however as usual if you so choose to submit two votes it must be a max of one vote per entry, so please only write one entry you decide to vote for or specify which two entries will each receive one vote from you. This allows us to minimize the chance of a draw (we've had a couple repeat draws in the past ^^;)
Voting will draw to a close by Sunday the 1st of September of this year 2019. :w00t!:

:damphyr: - Conclusion

Let's all celebrate and please submit your vote in a timely manner, if you feel you are unsure of who to give your second vote to you may always submit your second vote at a later time (caution, sending in a third vote will override your first vote, and we will do our best to catch any excess voting and notify you but cannot promise anything, ok?).

Thank you all! Much good energies to you all, and may you all have a great time!

- Teh Prez.
sephiroth-juan :iconsephiroth-juan:
More Journal Entries

Submission Rules and Regulations! - Please read!

Sephiroth Club ID by Angelus-Tenebrae

Our Philosophy:

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Welcome to our beloved Council! :bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

Thanks for stopping by, we welcome all amazing fans of Sephiroth! As a community driven by a love of art, we have made the largest connection of Sephiroth arts in all of the DA community. We proudly represent all aspects of our beloved Ex-Hero.

Just what is so cool about this character you might ask? Well, as a fighter he is greatly-skilled and is well respected for being a great thinker, his way of speaking conveys wisdom with every word. Feel free to express your admiration for such amazing character in your own way, non-offensive material is always gratefully accepted within a day or two!

:bulletred::bulletred: Group Rules for Submission :bulletred::bulletred:

:bulletblack: When using art other than your own, please be sure to try to obtain permission from the original artist, it is DAs etiquette to obtain some sort of approval before using the arts.
:bulletblack: In the event that the original artist is out of reach, please include the source of the art since each and every deviation submitted is assumed to be your very own creation 100%. This is to minimize art-theft as much as possible. Please note that this does not free your deviation from being deleted out of the blue. This has personally happened to me so I know how it is, if you did not make the deviation 100% from scratch, then it is not your own and may be subject to deletion and possibly have your account locked or banned. Again, this is for your own good, DA reserves the right to delete or ban any deviation that does not follow the rules.
:bulletblack: When submitting a deviation it may be subject to voting from our staff. A deviation may not be approved until the following criteria are met:
  • Sephiroth or Seph paraphernalia appears in it
  • Mature-content deviations must go in the "Pr0n-ish" folder.
  • Our group reserves the right to reject any deviation if found offensive, please be kind with our group. :D

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Want to Join? :bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

All you have to do to join the Council is to go to the top of this page and click on the Join our Group button, please also make sure you are already logged in to DA ^^;.


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