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The Love I Know in YouChapter 18 Friday Morning: Coffee Shai had hoped the exhaustion from her experiences from the past twenty four hours would make her sleep like a baby, but she's been awake ever since one wrong move during the night flared the pain in her back. There were three hours until sunrise when she cautiously rolled out of bed. Glancing at her phone now, it reads 8:30am. The sun's rays have been breaking through heavy cloud cover for an hour and a half. What has she been doing all this time? The first half hour was spent drying her hair, still damp from her shower the previous evening. Afterwards, she got dressed in some comfy clothes: a bulky blue sweater with a loose-fitting turnover collar, beige sweatpants, worn to downy softness, and knitted socks. She decided to leave her voluminous curls loose down her back and shoulders. Grabbing her horror novel, her phone, and her cushion, she moved out into the living room. She turned on the fire and the arched floor lamp, and placed her cushion on the couch. By the end of that first hour, she was sitting down fully engrossed in her book. She has spent the remaining hours alternating between sitting and reading and walking around the condo to relieve the pain caused from sitting too long while reading. As she walks by the windows for the umpteenth time, watching the clouds shut out the sun and bring the first few drops of rain, Shai is overcome with memories from her hospitalization in Midgar General and the weeks that followed: her parents' funeral, hiring a qualified tutor to teach her sign language, packing up her belongings, finding a place to live in Midgar, and moving to her new home. When Shai thinks back on that period in her life, she realizes how little time she had to grieve for her mom and dad. Once she arrived in Midgar, she had to find work right away. Thankfully, a social worker assigned to her while she was a patient helped her get in touch with the right organizations and agencies. They helped her write a résumé that highlighted her potential for clerical work as a librarian or archivist, all of which she had some experience thanks to working with her parents, but Shai learned quickly that what was exceptional in a small town was mediocre in the big city. It was when an acquaintance at the Speech-Language-Hearing Association in Midgar needed help cleaning a client's home that Shai fell into the life of a domestic. She's making another circuit of the living room when she hears the front door unlock and in walks the general and Dr. Moreau, both looking the worse for wear. The doctor is wearing wrinkled sportswear with creases pressed into the fabric giving the appearance of having been slept in. Her hair is disheveled and her face is clear of make-up. The general does not look like a man who has been in the company of health professionals all week. The first thing Shai notices is his wrists. They're bandaged identically from the palms of his hands to the middle of his forearms. His skin is pale, especially in contrast to his dark T-shirt and jeans, and his hair is flat and stringy. His bearing lacks the grace and poise she is accustomed to seeing. Instead, his movements are stiff and awkward, his shoulders slightly hunched. He reminds Shai of herself after working a twelve hour shift. "Shai, good morning!" greets Moreau, "Would you mind making this old woman a strong cup of coffee?" She seats herself at the island counter. The general goes straight to his bedroom, closing the door behind him. As Shai passes by on her way to the kitchen, she glances at the door with a look of concern. "No need to worry about the general, my dear. He just needs some rest. Thank goodness it's the weekend." Shai scoops dark roast granules into a refillable coffee filter, inserts it into the coffee maker, and lowers the lid. She sets a mug on the drip plate and presses the brew button. The kitchen is immediately filled with the complex aroma of the finest dark beans grown in the mountain regions on Gaia. She hears Moreau take a deep breath. "Mmm. Nectar of the gods." Shai carefully sets the full mug down in front of her. She lifts it and blows at the thin, white wisps of steam rising from the surface of the coffee before taking a sip. "Oh, that's good. Thank you." The hiss of the general's shower can be heard turning on. Moreau brings the mug to her lips for a longer taste and prays his muscles cooperate while he's in there. You are welcome. Shai walks to the drawer and pulls out the notebook and pen. She flips to a blank page and begins to write while standing at the counter. Once she finishes, she slides the book in front of Sybelline. What brings you here this morning, doctor? I am a little surprised to see you, and the general. I expected him home tomorrow. "I was on floor 58. It's a recreational floor for Shinra employees. It has a gym, pool, sauna, locker rooms, and a rest area." Moreau takes a drink from her mug, "I go there occasionally to use the treadmills. I stopped by the clinic afterwards to visit Sephiroth and he was in the midst of being discharged, so I accompanied him home. I wanted to check in with you to see how you are feeling. How did you sleep last night?" Shai leans toward Sybelline and jots down her answer. I have been awake since four. Moreau practically spits out her coffee. "Four?! Oh, Shai. Are the painkillers not working?" About three hours at a time. "Damn. How has the icing been coming along?" Moreau pushes the notebook toward Shai, waits for her to finish writing, and pulls it back. It has been difficult without help, but with patience, I can handle it. I still have to ice this morning, though. "Be sure that you do. It's important you do it twenty minutes every hour while awake for the first forty eight hours after the initial injury. After that, two to three times a day, alternating with the hot packs." Yes, doctor. Shai winks at Moreau. "Don't get cheeky. Now, when is your appointment with the physical therapist today?" Two o'clock. "You'll like him. He's very nice." Him? "Yes. Him. His name is Xavier or Xander. Something with an X," says Moreau, glancing towards the general's bedroom and the sound of the shower, "And unless you feel comfortable asking the general to translate for you, I suggest you have this notebook handy." Absolutely. At the mention of the general, Shai gathers her courage to ask a sensitive question. Sybelline? The general looks ill. Is he ok? Moreau sighs and places her hand over Shai's. "Let's just say it has been a long week and leave it at that. I'm sure he will be fine with some rest, relaxation, and maybe a simple, home cooked meal, once you are feeling up to it." Shai's eyes go wide and she signs without writing the translation. I only shopped for myself this week! What will I do for dinner tonight?! "Shai, calm down. I'm sure-" I will need to come up with a menu and a list today so I can go to the grocery store tomorrow. Then there will be food to unpack once the delivery arrives. And what if I cannot move about the kitchen like I need to in order to cook a full meal? "Shai-" How am I going to do my job with an injured back?! "Shai!" Startled, she quiets and looks at Moreau. "From the little bit I picked up there, you are under the impression you can continue to work with a bruised tailbone. My dear girl, I hate to be the one to inform you, but that is out of the question. You need to rest and avoid any and all physical activity that may cause you pain." But- Sybelline clasps Shai's hands. "The more you rest, the faster you will heal." Shai sighs, her fallen expression and posture indicative of a person who has resigned themselves to the inevitable. She knows Moreau is right, but a part of her truly believed she could somehow make it work. What is she going to do with herself for four weeks? Shai picks up the pen and writes down an apology. I am sorry. You are right. I know you are right. I just do not know what I will do with myself if I am not working every day. "You love to read, don't you? And you have your artwork." In order to do my work without sitting, I would need an easel. That way I can stand and draw. "Hmm. You do not have an easel back at your studio apartment?" Shai shakes her head. I had one back home, but I had to leave it behind. "Have you thought of buying a new one?" Shai's eyes light up, and she writes in the notebook with an enthusiasm Moreau has never seen before. Yes, and I know just the store. I buy all my supplies there, so they know me very well. "Do they deliver?" I do not know, but I can find out. Shai walks to the couch to pick up her phone and realizes she needs to relocate her cushion and book. Not wanting to infringe on the general's personal space, she chooses one of the club chairs near the windows, and leaves her things there. She's crossing the living room, scrolling through her bookmarks for the store's webpage, when she and Moreau hear the shower turn off. Sybelline is about to voice whether Sephiroth needs help re-bandaging his wrists and ankles, but catches herself in time. She tips her mug and finishes off the last drops of her coffee. "Shai? May I have one more cup before I have to go?" Shai nods and takes the mug from Moreau. As the coffee is brewing, she writes a short question for the doctor. Do you think the general would like a cup? Sybelline smiles. "I think he would love one about now. Do you know how he takes his coffee?" Shai shakes her head. In the time she has worked here, he has never had a cup of coffee at home; only at work. "Black, like I do." Shai fills another filter with the same roast and brews it into a large mug. She sets it on the island counter near Moreau. Perhaps I should have waited until he came out of his bedroom so his coffee does not get cold? Moreau smiles wider than ever. This young woman has endeared herself to Sybelline in a way no one has since she laid eyes on a 12 month old little boy with soft, silver hair, big green eyes and long, black eyelashes. He waddled towards her with his arms outstretched and his toes peeking out from under the hem of a children's hospital gown. "I'm sure he'll be out soon." Shai shows Sybelline the webpage for the art store and they browse through the section for studio easels. Shai narrows her choices down to two: a wooden H-frame with an adjustable mast and carriage tray or a Mabef lyre easel. She is just about to make a decision when the general walks out of his bedroom, towel drying his hair. The ladies notice he has gone with today's trend of wearing comfortable clothes instead of casuals. He has on a pair of charcoal coloured joggers and a black long sleeve henley shirt. The bandages are missing from his wrists and, Moreau notices, from his ankles as well. "Feeling better?" she asks. "Yes." "Well, here's something to make you feel like new." Shai picks up the mug and extends it towards him. He drapes the towel around his neck and takes the coffee from her. "Thank you." Unlike Moreau's cautious approach, the general takes a generous mouthful. You are welcome. Sephiroth leans back against the cupboard doors opposite the island. As he drinks his coffee, he peers at Shai over the rim of the mug. She is wearing a sweater dyed a shade of blue that accentuates the unusual colour of her eyes. Her hair is free of barrettes, combs, or elastic ties. Her curls frame her face perfectly as they tumble to lie in layers down her back and over her shoulders and chest. She has a slight blush to her cheeks and she's biting her lower lip. He feels a familiar discomfort forming behind his breastbone. Breakfast, general? "No, thank you. I have no appetite this morning." Ok. What about you, doctor? "Don't you worry about me. Just get yourself something, and once you have finished, I want you to ice your back. Twenty minutes, every hour, until your PT appointment." I will. I promise. "When does the physical therapist arrive?" "Two o'clock. Will you be home? Or are you going to make an appearance at your office?" "I have no intention of going into work today." "Good. Spend the day resting." "Is that an order, doctor?" "If that's what it takes, then yes." "Fine. I will relax today." "Thank you." Moreau takes one last sip of her coffee and hops off the stool. "I should get going." She walks into the kitchen, opens the dishwasher, places her mug in the top rack, and closes the door. "Shai, thank you for the coffee and the hospitality. Sephiroth, always a pleasure, my boy." As Moreau walks to the door, she turns and addresses Shai. "Remember our talk, young lady. No working. I don't want you to pick up so much as a dust rag for the next four weeks." Shai nods her head like a child that has been told to do their homework while their friends play outside. "I mean it, Shai! I have my ways of finding out if you are not complying with the surgeon's orders, and he's standing right there." Shai glances at the general, casually sipping his coffee, his eyes watching her, and gulps. I promise. I will not do a thing. "Good girl. I'll stop by later to check in on the both of you." "You really needn't bother." Sephiroth downs the rest of his coffee and sets his mug on the drip plate. He walks over to the entrance as Moreau opens one of the doors. "Humour me. Please? I'll buy dinner for the three of us tonight." "Your powers of persuasion rival mine." "Who do you think I learned them from, hm?" Moreau pats him on the cheek, and leaves the condo. Sephiroth remains standing at the door's threshold, watching Sybelline gather the picnic basket and tote bag hidden behind the yucca plant. He waits as she walks briskly to the elevator and pushes the down arrow. Soon, the doors slide open, she gives him a smile, and enters. He closes the front door as the elevator descends to the 60th floor. While the general is seeing Moreau out, Shai is standing at the island making a second attempt at sectioning a grapefruit as part of her breakfast. Although standing reduces the amount of pain she feels, it's tiring her legs, or, more likely, it was the marathon she walked periodically throughout the night and early morning around the living and dining areas. She is now beginning to yawn every few minutes. Maybe she should try an infusion of caffeine? She's mid-yawn when the general walks into the kitchen to make himself another coffee. To his surprise, it is already brewed and sitting beside the coffee maker. "Thank you, Shai." She's about to sign when her hand flies to her mouth to cover another cavernous yawn. Instead, she gives him a thumbs up with her free hand. "I take it you did not sleep well." She shakes her head. "Don't you have medication to manage the pain?" I do. However, they do not work for very long. "Unfortunately, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers usually do not have a sedative effect on the body." Shai nods in agreement. She squeezes the juice from the grapefruit halves over the sectioned fruit and tosses them in the garbage. She grabs a fork from the drawer, stabs a grapefruit wedge, and eats standing at the counter. "You need to take your prescription with food, yes?" Yes. "Be sure you remember to take it after you finish your breakfast." Pulling the towel from around his neck, he takes his coffee and walks into his bedroom. Shai suppresses the impulse to salute even after he is no longer in sight. He comes back out several minutes later carrying the book of Shakespeare's sonnets. Setting his mug down on the coffee table, he prepares to lie down, arranging the pillows against the arm of the couch and adjusting the angle of the lamp. Shai is in the kitchen standing at the far counter, her back to the living room, spreading a thick layer of strawberry cream cheese on one half of a toasted twelve grain bagel. She's pulling a plate from the cupboard overhead when she's hit with an intense back spasm. The plate hits the granite with a crash as Shai seizes the edge of the countertop with one hand and clutches her lower back with the other. "Shai!" Sephiroth is by her side before the sound of her name fades in the air. "Where are your pain meds?" Shai holds out a finger pointing toward the hallway. He assumes she is referring to her bedroom and goes to retrieve them. When he returns to the kitchen, he breaks the child-resistant safety cap twisting it off the bottle and shakes two tablets into her hand. He goes to the refrigerator and grabs a bottle of water, opens it, and hands it to her. Shai pops the pills into her mouth and gulps down half the contents of the bottle. "You need to ice your back. Now." She sets the water on the counter. But I still need to finish eating my breakfast. The grapefruit is not enough to cover the meds. "You can eat and ice at the same time. Grab your food." He opens the freezer and grabs one of the cold packs Moreau bought for her. He walks out of the kitchen. Shai wants to object to being told what to do, but there is a tone in his voice that tells her it is best to keep her mouth shut and obey orders. Is this how the cadets feel under his command? Is this how she sounded taking care of him? She smiles at her rapid rise from 3rd class cadet Montgomery to General Shai all in one thought. Not wanting to keep him waiting for a second, she smushes the two halves of the bagel together, grabs her phone off the island, and follows the general to the chair where her book and cushion are placed. He moves the book to the end table. "Sit down." Shai sets her bagel and phone beside her book, centers the inflatable cushion, grips the chair's arms, and gradually lowers herself down. Minor spasms make the muscles in her back quiver, causing her body to jerk until they subside. "Lean forward and lift your sweater above your hips." She does as she is told. Sephiroth slides the ice pack in between Shai and the back of the chair as far down as it will go until it rests against her sacrum. "Ok. Lean back." She inches backwards against the chair's leather back, but stiffens when the ice pack overlaps the hem of her sweatpants and makes contact with bare skin. "Try to relax." Shai takes a deep breath and leans back until her body is flush against the leather cushion. Ok. "Set your phone's timer for twenty minutes. If you need me, I'm right behind you." Thank you, general. She looks up at him as he stands beside the chair. The slant of her head, her raised chin, her curls falling back behind her shoulders, all reveal the long, gentle sweep of her neck. Her collarbones, cruelly covered by the thick knit of her sweater, peek tantalizingly from its cowl neckline. Her glacier blue eyes look at him intently, her dark lashes fanned prominently below her brow. A heat rises under his skin, an entity unto itself, unrelated to physiology or illness. It wrests the knot from his chest, burns it to ashes, and rages like wildfire in its place. He can feel it swirling behind his eyes. He needs to put distance between himself and her, even if it's only a few meters away. "You're welcome, Shai." Walking across the room, he seats himself on the couch, reclining into the pillows and stretching his legs out on the cushions. He takes a sip of his coffee, now lukewarm, but he doesn't care. His sole occupation is to relax and rest his body after this week from hell. He picks up the book, flips past the title page and table of contents to Sonnet 1, and begins to read. Shai finally adapts to the pack's cold bite seeping into her skin. She picks up her phone, opens a browser to the art store's website, and searches for the H-frame easel she has decided on purchasing. An easel such as this one requires ample floor space and she has room to spare between the cheval mirror and the armoire. She clicks the +cart button and continues to shop. By the time she hears the timer's snappy jingle, alerting her twenty minutes has passed, Shai has added two easel lights, three drawing boards, and a sit/stand adjustable stool to her cart. She twists her arm behind her and gently removes the cold pack, the back of her pants soaked from the cool condensate coating the pack's plastic surface. The pain has lessened considerably from either the icing, the meds, or a combination of both. She stands up as gradually as she sat down, and walks to the kitchen to put the pack into the freezer. Shutting the door, she glances at the general. The throw pillows are puffed up around him and he's holding the medium-sized hardcover level with his eyes. If Shai didn't know better, she would say it looks like he is hiding in a fort constructed of paper, cardboard, downy feathers, and linen. She tries not to stare as she walks by to get her wallet from her room. Sephiroth heard the timer go off. His recent behaviour demanded he get up and tend to her, or at the very least, ask if she needed assistance. Instead, his mind rationalized and lied and, ultimately, convinced himself it was better for both of them if he remained where he was, resting on the couch enjoying the poetry of a literary master. He turns the page, moving on to Sonnet 15; When I consider everything that growsHolds in perfection but a little moment... He allows himself a wisp of a smile, a corner tipped up at the memory of how pleased he was when Shai gave him permission to borrow a book from her impressive library. It was a step into the past, a rekindling of a relationship with literature he neglected and abandoned once he became immersed in his SOLDIER training. He continues on into Sonnet 16. As he reads of virtuous maidens bearing children and the ravages of time, Shai emerges from the hallway and seats herself in the leather chair, her posture relaxed now that it is temporarily free from pain. Her attention is fixed on her phone's LCD, her fingers tapping and scrolling with purpose. She and the doctor were looking at her phone when he exited his bedroom. Perhaps she is merely finishing what she started with Sybelline. He turns the page to Sonnet 17. ...If I could write the beauty of your eyesAnd in fresh numbers number all your graces... He lowers the book to a less conspicuous height, his gaze straying from the poet's immortal lines to his young lover to the young woman seated near the windows. From his view on the couch, he can see Shai's face perfectly. Her head is tilted forwards, curly tendrils hanging freely about her face, brushing against her cheeks and neck. She's biting her lower lip as she concentrates and he feels the fire surge in his chest like a flare erupting from the sun. He drops his focus to the aged pages with their black Garamond font and worn edges. He begins to read Sonnet 18, his memory familiar with the famed opening lines; Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?Thou art more lovely and more temperate. Thou art more lovely. His attention returns to Shai before he completes the line. She is smiling ear to ear as her fingertip taps several more times on her phone's LCD before she sets it down beside her book. She picks up her bagel and takes a large bite, cream cheese oozing out the sides, leaving dollops of cheese sticking to the corners of her mouth. A quick sweep with the tip of her tongue cleans the cheese from her lips. As she eats, she shares her time between watching the pouring rain sheet the windows and picking up her phone, tapping the screen, and smiling. He'll never admit to himself the pleasure he feels seeing that smile, seeing the joy on her face. Thou art more lovely. He closes the book as he feels heat building behind his eyes. Throwing it on the coffee table, he sits up and faces the fire. "Ut imago est animi voltus sic indices oculi," he whispers. The face is a picture of the mind as the eyes are its interpreter; a wise proverb spoken from an ancient scholar and philosopher that holds true for many people, but doubly so for Sephiroth. When his emotions go unchecked, his eyes lay bare the way to the gates of the fortifications he guards so well. This has never been an issue in his professional or personal life and has even been an advantage in battle. But now? His ocular response has a mind of its own. Stress. That's it. He's been under a great deal of it from the week leading up to the treatment to the treatment itself. He's supposed to be relaxing now, and that's exactly what he plans to do. He rises from the couch, grabs his coffee mug, and walks into the kitchen. He puts the mug next to Moreau's in the dishwasher and glances at the oven clock. Still a few hours until lunch. Maybe by then he'll be hungry. "Shai?" She stands and walks to the kitchen. Yes? "I'm going to lie down. I do not want to be disturbed." Yes, general. He pauses as if he is going to say more then thinks better of it. He goes to his room and closes the door. Shai grabs the bottle of water she left on the counter, and returns to the chair. She still has a few minutes before she has to ice again. She opens her book with every intention of reading, but one glance at the rain cascading down the windows and her mind begins to wander. The arrival of her new easel this weekend makes her heart jump with excitement. Thinking about her upcoming appointment and communicating with the PT makes her heart flutter with nervous energy. But just now? In the kitchen? Looking into the general's eyes, flickering like fire battered by summer gusts, affects her heart in a way only he can, and a new and unfamiliar emotion sparks within her....
If The Stars Could Talk (WIP) by AsheAnon
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Greetings fans of the First-class legend himself, I'm sorry but I would like to address a certain elephant in the room, not sure if I am the only one who has noticed this -- and maybe I have been afraid to bring this up, but I think the world is in fear. Don't panic though, it may actually be nothing, or maybe my mind is playing tricks on me, but far too many times these past few weeks I have seen cases both online and in the real world where I myself or someone I know is dealing with an unknown fear, fear of what? That's the thing; there are so many fears to identify the fact that we cannot know all is in and of itself appalling. Fear of pain... of discord, fear of not meeting expectations, fear of offending someone or of being offended... Fear of change, of being taken advantage of, or just being too much to handle, etc... And I bring this up now because I just so happen to realize that for the past few weeks people around me have not been themselves lately, or worse. And I'm not exempt from this, we all have certain fears that are becoming maybe more and more prominent as the pandemic continues to develop new trends and habits. I hate how I can be too nice, or be too much of an a-hole. I simply project my infinity onto the fabric of the universe itself and let things unfold as they may... psych! well, I do realize can also be one heck of a nightmare (even to myself). No but seriously, to those of you who are going through tough times, and speaking to you -- the group, and whatever some of those fears that you have may be -- and that a few of you are projecting online, do you guys notice this as well? I think that the news, social media, and entertainment culture have enabled us to pin the blame on others, well, and at times I pin all the blame on me just for the sake of being different (or maybe I walk on egg shells sometimes); but that is beside the point. Think about: zombies, vampires, aliens, the end of the world. It seems as though all of us have become accustomed to the idea that someone, somewhere screwed up; and we all end up paying for it -- and vice-versa. Maybe we had been so bored with the start of another decade that chaos seemed like the ultimate one-stop salvation, and maybe I am exaggerating, and this is all part of the cycle of life (who knows?). I dare say this too shall pass, we have not had it easy at all lately, but by understanding our fears, our faults, our challenges, our strengths, and our weaknesses; the change really does happen from within, and I speak from experience. Past mistakes, sunk-cost fallacies, ill-invested time in counter-productive things, boredom, laziness, and vices that claim at the soul -- these evils of the mind all come from within; in a place where if it were without, it would better bring out central thoughts and balance in us, at the root.
And if you're wondering, I am not talking about an isolated case, this is clearly a pattern that I see here in DA, and in facebook, instagram, twitter, and even a little in YouTube (and IRL with friends and family). So I've absolved my fear of offending any one specifically to come up with a conclusion as to why this all may be happening?
Tell me what you guys think, and are you up to learning how to face your fears?
- Teh Pres.
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Just what is so cool about this character you might ask? Well, as a fighter he is greatly-skilled and is well respected for being a great thinker, his way of speaking conveys wisdom with every word. Feel free to express your admiration for such amazing character in your own way, all non-offensive submissions always gratefully accepted within a day or two, please try to submit to the correct folder!

:bulletred::bulletred: Group Rules for Submission :bulletred::bulletred:

:bulletblack: When using art other than your own, please be sure to try to obtain permission from the original artist, it is DAs etiquette to obtain some sort of approval before using the arts.
:bulletblack: In the event that the original artist is out of reach, please include the source of the art since each and every deviation submitted is assumed to be your very own creation 100%. This is to minimize art-theft as much as possible. Please note that this does not free your deviation from being deleted out of the blue. This has personally happened to me so I know how it is, if you did not make the deviation 100% from scratch, then it is not your own and may be subject to deletion and possibly have your account locked or banned. Again, this is for your own good, DA reserves the right to delete or ban any deviation that does not follow the rules.
:bulletblack: When submitting a deviation it may be subject to voting from our staff. A deviation may not be approved until the following criteria are met:
  • Sephiroth or Seph paraphernalia appears in it
  • Mature-content deviations must go in the "Pr0n-ish" folder.
  • Our group reserves the right to reject any deviation if found offensive, please be kind with our group. :D

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Want to Join? :bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

All you have to do to join the Council is to go to the top of this page and click on the Join our Group button, please also make sure you are already logged in to DA ^^;.


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BlackRoxasXIII Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2021  Student Filmographer
Thanks for the feature, Sephiroth Fan! ^^
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Can I join?
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Definitely! All his awesome fans are eternally welcome. :w00t:
Lelvuy91 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Expect more shitty doodles from me in the future lol
sephiroth-juan Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2021  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Shitty but of the golden kind, they are welcome too. 😄🙌
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Lelvuy91 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you.
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