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Temple VR1.1

By sephirotess
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Temple(V1) by Sephirotess:


- 8 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian & Serbian,
- 6 shapes,
- colors, font face, font size... can be modified,
- easy configuration. Use the "config panel" to change settings.

- Serbian language thanks to HipHopium (,
- Spanish language thanks to Agelyk (,
- German language thanks to luzifersenpai (

Section "Bars" (fits the size of your screen):

- Bottom: bar for the bottom of the screen,

- Combi: top & bottom bars,

- Top: bar for the top of the screen.

Section "Divers":

- Bookmarks: 12 links. Click on the title to change links and names,

- Calendar: simple calendar. Use the orbs to see previous or next months,

- Dock1: applications dock (8 links) + Windows dock (notepad, calculator, Explorer...) + controls (hibernate, restart, shutdown...),

- Slideshow: it indicates the number of pictures in the folder & the total size. It indicates the path & the name of the file (mouse over the picture). The first orb opens the folder of the pictures. The second has for function to offer a preview, the third permits to stop and to restart the slideshow. The fourth set current picture as wallpaper. The fifths permits to preserve (or not) the aspect ratio (left and right click) and the last one apply (or not) a grey scale (left and right click),

- Time: full date (local language), time & uptime,

- Weather: information (from for 5 days. Icons by HipHopium :-).

Section "HDD":

- Letters (HDD C to Z ): shows the letter of the HDD & indicates the free space. Mouse over for more information,

- Recycle Bin: shows number of files.  

Section "Sound":

- Player: shows the name of the artist, the title of the song, title of the album and the cover album. It indicates the position of the title and the total length. Buttons: play/pause, stop, previous, next, volume up and volume down. Left click on the bar to change song position,

- Volume: left click on the percentage (or bar) increase sound & right click decrease sound.

Section "System":

- Battery: shows battery level,

- CPU: CPU usage,

- Processes: number of open processes,

- RAM: shows free RAM. Mouse over for more information,

- SWAP: shows free SWAP. Mouse over for more information.

Wallpaper "foggy sunrise". Original author unknown.…


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How do you change the Opera icons and those of the other programms
sephirotess's avatar

To change applications and icons, use the config folder and especially the "Confdock". Then just read the explanations. It's very easy ;-).
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Just a great skin as usual  Clap Hug 
sephirotess's avatar
Thanks a lot, I appreciate :hug:.
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You're very welcome :)
Now that is interesting.
Very nice!
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Thanks! Glad you like it :hug:.
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Totally good skin.. Clap 
sephirotess's avatar
Thanks a lot & I totally agree with you, lol. A big work with the bars (top & bottom). My experience in "shape meters" improves with time. I hope to be able to offer even more beautiful things in the future :-).

And thanks for this new fav :hug:.
ApexXx-SenSei's avatar
You're welcome. Hug  I hope you will continue with your works..I also have a lot of ideas with shapes,but i'm a little lazy to make it and realize them. ;) (Wink) lol 
sephirotess's avatar
I have some ideas and motivation. For how long... I do not know, lol. I understand you perfectly. We have ideas, but not always the courage, the time or the desire to realize them ;-).
ApexXx-SenSei's avatar
Exactly!You're right. ;) (Wink)
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sephirotess Hi!   Another skin with a wide range of settings. omfg omfg    Great work. I am a dummy! I am a dummy!      I like Clap Clap 
                              1 by Dimahd45  
                            the Bars folder decided not to be used on my screen, it looks too bulky. The other skins are aerobatics. the theme of 
                            design was chosen anologic. thank you my friend!!!! Hug Hug 
                           P.s Russian 10 points (no errors)
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Thank you very much and I am reassured to have proposed a good translation :-). I really like your presentation, without the bars. It's different indeed. I'm very glad you played with the effects ;-). The result is really very good. Thank you for the time spent testing this suite :hug:.
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Nice work!! Fo Sure!
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Thanks a lot Sed, as always :hug:.
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c'est très joli et complet :) (Smile) , ça rend très bien avec le fond d'écran Nod , très bon travail. Clap 
sephirotess's avatar
Merci beaucoup :hug:. J'ai souhaité tenter de nouvelles choses et je suis ravi que cela vous plaise :-).
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Wow, this is a lot if effort , Excellent !
sephirotess's avatar
Thank you very much :hug:. This is indeed a lot of code work, for the bars (top & bottom) :-).
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